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Contact Centre Dynamics 365, Copilot’s cloud contact Centre

Contact Centre Dynamics 365

We are excited to share with you today the most recent development in Microsoft quest to modernise customer service: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Contact Centre, a contact centre solution built on Copilot that offers generative AI to all customer interaction channels. Customers can connect to preferred customer relationship management systems (CRMs) or custom apps to make the most of their current investments with this standalone Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) solution, which becomes general on July 1.

A cloud-based solution from Microsoft called Dynamics 365 Contact Centre is intended to revolutionise customer support interactions. Below is a summary of its salient attributes:

Copilot-First Approach: This method puts Copilot generative artificial intelligence first in order to enhance every facet of contact Centre operations. This covers agent support, intelligent routing, self-service choices, and general operations.

Omnichannel Communication: Contact Centre Dynamics 365 supports several channels of communication, guaranteeing smooth interactions with customers over the phone, chat, social media, and other platforms.

Better Self-Service: The platform uses AI to provide intelligent self-service choices that can effectively respond to consumer inquiries, possibly decreasing the need for human engagement.

Intelligent Routing: Using real-time data, skills, and availability, the system automatically directs client inquiries to the best agent.

Empowerment of Agents: Copilot offers agents instantaneous assistance in the form of sentiment analysis, chat summaries, and recommended replies. Agents are able to resolve customer issues more quickly and efficiently as a result.

Cloud-Based Scalability: Contact Centre Dynamics 365 is highly scalable and reliable, according to your organization’s needs thanks to its foundation in Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure.

CRM Integration: By effortlessly integrating with current Dynamics 365 CRM systems, the solution gives agents a comprehensive understanding of every customer.

The overall goals of Contact Centre Dynamics 365 are to increase customer satisfaction by streamlining client interactions and increasing agent efficiency.

Utilizing generative AI to modernize service experiences

Expectations for customer service are higher than ever. Long wait times, getting moved to the wrong agent, or having to repeat themselves are not just annoying for customers; they are also bad for business. More than half of consumers who receive subpar customer service decide to cut back on spending or find another place to do business (Qualtrics).

Generative AI is changing customer service and completely changing how contact centres function. It does this by providing rich experiences for customers to self-serve through digital and voice channels, providing agents with pertinent context while they work, and eventually streamlining operations to cut costs and increase efficiency.

With Microsoft’s Customer Service and Support (CSS) team, one of the biggest customer service groups globally, Microsoft have personally witnessed the revolutionary effects of generative AI. Prior to switching to Microsoft’s products, the support staff at CSS used more than 500 separate tools across 16 different systems, which caused inefficiencies in workflows, slowed down service, and hampered communication. CSS reported a 12% drop in chat handle time and a 13% drop in agents requesting peer support. to fix an issue when Copilot was included in the solution. Additionally, initial call resolution has increased by 31% and missed routes have decreased by 20% for CSS overall.

Dynamics 365 Contact Centre

Contact Centre Dynamics 365 injects generative AI throughout the contact centre workflow, spanning the channels of communication, self-service, intelligent routing, agent-assisted service, and operations, to help contact centres solve problems more quickly, empower agents, and cut costs. This is done by applying the lessons and insights from Microsoft’s own Copilot usage, along with multi-year investments in voice and digital channels.

Furthermore, Contact Centre Dynamics 365 is designed to be built entirely on the Microsoft cloud, offering significant scalability and dependability for voice, digital channels, and routing all the while enabling businesses to hold onto their CRM or bespoke app investments.

Among the main features of Contact Centre Dynamics 365 are:

Next-generation self-service: Contact centres can implement rich self-service experiences by using sophisticated pre-integrated Copilots for voice and digital channels that facilitate context-aware, personalised discussions. By combining Microsoft Copilot Studio’s no-code/low-code designer with Nuance’s top interactive voice response (IVR) technology, contact centres can use generative AI to provide consumers personalised, interesting experiences.

Improved service quality and efficiency through expedited human-assisted assistance: Intelligent unified routing across all channels directs inbound requests that call for human assistance to the agent most qualified to assist. When a customer contacts Contact Centre Dynamics 365, generative AI provides the agent with a 360-degree view of the customer. Examples of real-time conversation tools that can be used to improve service include sentiment analysis, translation, conversation summaries, transcription, and more. Other automated tasks for agents include case summaries, email drafting, suggested responses, and the capability for Copilot to respond to agent inquiries based on reliable knowledge sources.

Operational efficiency: The effectiveness of a contact centre is influenced by both the experiences of customers and agents and the activities that take place behind the scenes. Microsoft system makes it easier for service personnel to identify problems early, enhance important KPIs, and respond swiftly. Contact Centre Dynamics 365 enables service directors to optimise contact centre operations across all support channels, including their staff, with real-time reporting that is generative AI-based.

What clients are saying is as follows:

  • “At 1-800-Flowers.com, Microsoft take their selves in offering top-notch service and consistently going above and beyond. Microsoft Contact Centre Dynamics 365 is helping us create a best-in-class solution that inspires people to donate, connect, and bond. Arnie Leap is 1-800-FLOWERS.COM CIO.
  • “We at MSC have always been recognized for providing individualized customer service; Microsoft Contact Centre Dynamics 365 enables us to further enhance this customer-focused strategy.”— Mediterranean Shipping Company CIO Fabio Catassi
  • “Smooth customer interactions and effective problem-solving are essential for our support professionals to provide outstanding service. In the future, we envision our support teams using Contact Centre Dynamics 365 and its AI capabilities to provide that kind of service on a daily basis.Vice President of Support Operations at Synoptek, Stephen Currie
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