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Alphacool Apex Stealth Metal Fan: Silent Powerhouse review

Alphacool Apex Stealth Metal Fans

The popular brand in PC cooling solutions, Alphacool, has introduced its Apex Stealth Metal line of cooling fans. The mistaken misunderstanding that the whole fan would be composed of metal contributed to the new fans’ considerable excitement before they arrived in the PC community.

The 120mm high-performance Alphacool Apex Stealth Metal Fan is intended to cool computer components. It has a distinctive design with a metal frame and proprietary decoupling technology that lowers vibration and noise.

There are four color possibilities for the fan: gold, chrome, white, and matte black.

There are two versions available:

  • Standard: 400–2,000 RPM, 82.9 CFM airflow, 3.07 mm H2O static pressure.
  • Power: 400–3,000 RPM, 119.3 CFM airflow, 5.12 mm H2O static pressure.
VersionSpeed Range (RPM)Airflow (CFM)Static Pressure (mm H2O)

Regarding how loud the fan is, users have left varying feedback. While some find it quieter than comparable fans on the market, particularly at lower speeds, others find it to be noisy. Though not the finest, the fan’s performance is usually regarded as decent.

These fans stand out for their distinctive design, which combines a metallic frame with plastic components that are disconnected from the metal, whether or not they are completely composed of metal. The fan’s operating effectiveness is influenced by this design decision in addition to its visual attractiveness.

The Alphacool Apex Stealth Metal Fan 120 mm and the Apex Stealth Metal Power 120 mm are two different variants in the series that are mainly differentiated by their maximum rotational speeds. The latter, intended for more demanding applications, can hit an astounding 3000 RPM, while the former can only go up to 2000 RPM. These fans, which come in four color choices (White, Matte Black, Chrome, and Gold), combine design and practicality, making them a flexible alternative for a variety of PC setups.

Alphacool Apex Stealth Metal Fan

Each fan from AlphaCool comes in a cardboard box with premium fasteners, an extension power cord, and a little, gentle cleaning cloth. Although the cleaning cloth may seem unnecessary, it comes in useful when using the Chrome and Gold variants of the fans since even a little touch leaves a noticeable fingerprint imprint on the frames. Because the fan cables are so short and include both a male and a female connection, the extension wire is also essential.

This enables a daisy-chain configuration where many fans are connected in parallel to one another and are powered by a single extension wire; users must be aware of the maximum amperage the power supply can provide to avoid harming the motherboard or fan controller. Three Apex Stealth Metal fans may be powered without any problems by a single header on most gaming/performance motherboards.

Hydro-Dynamic Bearing (HDB) engines were chosen by AlphaCool because of their reputation for quiet operation and longevity. Although HDB designs are more affordable for performance fans, they are not the greatest kind of fan engine layout. Furthermore, a layer of versatility is added by the broad PWM (Pulse-Width Modulation) control, which enables users to modify the fan speed as necessary. Interestingly, if combined with a PWM controller that allows a zero-RPM mode, these fans may stop completely. This capability might be very helpful in low-heat situations or when attempting to reduce noise.

The question “Why isn’t the entire fan made out of metal?”. The quick answer is that there would be many technical and safety concerns if a fan’s moving components were made of metal. In addition, the increased mass of metal would result in a notable rise in power needs and energy consumption, with no discernible improvement in performance. However, the finest compromise between the two material types is achieved when plastic is used for the fan’s hub and blades and metal is used for the fan’s frame. This enhances the fan in places where the metal can work to its advantage rather than against it.

Before purchasing the Alphacool Apex Stealth Metal Fan, take into account the following factors:

  • Cost: The fan costs more than a lot of other 120mm fans available for purchase.
  • Level of noise: When the fan is running at higher speeds, some customers find it to be quite loud.
  • Performance: While not the greatest, the fan’s performance is usually regarded as decent.
  • Aesthetics: Some users may find the fan’s distinctive design attractive.


How does the performance compare to other fans?

The performance, which includes respectable static pressure and airflow, is typically regarded as excellent. In rare instances, however, some more recent or expensive fans may perform better than it.

 Is this fan suitable for radiators?

Yes, you may use the fan on radiators in liquid cooling systems because of its static pressure.

What is the warranty for this fan?

You can usually find warranty information on the product page of the store where you are buying.

Where can I buy this fan?

The fan is sold via the Alphacool website and a number of PC hardware stores.


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