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Looker Studio Pro for iOS and Android

With the help of intelligent dashboards and visualizations, Looker Studio helps millions of users access to over 1,000 data sources and a variety of report templates that have been contributed by the community. Looker Studio Pro adds enterprise features, such as team content management and support for Google Cloud, to this self-service business intelligence tool. Google are now able to access reports and real-time data about your company from anywhere with Looker Studio Pro, a new software that is available on Google Play and the software Store for iOS and Android smartphones.

Features of the Looker Studio Pro mobile app

Dynamic format for reports: Graph your data however you see fit.

You don’t have to create brand-new report layouts just for mobile devices. Reports that are optimized for mobile devices will be displayed on your device in the appropriate size. This implies that you have access to the same features and data in a format that is designed specifically for mobile viewing.

Your reports’ mobile-friendly view allows for:

Enhanced usability: Even on small screens, navigating and interacting with your reports is made simpler with a mobile-friendly layout.

Improved readability: Reports that are optimized for mobile devices feature larger typefaces and more white space, making them easier to read on small screens.

You have the option within the app to view your reports in:

Mobile-Friendly view: Tailored for your mobile device’s screen

Original view: Optimized for desktop

Easy access to all of your reports

Google integrated Looker Studio Pro’s categories into the software to streamline and accelerate the data search process, considering the volume of reports to go through.

Your reports are categorized in the app as follows:

  • You may view all of the reports you’ve made in my workspace.
  • Workspaces for teams: view all reports for the teams you are a member of.
  • One useful feature to locate and retrieve the reports you’ve recently viewed is Recents.
  • View and work together on reports that have been shared with me.

To help you get the report you need quickly, you may also sort the reports by “Last opened by me,” “Last modified by me,” and “Last modified and Created.”

Reports can be shared with just a tap

Google are aware of the value of working together and exchanging thoughts with your staff. With just one click, you can now share reports with your team on the app of your choice, simplifying mobile collaboration. There will be a link to the report created, which anybody can view on any device.

Additionally, all of the reports that have been shared with you are accessible under the “Team Workspaces” and “Shared with me” folders.

Access interactive reports from your scheduled conversation or email with ease

You can easily access your reports from scheduled emails and conversations with Looker Studio Pro Mobile. Click the link to view and engage with your data in real time within the app when you receive a scheduled report through email or chat. Away with static PDFs!

The Looker Studio Pro App’s download process

It’s simple to download the app. Just download the app from the App Store or Play Store, then log in using your work login details.

Note: Looker studio Pro subscribers are the only ones with access to the mobile app.




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