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Intel Unveils Edge Platform for AI Scaling

Intel introduced its modular, open Edge Platform, which lets organizations design, deploy, operate, protect, and manage edge and AI applications at scale with cloud-like ease. These features will expedite enterprise time-to-scale adoption, helping TCO.

Data is created at the edge, thus computing there is rising quickly. AI is also used in many edge computing implementations. At the edge, organizations must automate to gain price competitiveness, labor shortage relief, innovation, efficiency, speed to market, and innovative service delivery.

However, operating at the edge is difficult for several reasons:

  • Hard to design high-ROI edge AI solutions for a variety of use cases in a given business.
  • The variety of edge hardware, software, and power needs.
  • Lack of safe and cost-effective ways to transfer and use AI-required big data volumes at the edge with low latency.
  • Managing dispersed edge devices and applications at scale becomes more complicated.

Use cases To meet strict real-world needs, advanced networking and AI analytics at the edge with low latency, locality, and cost are needed for defect detection and preventive maintenance in manufacturing plants, seamless check out and management of inventory in the retail sector, and handling traffic and emergency safety in smart cities/transportation. Combining on-premises analytics with cloud-based aggregation and AI processing to manage global deployment sites is typical. Managing hybrid AI situations requires a software platform.

Custom solutions to problems are possible, but they frequently need closed systems and specialized technology. Integrating old systems and adding new use cases is expensive and time-consuming.

How Intel Edge Platform Helps Businesses

Ready-made industry solutions will be available on the open, modular platform. Enterprises may buy a full solution or create their own in current settings using Intel’s edge expertise and ecosystem to support the most popular edge use cases. Enterprise developers may create edge-native AI apps on new or existing infrastructure and manage edge solutions for particular use cases.

The platform integrates infrastructure management and AI application development with open-standard software stacks.

Edge-Native Infrastructure information

The platform’s edge architecture includes OpenVINO AI inference runtime for edge AI and secure, policy-based IT and OT management automation. Over the past five years, Intel’s OpenVINO has helped developers optimize applications for low latency, low power, and deployment on edge hardware, allowing standard hardware to run AI applications efficiently without costly upgrades or refactoring.

IT and DevOps can provision, onboard, and manage edge nodes such edge servers, industrial controllers, HMI devices, and others from a single dashboard. For day 0/1/2 operations, this is done safely and remotely without contact.

Operations throughout the network may be optimized and TCO improved via closed-loop automation, which uses rules and observability to trigger business logic from edge operational warnings.

The finest resource allocation and zero-trust security features co-developed for Intel architecture are enabled by deep, heterogeneous hardware knowledge.

Edge AI +apps capabilities

Enterprise developers may use advanced AI technologies on the platform, including:

  1. Well-tuned application orchestration for remotely deploying latency-sensitive workloads on the optimum device for performance.
  2. Powerful low-code to high-code AI model/app development with edge-to-cloud hybrid AI.
  3. Horizontal edge services like data annotation that use Intel Geti to build AI models and vertical industry-specific edge services that use video, time series, and digital twins to track and manage environments to improve results in common industrial use cases.

How Intel Contributes to Proven Partner Ecosystem

Amazon Web Services, Capgemini, Lenovo, L&T Technology Services, Red Hat, SAP, Vericast, Verizon Business, and Wipro will support Intel’s Edge Platform.

Intel Edge Platform users


Intel’s new Edge Platform integrated with Lenovo Open Cloud Automation, Lenovo XClarity suite of solutions, and Lenovo ThinkEdge servers allows enterprises to develop, deploy, run, and manage edge applications at magnitude through cloud-like brevity, said Charles Ferland, vice president(VP) and chief executive officer of ThinkEdge along with Interaction Assistance Suppliers. The integrated solution combines Intel and Lenovo’s vast industry knowledge and unequaled ecosystems with edge-native security, near zero-touch provisioning, and administration for a seamless experience. Its built-in OpenVINO runtime lets enterprises adopt edge and hybrid AI solutions spanning finance, healthcare, smart cities, and retail.

L&T Technologies

LTTS is excited to join with Intel on their Edge Platform, which will democratize edge-AI solutions. This platform is innovative and efficient, running smoothly on standard hardware and includes built-in edge-native AI runtime powered by OpenVINO for inference, said L&T Technology Services COO and board member Abhishek Sinha. Their corporate clients can trust Intel’s Edge Platform to catapult them into a future of unprecedented performance and possibilities with deep-root hardware optimization.


According to SAP SE Strategic Alliances head Drew Leblanc, “Through collaborating with Intel in the brand-new Edge Platform, they’re willing to combine the revolutionary features of SAP Business Technologies Platforms (SAP BTP) and SAP business software alongside Intel to make edge-AI determining more accessible for customers.” This endeavor shows the continued commitment to offer value for consumers, and they look forward to collaborating with Intel on edge use cases.


Physical shopping is about to change as digital media and physical encounters merge. Hans Fischmann, Vericast’s vice president of Digital Product Management, said Intel’s Edge Platform is crucial to bringing this exciting trend to market. They are transforming digital advertising by seamlessly combining edge AI with immersive consumer experiences on common hardware. They can execute a zero-trust security profile in highly public contexts using a scalable, modular platform for small stores to major retail chains.”


“The partnership between Intel and Wipro focuses on making edge and AI solutions more accessible for customers,” said Wipro general manager and worldwide head for IoT, 5G, and Smart Cities Ashish Khare. Intel’s Edge Platform solves edge complexity on standard hardware and lets Wipro create the most compelling use cases to generate business success.

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