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Why Corsair is Relocating Origin PC Production to Atlanta?

Corsair Gaming, a leading supplier of high-performance gaming accessories and PC parts, stated today that its ORIGIN PC production facility will move to Atlanta. To demonstrate its commitment to personalized gaming, Corsair is expanding ORIGIN PC’s customization and production.

The choice was made in response to Corsair’s triumphant opening of its cutting-edge production plant in Taiwan, which is devoted to providing personalized gaming controllers to customers throughout the world. Corsair anticipates reaping major benefits by consolidating ORIGIN PC under its Atlanta operations:

Enhanced Customization: Design, engineering, and manufacturing teams work together more closely when ORIGIN PC is integrated into the current infrastructure. Customers will have even more customization options thanks to this streamlined approach, enabling them to further personalize their ideal PCs.

Enhanced Production Capacity: In order to handle ORIGIN PC and other Corsair products, the Atlanta facility has expanded. The increased capacity guarantees quicker delivery and build times, satisfying the increasing demand for high-performance custom PCs.

Strategic Alignment: By integrating ORIGIN PC with current Corsair operations, inventory management and logistics are streamlined, which may result in cost savings and increased operational efficacy overall.

“We are ecstatic about this thrilling new phase for ORIGIN PC,” Corsair CEO and founder Andy Paul stated. “We can now provide our customers with even more customization options and quicker delivery times thanks to our production relocation to Atlanta. This demonstrates our dedication to providing gamers and enthusiasts all over the world with the best battle stations available.”

It is anticipated that the transfer to the Atlanta facility will go well and cause the least amount of disruption to ongoing production and customer orders.

Concerning Corsair Gaming

Worldwide, Corsair Gaming makes high-performance PC gaming, streaming, and content creation gear. It makes award-winning gaming headsets, keyboards, mice, chairs, parts, PC cooling solutions, and streaming tools. Corsair proudly sponsors esports teams, Twitch streamers, and other content creators worldwide.

Concerning ORIGIN PC

For professionals, digital/graphics artists, government agencies, hardware enthusiasts, and gamers, ORIGIN PC custom builds high-performance desktops, laptops, workstations, and servers. Handbuilt, rigorously tested, and maintained by skilled system integrators, seasoned gamers, and industry veterans, ORIGIN PCs are built to last. Free lifetime 24/7 support based in the US is included with every ORIGIN PC. The award-winning enthusiasts on the ORIGIN PC team have years of experience in the PC and gaming industries and are eager to impart their knowledge to others.


How does this benefit CORSAIR, Elgato, and ORIGIN PC fans/customers?

Together, CORSAIR, Elgato, and ORIGIN PC are excited to develop next-generation high-performance PCs, components, and peripherals by utilizing each other’s experience and knowledge in engineering, manufacturing, and innovation.

 Why is Corsair buying ORIGIN PC?

Obtain operational and management skills to manage the System’s operations.
An experienced ORIGIN PC team will manage CORSAIR One, Vengeance, and ORIGIN PC out of offices in Miami, Florida.
Superior internal design and manufacturing capabilities.
Increase size and visibility in the rapidly expanding market for premium gaming systems

What is CORSAIR in PC?

Computer cases, solid-state drives (SSDs), speakers, gaming peripherals (keyboards and mouse), CPU/GPU and case cooling, high-speed DRAM modules, power supplies (PSUs), USB flash drives (UFDs), and computer cases are just a few of the products it designs and sells.

Why is Corsair moving ORIGIN PC production to Atlanta?

To enhance customization options: Closer collaboration between design, engineering, and manufacturing teams in Atlanta is expected to unlock even more personalized PC configurations.
To increase production capacity: The expanded Atlanta facility aims to meet the growing demand for custom PCs with faster build and delivery times.
To streamline operations: Bringing both ORIGIN PC and other Corsair products under one roof promises logistical and inventory management benefits.

When will the transition take place?

It is anticipated that the transition will go well and cause the least amount of disruption to customer orders and production. A timeframe has not yet been disclosed.

Will this affect ORIGIN PC product quality?

Corsair highlights that this action is a component of their dedication to providing customized, high-quality gaming experiences. They anticipate that the Atlanta location will uphold and even surpass quality standards.

Will ORIGIN PC continue to offer the same level of warranty and support?

Yes, ORIGIN PC will keep providing its current support and warranty packages.

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