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Highlights of SK Hynix’s AI Memory Leadership

Highlights of SK Hynix’s AI Memory

  • SK Hynix will emphasize memory chips’ significance in the AI era
  • HBM3E’s very high performance, an interactive AI fortuneteller will be on show

The company, which aims to accelerate business turnaround while solidifying its leadership in AI memory, announced today that it will present the technology for ultra-high performance memory products, which form the basis of future AI infrastructure, at CES 2024, the world’s most important tech event, which will take place in Las Vegas from January 9 to 12.

According to SK Hynix, the company will showcase its future vision at the event via its Memory Centric1 and emphasize the value of memory products in boosting technical innovation in the AI Memory age and maintaining their competitiveness in the global memory markets.

Along with other significant SK Group affiliates including SK Inc., SK Innovation, and SK Telecom, the business will operate a venue called SK Wonderland where it will highlight its key AI memory technologies, such as HBM3E.

SK Hynix intends to commence mass production of HBM3E, the world’s best-performing memory product, in the first half of 2024, and provide it to the biggest AI technology businesses worldwide. HBM3E was successfully created in August.

SK Hynix will showcase an AI Fortuneteller at their amusement park-themed area, where they are using HBM3E-based generative AI technology. By drawing their cartoon characters from their own faces and interpreting their New Year’s fortunes, the AI Memory fortuneteller is supposed to provide visitors with new entertainment value.

The top AI technology from SK Hynix will also be on show in the SK ICT Family Demo Room, which is co-run by other SK ICT enterprises.

AI technology from SK Hynix
image credit to SKHynix

The company will demonstrate two products:

Accelerator-in-Memory based Accelerator (AiMX3), a low-cost, high-efficiency processing-in-memory chip-based accelerator card for generative AI;

And Compute Express Link (CXL2), a next-generation interface and test product of Computational Memory Solution (CMS), a memory solution that integrates the computational functions of CXL.

In particular, with the growth of AI technology, CXL memory and HBM are two of the key items in the spotlight. In the second half, SK Hynix intends to offer DDR5-based CXL 2.0 memory solutions in sizes of 96GB and 128GB to AI clients.

Justin Kim, President (Head of AI Infra) at SK Hynix, said, “We are thrilled to showcase our technology, which has risen to the core of the AI infrastructure in the U.S., home to AI technology.” “SK Hynix aims to accelerate a business turnaround through its leadership in the AI memory space and will intensify its collaboration with global players.”

Notice of Disclaimer

These publications are not meant to constitute an offer for buyers to purchase or sell any SK Hynix, Inc. securities in the United States. Without registrations with the Securities and Exchange Commission of the USA or an exemption from registration under the U.S. Securities Act of 1933, as changed, the securities cannot be legally offered or sold in the United States. In the United States, SK Hynix Inc. has no plans to file an offering or carry out a public offering of securities.

Concerning SK Hynix Inc.

Having its main office located in Korea as a whole SK Hynix Inc. is a leading international supplier of semiconductor products, specializing in memory chips for flash memory, image sensors with CMOS technology, and dynamic random access memory (RAM) chips for many different kinds of prominent customers worldwide. The worldwide Bank shares are listed on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange, whereas the Company’s shares are traded on the Korea Exchange.

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