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BRESSNER + ASUS IoT CTOS: Future of Industrial Automation


A co-winning approach easily integrates advanced features across ASUS IoT and BRESSNER Technology CTOS solutions, promoting synergy. ASUS IoT announces collaboration with BRESSNER to unveil its Configure-to-Order Service (CTOS) solution.

Cutting-edge assistance Optimized operational effectiveness with modularized systems, easy administration, and unmatched assistance.


Around-the-clock assistance: Outstanding 24/7 local customer support provided by the top-notch ASUS IoT CTOS R&D team.

Tailored to the needs of the client: The ability to select flexible components enables clients to easily integrate solutions with particular business procedures. To launch the ASUS IoT Configure-to-Order Service (CTOS), BRESSNER Technology, a renowned one-stop system service provider with headquarters in Groebenzell, Germany, and ASUS IoT, the global provider of AIoT solutions, announced today their strategic alliance. This ground-breaking service offers seamless management where flexibility meets unmatched support and is designed to improve operational efficiency through system modularization.

“This partnership guarantees clients get solutions tailored to their needs, supported by partners respected for their expertise,” stated Casper Lee, EMEA Regional Head for ASUS AIoT. “This service guarantees clients get solutions tailored to their needs, supported by partners respected for their expertise,” stated Gabor Paxian, Senior Account Manager of BRESSNER Technology. “With a sharp focus on quality assurance, enhanced by our dedicated research and development (R&D) team, ASUS IoT CTOS emer.

Continuous support and client-centered customization

ASUS IoT CTOS has improved its customer service skills by collaborating with BRESSNER Technology to provide round-the-clock support in Germany. By leveraging BRESSNER Technology’s support, ASUS IoT’s skilled CTOS R&D team can effectively respond to client inquiries and provide knowledgeable advice. With their vast experience in the CTOS sector, they can quickly fix problems and produce win-win solutions.

Fundamental to ASUS IoT CTOS is its emphasis on customization, enabling customers to augment their systems with necessary parts and accessories, such ASUS IoT EBS-P300W, EBS-S300W, and EBS-A700, to easily conform to specific business procedures. Quick delivery is ensured by utilizing the resources of the larger ASUS company, which eventually improves customer happiness.

Acer CTOS: Developing Your Own Specialized Service Offering

With its ability to customize hardware, software, and accessories, ASUS CTOS redefines service. Strongly skilled, their ecosystem partners provide quick, varied solutions locally. Come experience a customized tech service that is exclusive to you.

Rapid and immediate assistance

Quick support with no time zone restrictions: ASUS is able to provide quick and effective round-the-clock support due to their local teams’ global locations, which lowers downtime and increases system stability and availability.

More than 25 regional service centers ASUS keep tabs on client requirements and provide prompt support and solutions.

Quick and focused R&D assistance

ASUS committed CTOS R&D staff makes it possible for them to successfully modify their research and development path and respond to CTOS customer needs in a timely manner. The ASUS IoT R&D team excels in resolving customer concerns and offering knowledgeable assistance because of theri vast experience working on CTOS projects.

Adaptable CTOS solutions for optimal effectiveness

One-stop shop for integrated solutions: You can add essential components to make sure the solution fits your business’s procedures.

Fast delivery on essential components and competitive pricing: ASUS ability to compare prices and quality is enhanced by having access to a multitude of suppliers through the larger ASUS group vendor pool, which reduces the risk associated with working with just one.

Process flow of ASUS IoT CTOS

  • Choose a base, then begin customising from their selection.
  • Personalise hardware: Adjust CPU, RAM, and storage on a device.
  • Custom software: Align workflow with operating system and software that come pre-installed.
  • Enhance with add-ons: To suit needs, add ports and cards.
  • Get in touch with regional assistance: Examine and ask for local ASUS support assistance
  • CTOS and quality commitment are global partners in excellence.

A committed R&D team and ASUS’s dedication to quality in IoT elevate excellence. Come grow with us in a vibrant ecosystem for solid alliances and unmatched prosperity.

Use – Medical / Healthcare

They provide customized solutions for increased patient experience, scalability, cost-effectiveness, compliance adherence, and optimized workflows with ASUS IoT CTOS.

Use: Automation in industry

It improves efficiency through decreasing manual labour, optimizing production processes, and streamlining operations all made possible by ASUS IoT CTOS.

Smart retail application

Personalized experiences, effective inventory control, and data-driven insights boost consumer engagement in smart retail.

Application: Intelligent transportation

Enables smooth connectivity, real-time monitoring, and optimized operations for increased productivity and improved passenger experiences by offering effective mobility solutions.

ASUS IoT CTOS Specific Needs

A wide variety of products are available from ASUS IoT CTOS, all of which are designed to meet specific needs.

  • Embedded finless computers
  • PCs embedded
  • industrial motherboards
  • computers with a single board
  • A variety of alternatives, quiet designs, and single boards
  • Wide range of choices, silent finless architectures, compatibility with thin chassis, long-lasting processors, and an extensive portfolio that includes single-board computers (SBCs).
CustomizationASUS CTOS empowers you to personalize your hardware, software, and accessories based on specific project requirements.Ensures a perfect fit for your application, avoiding unnecessary features and optimizing costs.
Diverse Ecosystem PartnersASUS collaborates with a network of reliable ecosystem partners offering various solutions.Provides access to a broader range of expertise and technologies for comprehensive solutions.
Swift Local SupportGlobally situated local teams deliver prompt and efficient technical support, minimizing downtime.Ensures timely issue resolution and keeps your systems operational.
Modular System DesignThe system architecture utilizes modular components, allowing for easy upgrades and scalability.Enables you to adapt your system to changing needs and technological advancements.
Exceptional QualityASUS leverages its experience and commitment to quality to deliver reliable and high-performing hardware.Minimizes the risk of hardware failures and ensures long-lasting system operation.
Tailored SolutionsASUS CTOS offers pre-configured solutions for various applications, including: Medical/healthcare, Industrial automation, Smart retail, Smart transportation.Provides a starting point for your project, saving time and resources during the configuration process.
Global Support InfrastructureASUS CTOS boasts 24/7 technical support, regardless of time zones.Guarantees assistance whenever needed, minimizing disruption and maximizing system availability.
Security FocusASUS prioritizes security within CTOS solutions, utilizing hardware-based security features and collaborating with Google for a safe user experience.Protects your data and systems from potential threats.


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