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PC Upgrade with ADATA Memory & SSDs for Intel Core 14th Gen

Benefits of ADATA Memory and SSDs

In conjunction with its e-sports brand XPG (Xtreme Performance Gear), the world’s leading brand for memory modules and flash memory as well as an Intel recommended partner, ADATA, has made the announcement that its complete range of DDR5 memory modules as well as its ADATA Gen5 SSDs fully support the latest Intel Core processor (14th gen) platform. This news was made public by ADATA. The most recent release of this 14th Generation desktop processor platform highlighted the fact that it is the most powerful processor now available anywhere in the globe.

This processor is not only able to handle heavy tasks and gaming at the same time, but it also provides great performance across the board. This is in keeping with the brand appeal that ADATA and XPG have worked hard to cultivate. E-sports fans and content creators can count on us to deliver the quickest and most dependable experience that is currently on the market thanks to our combined efforts.

Memory modules equipped with XPG DDR5 and solid-state drives manufactured by ADATA offer complete compatibility for Intel’s most recent desktop platform.

Benefits of ADATA Memory and SSDs
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In order to ensure that XPG DDR5 memory modules and ADATA PCIe 5.0 SSDs are compatible ADATA’s with upcoming 14th-generation Intel Core CPUs, ADATA has collaborated with Intel and the leading motherboard manufacturers across the world to undertake compatibility testing.

Despite the fact that the clock speed that is now the most prevalent in the DDR5 market is 5600MT/s, the XPG LANCER DDR5 memory modules were able to successfully attain an ultra-high clock speed of 8,000MT/s during testing. Additionally, these memory modules enable Intel XMP Ready, which allows for successful overclocking from 8,400MT/s to 9,900MT/s. The ADATA LEGEND 970 PCIe 5.0 SSD was tested at up to an ultra-high 10,000 MB/s sequential read and write performance, and its 4K random write speed reached up to 1,400K. This results in a desktop experience that is both smooth and highly efficient for creators and gamers alike.

XPG LANCER 8000 DDR5 will be released shortly in the fourth quarter of 23

Memory modules from ADATA and its e-sports brand XPG are put through a battery of strenuous testing to ensure they have the greatest possible level of system compatibility. This process begins with meticulous selection of the best memory components to match high-performance multi-layer PCB designs. ADATA’s flagship gaming memory module, the XPG LANCER DDR5, will shortly debut its newest clock rates of 7600MT/s, 8000MT/s, and 8400MT/s in the fourth quarter of 2018.

This release coincides with Intel’s introduction of its latest Intel Core CPU (14th gen) platform. The combination of these two advancements will ultimately result in users having access to a desktop environment that is more dependable and productive. When players update to the most recent generation of Intel CPUs and use memory equipped with LANCER DDR5 chips, they will personally enjoy exceptional performance when multitasking regardless of whether they are playing games or making their most recent works of art.

Extreme Performance Gear, often Known as XPG

Extreme Performance Gear, or XPG, was founded by ADATA with the intention of delivering high-performance devices to esports professionals, gamers, and tech enthusiasts. Because ADATA’s are dedicated to creating products that offer unparalleled performance, ADATA maintain tight relationships with the gaming and esports communities in order to obtain a deeper understanding of the requirements of actual customers. ADATA provide a comprehensive selection of items, including systems, components, peripherals, and devices, and ADATA design all of these things keeping in mind the highest possible levels of performance, dependability, and consistency.


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