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Dell Precision workstation boost 3D workflow with gen AI

Dell Precision workstation

NVIDIA Omniverse and Precision workstation boost generative AI and 3D workflow productivity.

In fast-paced game production, creative workflows must be improved to give players spectacular and immersive experiences. Character animators may now push the limits of real-time processes to improve their pipeline and experiment with countless generative concept variations thanks to breakthroughs in AI technology. With the help of GenAI, animators, designers, and artists may now combine apps and assets in real time.

Dell Precision Mobile Workstations

Precision 7780 Workstation

Character animator Sir Wade Neistadt has started a project to evaluate the Precision 7780 mobile workstation’s capability and dependability using a laptop GPU that is an NVIDIA RTX 5000 Ada Generation.

Neistadt used a variety of studio equipment, including Niagara particle systems, IK Retargeting in Unreal Engine 5, and top-tier motion capture technology from Xsens. Neistadt was able to evaluate animation within the scene context and run many 3D applications at once with real-time lighting enabled and flawless framerates.

Using OpenUSD (Universal Scene Description) as the link between many apps, the project’s goal was to evaluate high-fidelity motion capture and prop tracking procedures for a multi-character choreographed action scene.

Neistadt also optimized the development pipeline by using its Unreal Engine 5.3 and native Maya connectors in conjunction with the NVIDIA Omniveres platform for creating and linking OpenUSD applications. With NVIDIA Omniveres, favorite tools may be smoothly integrated with an extensive library of third-party extensions that are easily customizable and adapted for certain workflows.

Neistadt was able to examine the scene in a ray-traced environment while using the platform to model assets in Maya, modify layouts in Unreal to fit the composition of the scene, and drop material presets from the Omniverse sample programme USD Composer.

The creative process can proceed uninterrupted when there is an uninterrupted flow of feedback within the final scene’s framework.

Activating Original Inspiration

Neistadt’s desire to experiment with studio technologies and test his understanding of real-time workflows drove the conceptualization of this project. Taking cues from films and video games like Edge of Tomorrow, Terminator, Robocop, Code 8, and District 9, the goal was to craft a sci-fi or fantasy-infused action-adventure tale that was serious.

Neistadt’s simple doodles became a storyboard by using GenAI technologies including DALL-E, ChatGPT, and Stable Diffusion in Blender to explore concept ideas. This process sparked his imagination and directed his creative path.

A four-character scripted action combat scenario with independent prop tracking and full-body motion capture is featured in the scene. Neistadt recorded every character independently, effectively competing with the other takes. This made it possible for the creative feedback loop to iterate quickly, previewing new concepts and leading to important project evolutions.

Complete overhauls of shot composition, blocking, and character acting were among these modifications, all done in a fraction of the time that would normally be devoted to a single, unchangeable concept.

NVIDIA RTX professional GPU-powered Dell Precision AI workstations give creatives the performance, stability, and dependability they need to expand their 3D workflows.

Dell Precision workstations power AI technologies

Utilize Precision workstations to unleash the potential of AI

Everyone is talking about generative AI, and it has allowed companies of all sizes to take advantage of new opportunities by being more efficient. With the freedom to prototype, build, and fine-tune generative AI models locally, Dell Precision workstations enable data scientists and AI developers to experiment and calibrate AI workloads without incurring expenses.

With the best workstations in the world made by Dell Technologies, Their portfolio offers the AI platforms and solutions you need to get quicker, smarter results.

Blurring the distinctions between now and future

The field of modern computing that is expanding the fastest right now is cognitive technology. Strong machine learning algorithms have accelerated the time between ideas and results in applications like data analytics, complicated processing, statistical modelling, and visualizations that formerly required human intellect.

With an end-to-end, comprehensive solution that spans the desk and the data Centre, Dell Technologies assists in removing obstacles and facilitates the implementation of AI strategies across the company. The Dell Precision AI-ready workstations are equipped with the newest data science software stacks, Intel Xeon CPUs, and NVIDIA RTX(TM) GPUs. Allow these solutions to apply AI to your data so you may gain fresh perspectives on how to advance your company.

Quicker and more effective results

In the fields of data science and artificial intelligence, Dell Precision workstations are capable of deploying and managing cognitive technology platforms, including machine learning and deep learning applications like computer vision and generative AI. They unleash capabilities that can assist bring about efficiencies, innovation, and speedier results, taking them from proved to achievable.


Utilize robust technologies that streamline the deployment and development of a range of AI applications, including generative AI, to solve real-world machine and deep learning problems.


Their industry-spanning strategic partners collaborate with us to provide workstations that are tailored to your cognitive framework, resulting in a versatile and efficient solution.


With Dell Trusted Workspace, you can work securely from any location with hardware and software defenses designed for the data-driven world of today.

AI Workstations

Modern features including large memory, exceptional CPUs, and graphics are provided by Dell Precision workstations to enable cutting-edge cognitive solutions.

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