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Huawei Kirin 8000 Leads Unseen Smartphone Display

Features of Huawei Kirin 8000

It appears that Huawei is growing its line of chipsets. The Qingyun L540 laptop was introduced by the Chinese manufacturer at the start of this month. It demonstrated that the company’s portfolio would not be restricted to the Kirin 9000S when it made its debut with a new Kirin 9006C SoC. Recently, details about an additional Kirin chipset have emerged.

The chipset, known as Kirin 8000, was seen inside the Nova 12 Pro, a Huawei smartphone that will shortly be released. The device’s specifications demonstrates that a display with a resolution of 2776 × 1224 pixels is being driven by the SoC. This implies that it will be a mid-range chipset with decent capability.

Apart than that, there is currently no information available on the Huawei Kirin 8000. The precise CPU cluster of the chipset is also not visible in the specification image that has been made public. Furthermore, they are unsure of whether the SoC was created using a 5 nm or a 7 nm technology.

Still, given that the newly announced Kirin 9006C has a 5 nm chipset, the Kirin 8000 might potentially be produced using the same method. They don’t anticipate the chipset to outperform the competitors, even under that scenario. Nonetheless, it will undoubtedly contribute to Huawei’s efforts to lessen reliance and ensure that its advancement is unhindered by the US restrictions that are still in effect.


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