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ASUS BR1204 Series Goes Live

ASUS BR1204 series Features

ASUS announced that its newest laptops from the ASUS BR1204 series, CR, and CZ series will be available at Bett UK 2024. This is the third year that ASUS Education has launched at the Bett Show, showcasing ASUS’s commitment to innovation in educational technology. The flagship BR1204 is designed to satisfy the highest requirements of durability and is made to endure the everyday difficulties of classroom activities. The CR and CZ Chromebook series (CR1204, CR1104, CZ1204, CZ1104), which provide hybrid learning settings unmatched mobility and agility, go hand in hand with the BR series.

All of these series support ASUS’s dedication to safety, dependability, and user-centric design in both online and offline environments. They also include simple-to-service designs that make it easier for IT managers to maintain devices, improving the effectiveness of educational technology. With the extensive ASUS portfolio for education, educators and learners alike are prepared for success in the digital era.

Toughened resilience for teaching: Prepared for any obstacle in the classroom

The people at ASUS are aware of how lively and demanding the classroom can be. For this reason, they have added MIL-STD-810H certified ruggedness to the ASUS BR1204 series, CR, and CZ series, making them suitable for use in any educational environment. Laptops that are made to endure thanks to their sturdy construction, which includes a spill-resistant keyboard and, on some models, the extra robustness of Corning Gorilla Glass. With their sturdy but attractive glass displays, the flip versions of the ASUS BR1204 series and CR series resist not only knocks and scratches but also the inquisitiveness and inventiveness of any young mind. This embodies ASUS’s dedication to unmatched durability for the unrelenting speed of learning.

Active young learners will find the ASUS BR1204 series, which is perfect for them since it has ruggedized build for increased durability and is built for the K–12 education market. Important features that guarantee the computers survive regular classroom usage include a spill-resistant keyboard, an easy rubber grip, strengthened internal components, and a fingerprint-resistant surface. This model is a dependable teaching tool since it is designed to reduce disturbances to learning, adapt to different contexts, and be simple to use.

Smooth hybrid learning: ASUS provides access to adaptable learning

In response to the changing demands of students, ASUS has extended the BR series to include the brand-new ASUS BR1204 series, a 12-inch laptop that will sit among the company’s current lineup of 11- and 14-inch laptops. With a variety of display sizes to suit different needs and tastes, ASUS’s commitment to delivering customized educational solutions is shown by the expansion of the ASUS BR1204 series.

In addition to the Windows-based ASUS BR1204 series, the ASUS Chromebook CR and CZ series provide flexible choices that accommodate various pedagogical approaches. These Chromebooks, which come with screens of 11 inches (CR1104, CZ1104) and 12 inches (CR1204, CZ1204), provide a different operating system option, expanding the range of educational resources that are accessible. Because of the variety of hardware and software available, ASUS devices are guaranteed to work with a wide range of teaching methods that are used in contemporary classrooms.

With a battery life of up to 10 hours, Chromebooks CR and CZ allow for longer study periods without the need for frequent recharging. The integration of front-facing cameras and extensive connection choices, such as WiFi 6E and 4G LTE, enables educators and learners to participate in learning activities from any location. These laptops’ increased versatility is further enhanced by their variable hinge design, which allows for a variety of purposes from note-taking to collaborative tasks.

With the launch of the Chromebook CR and CZ series and new sizes, ASUS reaffirms its dedication to enabling adaptable, captivating, and creative learning experiences in any setting.

Effective upkeep: ASUS’s pragmatic approach to educational technology

ASUS’s dedication to effective and useful educational technology is shown by the BR, CR, and CZ series’ user-friendly design. This design makes maintenance easier and extends the life of the gadget, which is important in learning contexts. The extendable dual storage to accommodate more digital resources, the standard captive screws to avoid loss, and the modular design that makes repairs easier are some of the key characteristics. Rapid deployment and remote management are made possible with the ASUS Control Center and Image Maker tools, which also enhance IT efficiency.

These laptops have many advantages, including scalability that allows the laptops to expand with the demands of the user, easy IT administration that saves time and money, and simpler maintenance that minimizes downtime and the need for specialist services. This strategy demonstrates the creativity of ASUS engineers in creating robust, long-lasting, and simple-to-use educational technology, guaranteeing a consistent and uninterrupted learning environment for both teachers and pupils.

First and foremost, security and well-being are given top priority in ASUS educational products

The ASUS BR, CR, and CZ series’ safe, sanitary features mark a major advancement in protecting student health and data in educational environments. The TÜV-certified displays in this series reduce blue light exposure and eye strain, which is important for users who are absorbed in digital learning.

By covering high-touch areas like keyboards, the optional ASUS Antimicrobial Guard solution helps stop the spread of germs on frequently used educational equipment. TPM 2.0 strengthens data security, an essential component of today’s digital-first education, to go hand in hand with physical wellbeing. These features, which combine user convenience with strong data security, demonstrate ASUS’s dedication to fostering a safer, healthier learning environment. This strategy not only meets the urgent demands of teachers and students, but it also establishes a new benchmark for ethical educational technology design.

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