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Apple’s New MacBook Air Gets a Speed Boost with the M3 Chip

The new MacBook Air with the strong M3 processor enhances its power-efficient performance and mobility. MacBook Air with M3 processor is 60% quicker than M1 chip and 13x faster than fastest Intel-based MacBook Air. With M3’s quicker and more efficient Neural Engine, MacBook Air remains the greatest AI consumer laptop. The 13- and 15-inch MacBook Air come with a slim and light design, a maximum of 18 hours of battery life, a gorgeous Liquid Retina display, and new features involving compatibility with up to two external monitors and 2x faster Wi-Fi than the generation that came before.

The stunning new MacBook Air comes in midnight, which has a revolutionary annealing coating to eliminate fingerprints, starlight, space gray, and silver. Its aluminum unibody design is meant to endure. Apple’s 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Airs are the world’s best-selling laptops due to their world-class cameras, microphones, and speakers, MagSafe charging, quiet, fanless design, and macOS. Customers may buy now for delivery on Friday, March 8.

More people choose the MacBook Air than any other laptop. And now it gets better with the M3 processor and additional capabilities,” said Apple’s Worldwide Marketing SVP Greg Joswiak. The new MacBook Air continues to be the world’s best thin and light laptop, perfect for college students, company employees who need strong productivity, or anyone who seeks the unparalleled combination of superior efficiency, mobility, and industry-leading battery life in a fanless design.

Quick M3 performance

The M3 processor gives MacBook Air quicker performance and additional capabilities utilizing industry-leading 3-nanometer technology. With an 8-core CPU, up to a 10-core GPU, and up to 24GB of unified memory, the new MacBook Air is 60% quicker than the M1 model and 13x faster than the fastest Intel-based MacBook Air. Battery life is up to 18 hours, six hours greater than an Intel-based MacBook Air.

The lightning speed of M3 will affect everything from daily productivity to picture and video editing and software development. The new MacBook Air has hardware-accelerated mesh shading and ray tracing for more realistic lighting, reflections, and shadows with the M3 GPU. The updated media engine with AV1 decoding enables more efficient and high-quality streaming video.

Further MacBook Air performance with M3

  • Games like No Man’s Sky run 60% quicker than the 13-inch MacBook Air with M1 processor.
  • Photomator’s Super Resolution function enhances images with AI up to 40% quicker than the 13-inch model with the M1 processor and 15x faster for customers without Apple silicon.
  • Excel is 35% quicker than the 13-inch model with the M1 processor, and 3x faster for clients who haven’t updated to Apple hardware.
  • Final Cut Pro’s video editing speed is up to 60% quicker than the 13-inch model with the M1 CPU and 13x faster for non-Apple upgraders.
  • MacBook Air outperforms PC laptops with Intel Core i7 processors by 2x, 50%, and 40%, respectively.

Top consumer laptop for AI

New Apple silicon makes every Mac an excellent AI platform. M3’s faster 16-core Neural Engine and CPU and GPU accelerators increase on-device machine learning, making MacBook Air the ideal consumer laptop for AI. This outstanding AI performance allows macOS to support sophisticated camera functions, real-time voice to text, translation, text predictions, visual understanding, accessibility tools, and more to boost productivity and creativity.

Users may check their homework with AI Math Assistance in Goodnotes 6, instantly enhance photographs in Pixelmator Pro, and remove background noise from a movie with CapCut thanks to a wide range of AI-powered applications. The unified memory architecture of Apple silicon allows MacBook Air to execute optimized AI models like large language models (LLMs) and diffusion models for picture creation locally with remarkable performance. MacBook Air offers cloud-based solutions, allowing users to use AI-powered productivity and creative applications including Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365, Canva, and Adobe Firefly.

The Most Popular Laptop

MacBook Air
Image Credit to Apple

MacBook Air is the most popular laptop, and M3 delivers again with its incredible performance, mobility, and features:

Two ideal sizes in a compact design

Built to endure, the 13- and 15-inch MacBook Air have great battery life, light weight, and are less than half an inch thin, allowing users to work, play, or create anywhere. The 15-inch MacBook Air model has greater screen space for multitasking, while the 13-inch is the most portable. There’s a size for everyone, from mobile students to business people who want big screens.

Gorgeous Liquid Retina

MacBook Air has a 13.6- or 15.3-inch Liquid Retina display with 500 nits of brightness, 1 billion colors, and 2x the resolution of similar PC notebooks. Bright, detailed content and clear lettering.

Support for two external displays

When the laptop lid is closed, MacBook Air with M3 supports up to two external monitors, ideal for business customers who need multiple displays for multitasking or spreading out work.

Flexible connection

MacBook Air M3 has Wi-Fi 6E, which doubles download rates. A 3.5mm headphone jack, MagSafe charging, and two Thunderbolt connections are included.

Mics, speakers, camera

With a 1080p FaceTime HD camera, users can look their best while chatting with friends and family or working remotely. A three-mic array improves audio and video call clarity and sound quality. Music and movies sound three-dimensional on MacBook Air’s immersive sound system with Spatial Audio and Dolby Atmos.

Touch ID, Magic Keyboard

The silent and comfortable backlit Magic Keyboard offers a full-height function row with Touch ID for quick, simple, and secure Mac unlocking, app and website sign-ins, and Apple Pay transactions.

macOS Magic on MacBook Air

Both macOS and MacBook Air provide an unmatched experience:

Sonoma: macOS

On MacBook Air, users may add widgets on the desktop, interact with them with a click, and access the enormous iPhone widget ecosystem. Presenter Overlay and Reactions enhance video conferencing. Safari profiles segregate surfing by subject or project, while web applications speed up favorite websites. Game Mode improves gameplay.

Better productivity

MacBook Air’s large display may be used with Split View or up to two external monitors by all users, including business professionals. Stage Manager helps pupils concentrate on their tasks.

Smarter using iPhone

MacBook Air syncs with iPhone and other Apple devices via Continuity. Use AirDrop to transfer photographs, documents, and more across adjacent Apple devices. Universal Clipboard helps users copy photos, video, and text from one Apple program to another on a nearby Mac. Continuity Camera lets iPhone users scan or photograph surrounding objects and quickly upload them to their Mac. Handoff allows people start an Apple device job like answering an email and continue it on another.

Numerous apps

MacBook Air comes with excellent tools like FaceTime, Freeform, iMovie, GarageBand, Photos, Pages, Numbers, and Keynote, making it simple to produce exceptional work. With hundreds of programs designed for Apple silicon, Microsoft 365 and many of customers’ favorite iOS apps work quickly under macOS.

Environmentally Friendly

The MacBook Air is the first Apple device with 50% recycled material, including 100% recycled aluminum in the casing, rare earth elements in all magnets, and copper in the main logic board, a first for Apple. Mercury, brominated flame retardants, and PVC are absent from MacBook Air, which fulfills Apple’s energy efficiency criteria. The 99 percent fiber-based packaging helps Apple reach its 2025 objective of eliminating plastic packaging.

Apple is carbon neutral for worldwide corporate operations and expects to be carbon neutral across the manufacturing supply chain and product life cycle by 2030.

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