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How Versal AI Edge XA boosts AI engines

AMD declared that it will present automotive innovation at CES 2024 and that the Ryzen Embedded V2000A Series processor and the Versal AI Edge XA adaptable SoC will be the two new products added to its lineup. The gadgets highlight AMD’s strength in automotive technology and are made to cater to important automotive priority areas including infotainment, advanced driver safety, and autonomous driving. AMD will showcase at CES 2024 the wide range of capabilities and uses for these new technologies in automotive solutions that are currently and will be accessible in the future, working with an expanding ecosystem of automotive partners.

With the addition of an advanced AI Engine, Versal AI Edge XA adaptable SoCs allow for further optimization of the devices for a wide range of next-generation advanced automotive systems and applications, such as surround-view, automated parking, LiDAR, 4D radar, forward cameras, and in-cabin monitoring. Versal AI Edge XA adaptable SoCs, which offer enhanced security and protected IP for automotive applications where safety is crucial, are also the first AMD 7nm chip to receive auto-qualification.

The infotainment console, digital cluster, and passenger displays of the next-generation car digital cockpit are all powered by Ryzen Embedded V2000A Series processors. The first x86 auto-qualified processor family to deliver the PC-like experience that consumers have grown accustomed to from home entertainment is now available for in-car use with the AMD Ryzen Embedded V2000A Series extension.

Salil Raje, senior vice president and general manager, Adaptive and Embedded Computing Group, AMD, stated, “Our expanding and highly diversified AMD automotive portfolio presents a significant opportunity to serve this high-growth market while also underscoring the tremendous synergy of our combined automotive teams since the acquisition of Xilinx almost two years ago.” “They are thrilled to showcase their accomplishments working in partnership with ecosystem partners that will advance the future of the automotive industry as they look forward to the Consumer Electronics Show in 2024.”

Versal AI Edge XA: AI Engine Enhancement

Versal AI Edge XA adaptable SoCs with AI Engines are very advantageous for signal processing, vision, and AI computation. Versal AI Edge XA adaptable SoCs can be utilized in centralized domain controllers, edge sensors like LiDARs, radars, and cameras, and can even execute AI inference on massive data ingests. Different kinds of AI models, including feature tracking and classification, can be handled by the AI engines. The range of this device portfolio is 5 TOPs to 171 TOPs and 20k LUTs to 521k LUTs. With the same tools, ecosystem, and safety certifications, designers can effortlessly scale their designs across this product line.

Versal AI Edge XA adaptable SoCs offer advanced automotive designs, safety and security features, and the ability to accelerate high-performing AI compute applications. Early in 2024, the first gadgets will be made available, with more releases scheduled for the latter part of the year.

“Automakers will use applications for driverless vehicles to develop their brand identities in the future. Automakers require computation platforms that provide strong and effective AI compute because these applications primarily rely on AI, according to James Hodgson, research director at ABI Research. “Suppliers of heterogeneous SoCs with potent and efficient AI compute, like the AMD Versal AI Edge XA, are poised to benefit from a healthy growth opportunity as the number of highly automated vehicles shipping each year is expected to grow at a CAGR of 41% between 2024 and 2030.”

Improving Driver Experiences in-Car with AMD Ryzen Embedded V2000A

Electronics have elevated expectations for in-vehicle experiences. AMD launched the AMD Ryzen Embedded V2000A Series processor because entertainment, communication, office on wheels, and safety are becoming more essential customer aspects. With the help of this auto-grade gadget, automakers may provide infotainment and IVX systems with remarkable performance and multitasking, allowing passengers to stay connected while on the road.

With its “Zen 2” cores, powerful AMD Radeon Vega 7 graphics, and cutting-edge 7nm process technology, the AMD Ryzen Embedded V2000A Series processors set a new benchmark for performance. In addition to supporting Automotive Grade Linux and Android Automotive, it offers high-definition graphics, improved security features, and automotive software enablement through hypervisors.

According to Peter Cirino, Chief Operating Officer of ECARX, “Since introducing the ECARX Makalu digital cockpit using AMD Ryzen Embedded processors, they have proven to be key for powering the ECARX automotive solutions that require advanced compute power with visual graphic rendering capabilities.” “ECARX looks forward to expanding the capabilities of the next-generation digital cockpit solutions for software-defined vehicles in 2024 and beyond with the Ryzen Embedded V2000A Series processor.”

AMD at CES advancing automotive

With ecosystem partners, AMD will be showcasing a wide spectrum of automotive solutions. In-car experiences, AI-optimized real-time multi-sensor object detection, automated parking, display expansion, LiDAR, 3D surround view, driver monitoring, and more are among the demonstrations that are being given. BlackBerry, Cognata, ECARX, Hesai, Luxoft, QNX, QT, Robosense, SEYOND, Tanway, Visteon, and XYLON are among the automotive ecosystem partners that are taking part.

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