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Power Up! Seasonic’s New 12V-2×6 Cable Exclusive Beta

Seasonic’s 12V-2×6 Cable Guide

Coming shortly, Seasonic’s 90-degree angled 12V-2×6 Cable power connection cables will support the next generation of GPUs.

Seasonic Launches Angled Power Connector Cables for PSUs and Next-Gen GPUs: Out: 12VHPWR, In: 12V-2×6 Cable.

The 12VHPWR connection started poorly and was incompatible with the finest NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 GPUs due to melting and burning. The 12V-2×6 connection cable was created by PCI-SIG and power supply manufacturers to overcome these issues. AIBs’ new GPUs and PSUs will come with this connection and cables.

Seasonic, a leading PSU manufacturer, produced 12V-2×6 Cable connection cables. These wires are L-shaped and 90° angled. The new ATX 3.1 PSU series will come with these cables, and Seasonic ATX 3.0 PSU (FOCUS/Vertex/PRIME) owners may request free shipment.

User ownership of the Seasonic PSU and 12VHPWR graphics card must be validated. The first users will get these connections on January 10, followed by a general release later in the month. These new 12V-2×6 Cable connection cords correspond with the planned debut of the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 SUPER GPU family, which will fully leverage the new power interface, as shown in this ASUS RTX 4070 .

Seasonic recently advised consumers to bend the 12VHPWR/12V-2×6 Cable connection wires using a hair dryer before installing a graphics card in a PC. An angled connection lets you use the graphics card without bending the cord with a heat source; simply plug it in and enjoy. Seasonic has listed numerous benefits for their angled 12V-2×6 Cable connection.

  • The 90-degree L-shaped interface saves space and allows secure chassis side panel closure.
  • Integrated molding, improved terminal construction, and high-current alloy copper right angle terminals.
  • The 16AWG high-spec wire diameter provides reliable connections and precision wire and terminal welding.
  • PCIe CEM 5.1 and ATX 3.1 compliant, 600W power output.
  • The delicately woven embossed thread enhances the masterpiece.

Expect more GPU and PSU manufacturers to implement angled designs like this one by 2024.


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Gowri Priya
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