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Boost ROI with Pendo Data Sync: BigQuery Magic Unleashed

Data ROI with Pendo Data Sync

When making important business decisions, data is crucial. When making important decisions about the future, leadership wants to know that they have the facts on their side, whether that be in terms of finding new opportunities, optimizing processes, or providing greater value to customers. This entails obtaining and assessing accurate data, namely data derived from their products.

Pendo offers businesses the best means of incorporating product data into their overall business plan. Pendo is a company that aims to improve software experience worldwide. They have developed a product called Pendo Data Sync that facilitates the connection of behavioral insights from applications to the larger business. Regardless of where the data is located within an organization, teams can view customer engagement and health data with Pendo Data Sync.

Product data that is siloed is wasted product data

Businesses are unable to comprehend the complete user journey if they are unable to integrate behavioral insights at the product level into their business reports. Businesses are under additional pressure to maintain and expand their current customer base in light of the current macroeconomic conditions, and failing to fully comprehend user behavior is obviously detrimental.

Too frequently, piecemeal data compilation or API pulls yield incomplete images of product usage and fail to deliver the value that companies require. This method may divert attention and take resources away from developing a supported, scalable data strategy model. Each team is left with incomplete information to use when making critical business decisions in the absence of a single source of truth for product data. As a result, data becomes siloed and insights that could address important questions like these are lost.

  • Do users find value in core product areas that fit into business models
  • As their point of renewal draws near, are customer cohorts still active and in good health
  • Which behavioral patterns can guide sales strategy in order to optimize the lifetime value of customer accounts
  • Do customer teams possess the knowledge necessary to deal with risk and churn in a proactive manner

Deep understanding to address important queries

This disjointed method has an alternative. Teams can easily make Pendo Data Sync accessible in Cloud Storage and BigQuery, as well as any other data lake or warehouse, with Pendo Data Sync for Google Cloud. Pendo helps businesses make critical decisions with confidence by fusing behavioral data from product applications that is, user interactions with them with other essential business data sources.

Pendo simplifies it to

All past behavioral and product usage data is readily accessible

Arrange the important data from your whole data ecosystem and act upon it. By combining these extra datasets with BigQuery and Looker in Google Cloud, data teams can make the most of these tools and produce previously unattainable business insights.

Democratize data to promote well-informed choices

Instantaneously combine product data with all of your important business data at the depth needed to support a contemporary, data-driven enterprise.

Encourage more efficient use of resources

Your data and engineering teams will have more time to dedicate to more worthwhile tasks if you eliminate the need for them to manually pull separated data sets.

Get the most out of your product insights

Give every department the ability to communicate in the same global business language, all the way up to the C-suite.

Make decisions with confidence and speed

Product data should be the primary consideration in all of your decision-making.

Democratizing information to support industry

For the apps that their customers develop, market, and use, Pendo Data Sync as their main source of truth. These insights are now accessible to all product teams using Pendo, rather than just those who use it directly thanks to Pendo Data Sync. Pendo data can be accessed centrally by any department or cross-functional initiative with ease through an easy-to-follow extract, transform, and load (ETL) process.

Pendo data has been utilized by Pendo Data Sync clients for many different use cases up to this point. These include figuring out where friction exists in your end-to-end user journey, evaluating the effect of product enhancements on sales and renewals, and creating a thorough customer health score that is derived from all available data sources to inform renewal strategy. Other teams have also used Pendo data to find up-sell and cross-sell opportunities to drive data-driven account growth, or to build a churn-risk model based on sentiment signals and product usage.

Built with BigQuery describes Pendo Data Sync

Because Pendo Data Sync was built on top of Google Cloud, it was very easy to develop and launch the solution at first. The engineering team at Pendo was able to develop the Pendo Data Sync beta by utilizing their prior experience with Google Cloud services and products. After that, this version was made available to Google Cloud design partners, assisting in the standardization of procedures and best practices for importing large amounts of Pendo data into BigQuery from Cloud Storage.

The data science team at Pendo also uses Looker as its main business intelligence tool and BigQuery as its data warehouse solution. The data team collaborated with engineering to design the product’s data structure, ETL best practices, and assistance documentation, making them Data Sync’s first “alpha” customer.

Pendo is currently investigating further integration into Google Cloud in the future, including direct data sharing within Analytics Hub.

Take advantage of product data

You can make the most of your product usage data by collaborating with Pendo. Your teams will be able to make data-driven strategic decisions regarding customer growth and retention when you combine quantitative and qualitative feedback with other relevant data sets. This will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of user engagement and health.

  • Visit Pendo in the Google Cloud Marketplace or get in touch with a Pendo or Google sales representative to find out more about Pendo Data Sync.
  • To find out more about how your company can use Pendo to improve customer engagement and health, you can also ask for a personalized demo with a member of the Pendo team.

The benefit of “Built with BigQuery” for data providers and ISVs

Utilizing Google Data Cloud, Built with BigQuery enables businesses such as Pendo to create creative applications. Companies that take part can

  • Gain access to chosen specialists who can hasten the design and architecture of products by sharing their knowledge of important use cases, best practices, and architectural patterns.
  • Increase adoption, create demand, and raise awareness with collaborative marketing campaigns.

ISVs benefit from BigQuery’s strong, highly scalable unified AI lake house, which is integrated with Google Cloud’s sustainable, open, and secure platform.

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