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Google Cloud Threat Intelligence: Supercharge Your Security

Google Cloud Threat intelligence

Google Cloud Threat intelligence solutions have faced two major obstacles for decades: First, they do not provide an all-encompassing picture of the threat landscape; second, in order for organizations to benefit from information, they must expend excessive time, effort, and resources trying to gather and operationalize the data.

Everyone are excited to present Google Cloud Threat intelligence at the RSA Conference in San Francisco today. This new offering combines the unrivalled breadth of visibility that only Google can provide, based on billions of signals across devices and emails, with the unmatched depth of the Mandiant frontline expertise and the global reach of the Virus Total community. With Google Cloud Threat intelligence, users can obtain insights and defend themselves from attacks more quickly than ever before thanks to Gemini, its AI-powered agent that offers conversational search throughout this extensive threat intelligence collection.

According to Dave Gruber, principal analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group, “there is no shortage of threat intelligence available, but the challenge for most is to contextualize and operationalize intelligence relevant to their specific organisation.” “With Virus Total and Mandiant, Google unquestionably offers two of the most significant foundations of threat intelligence in the market today. Security teams now have a new way to operationalize actionable threat intelligence to better safeguard their organizations thanks to the integration of both into a single service that is improved with AI and Google threat insights.

Superior danger visibility

Unmatched insight into the worldwide threat landscape is offered by Google Threat Intelligence. With very extensive user and device footprint, Virus Total’s extensive crowdsourced malware database, and the deep insights from Mandiant’s top incident response and threat research team, together deliver a powerful combination.

Google threat insights: Every day, 100 million phishing attempts are blocked by Google, which safeguards 4 billion devices and 1.5 billion email accounts. This gives us access to a wide range of sensors and a distinctive viewpoint on threats transmitted via email and the internet, which helps us link the dots back to attack activities.

Frontline intelligence: Through more than 1,100 investigations a year, Mandiant’s eIite event responders and security consultants analyze the strategies and methods of attackers and use their knowledge to assist clients in defending against crafty and tenacious threat actors worldwide.

Human-curated threat intelligence: To contextualize ongoing investigations and give you the insights you need to respond, Mandiant’s global threat experts closely watch threat actor groups for activity and behavioural changes.

Crowdsourced threat intelligence: To provide real-time insight into new assaults, VirusTotal’s global community of over a million people regularly uploads potential threat indicators, such as files and URLs.

Open-source threat intelligence: They use this type of information to add the most recent findings from the security community to the database of knowledge.


Discover who is pursuing you with unparalleled visibility

It are able to supply security teams worldwide with comprehensive and fast threat intelligence because to Google Cloud Threat intelligence, which offers unparalleled visibility into threats. Being able to view across the threat environment, which includes defending billions of users, witnessing millions of phishing attacks, and devoting hundreds of thousands of hours to incident investigation, allows us to safeguard the most significant organizations yours.

Put ideas into practice

By knowing the threat actors and their constantly evolving strategies, methods, and procedures (TTPs), you may concentrate on the dangers that are most pertinent to your organisation. Use these insights to quickly and effectively build up your defences, search, and react to new and unique threats.

Include Google in your security measures

Increase the skills of your team by utilizing Mandiant’s top threat analysts in the business. The team of threat intelligence specialists is here to assist you. The expertise and the knowledge to help you make the most of threat intelligence, whether you’re seeking for cyber threat intelligence (CTI) training for your team, a deeper understanding of risks you should priorities and take action on, or a CTI specialist to sit with your team.

To address risks more quickly and go on to your next work, get assistance from a Mandiant specialist immediately within the interface.

Boost your group with Gemini

Make the most of your work flows by utilizing AI. In threat intelligence, Gemini evaluates enormous datasets and serves as a force multiplier, bringing to light the dangers that are most pertinent to your particular risk profile right away and cutting down on the volume of generic warnings. It continuously picks up on what you do and adjusts its output over time to become more and more relevant to your particular requirements.

Make cooperation and workflows simpler with a workbench

Seize control of your threat assessment. Everything you require is conveniently located in one location via the threat intelligence workbench, including an extensive malware database, strong tools, perceptive context, and simple teamwork. To increase productivity, personalize workflows with graphs, hunting results, rule sharing, and collections.
Priorities and enrich IOCs automatically.

Enhance and order SIEM alerts

The excessive amount of warnings is effectively managed with the aid of Google Cloud Threat intelligence. Google Threat Intelligence makes alert prioritization easier by combining hundreds of technical facts into a single score. You can link alerts and more accurately identify important threats with its carefully selected threat intelligence details from Mandiant specialists, community intelligence, and related IOC information.

React to situations with assurance

Boost forensic and incident response (IR) capacities

IR and forensic investigators are equipped with thorough and useful information from Google Cloud Threat intelligence to facilitate effective threat analysis. Teams may swiftly determine the severity of an incident and find more indicators of compromise, context, and attribution because to the exceptional technical pivoting capabilities, curated and crowdsourced threat intelligence, and interactive graph visualizations.

Advanced hunting techniques and threat intelligence

Effectively search for dangers

By offering customized risk profiles that include actors, campaigns, and malware families, Google Cloud Threat intelligence enhances the value of threat hunting and makes proactive threat tracking and mitigation possible. While crowdsourcing detection criteria and YARA hunting capabilities discover threats and malicious activity, detailed reports on malicious activity and TTP analysis aid in the improvement of detection and prevention measures.

Discover external dangers

Keep one step ahead of the dangers

By keeping an eye on exposed data, your attack surface, and brand impersonation, you may proactively uncover potential external threats. Find websites, phishing attempts, and compromised credentials that are misusing your brands to get early alerts of possible breaches. Watch out for malicious use of your assets, infrastructure, or reputation, such as malware. Receive alerts in the event that a malware configuration contains any of your assets.

Enhanced handling of vulnerabilities

Combine early threat detection, vulnerability intelligence, and asset exposure detection to transform your approach to vulnerability management. Identify and rank vulnerabilities proactively using data from real-world exploitation, including related campaigns and threat actors. By using this method, resources may be allocated more effectively and the most critical vulnerabilities can be given priority.

Threat intelligence powered by AI

Recognize and follow the main risks to your organisation every day

Gain an understanding of your threat landscape as well as any changes quickly. See the most recent information about who is targeting you, running campaigns, malware, and pertinent vulnerabilities all in one dashboard. Get alerts on changes to your threat landscape on a daily or weekly basis to help your organisation stay ahead of the curve and prepare.

AI-generated summaries help you comprehend threat intelligence more quickly

Make use of Gemini’s strength in threat intelligence

Reduce complexity and save time when investigating threats or geopolitical issues. Use Gemini in Threat Intelligence, an always-on AI collaborator that offers generative AI-powered support to assist you in condensing Mandiant’s industry-leading corpus of threat intelligence data into understandable, natural language summaries that will enable you to react swiftly to potential threats to your company and how they may be affecting the threat landscape

See inside the playbook of the threat actor

Before the attack begins, be aware of how it will go

Create a proactive security plan by mapping the TTPs that are used to target companies similar to yours. You can more confidently priorities jobs, modify security settings, and make security investments by mapping the TTPs with the MITRE ATT&CK framework.
Recognize, anticipate, and act confidently in the face of threats.

Access to current threat campaigns

Using threat intelligence can help you establish your security plan proactively. Google Cloud Threat intelligence offers useful information about ongoing threat campaigns that may be directed towards your industry, region, or weaknesses. With this information at hand, you can swiftly modify your approach to improve prioritization and mitigate both present and potential hazards.

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