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AMD Athlon 3000 Series: Radeon-equipped desktops

AMD Athlon processors

AMD Desktop Processors from the Athlon 3000 Series with Radeon Graphics

If you want your PC to have modern features and real performance, start here.

Athlon is the solution if you’re looking for a PC with cutting-edge processing technology, stunning visuals, and quick response times. Powered by up to four cutting-edge “Zen +”1 processor cores, this device runs cool and quiet while providing incredible responsiveness and efficiency for daily work, web browsing, and multitasking.

Enjoy every pixel while editing family photographs, streaming your favorite shows in up to 4K HDR, and playing the hottest esports games in 720p high definition straight out of the box thanks to AMD Radeon Graphics integrated in.

Actual Results

Athlon is the solution if you want a PC with cutting-edge processing technology that will let you to take advantage of future upgrades like graphics cards, as well as quick responsiveness and incredible entertainment. Your daily productivity, web browsing, and multitasking will be effortless with the powerful “Zen +”1 processing cores and 4 processing threads powering your device, all while maintaining a cool and quiet operation.

Magnificent Entertainment

Enjoy every pixel while editing family photographs, streaming your favorite programs in up to 4K HDR, and playing the most popular esports games in 720p high definition thanks to AMD Radeon Graphics’ built-in technology. The AMD Athlon 3000 Series, powered by AMD’s cutting-edge 7nm CPU core technology, is prepared to take advantage of graphics card upgrades for fluid HD+ 1080p gaming. As a result, gamers who want the option to install discrete graphics cards in the future will have a simple upgrade path.

Assistance with the Contemporary Features You’ve Been Ignoring

AMD Athlon 3000 Series Desktop Processors with Radeon Graphics include features like Windows Hello, latest Standby, Cortana voice assistant, and much more, allowing you to enjoy the latest Windows 10 experiences you’ve been desiring while simplifying your busy life.

Athlon 3000 Series Model Specifications

AMD Athlon Gold 3150GE (OEM Only)Radeon Graphics44Up to 3.8GHz3.3GHz335W
AMD Athlon Gold 3150G (OEM Only)Radeon Graphics44Up to 3.9GHz3.5GHz365W
AMD Athlon Silver 3050GE (OEM Only)Radeon Graphics24Up to 3.4GHz3.4GHz335W

AMD Desktop Processors Athlon Enhanced with PRO Features

Constructed for Contemporary Business Offering expert control and security functionalities at an amazing price.

AMD Athlon

AMD uses the moniker AMD Athlon to refer to a line of x86-compatible microprocessors. Its lengthy history began in 1999 with the introduction of the first Athlon as a high-end CPU.

AMD Athlon PRO Processors

AMD Athlon PRO Processors: Who Needs Them?

AMD Desktop Processors with PRO technology provide outstanding value in professional security features, performance, and management. Athlon PRO processors are ideal if your company need desktop PCs for basic office productivity, assistance with safeguarding sensitive data, and the capacity to remotely upgrade systems—all at an incredibly low cost.

The Newest Type of Security

AMD processors assist companies in safeguarding data, preventing downtime, and minimizing resource consumption by using a cutting-edge, multi-layered security approach:

AMD Athlon PRO Processors modern security
Image credit to AMD

The “Zen” CPU architecture prioritizes security from the outset in order to combat the more complex threats of today.

Data confidentiality and integrity are safeguarded by integrated security processors. AMD collaborates closely with Microsoft and PC makers to enable and enhance enterprise-level security capabilities.

In the event that your laptop is lost or stolen, AMD Memory Guard2, a feature exclusive to AMD processors with PRO technologies, offers real-time encryption of system memory to assist defend against physical assaults.

Unbeknownst to you, a PC in sleep mode poses a data danger

AMD processors with PRO technology
Image credit to AMD

Build your own pc

AMD Memory Guard may help keep your whole system’s memory safe. The only CPU family in the world having AMD’s complete memory encryption as a standard feature is AMD processors with PRO technology. With complete memory encryption, AMD Memory Guard helps safeguard data in the event that your computer is stolen or lost.

AMD PRO Manageability
Image credit to AMD

AMD PRO Handling

Your company. It’s your decision. Rich manageability feature sets for easier deployment, imaging, and management that work with your existing infrastructure are included with all AMD Athlon PRO Processors. Furthermore, AMD Athlon PRO Processors provide an integrated and versatile cloud management solution with compatibility for Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

AMD PRO Enterprise Prepared

For long-term stability and comfort, AMD PRO Processors are built with durability, quality, and dependability in mind.

  • 18 months of anticipated software stability
  • 24 months of scheduled accessibility
  • Process for enterprise-level quality assurance
  • Consistency of features in all models

The Expert Network


The AMD A520 chipset offers the performance, connectivity, and security capabilities your company need on a contemporary, simplified, and reliable base. With its built-in support for AMD PRO technologies and AMD Ryzen PRO 4000 Series Desktop Processors, the A520 chipset provides a stable and reliable professional platform suitable for enterprises of all sizes.

Ready for Business

Choose AMD Athlon PRO processors to power your workplace. Or Upgrade to AMD Ryzen PRO processors for enhanced compute and graphic performance.

TaskAthlon PRO ProcessorsRyzen 3/5 PRO ProcessorsRyzen 7/9 PRO Processors
Enterprise-level Security
Enterprise-level Reliability
Enterprise-level Manageability
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