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ChatGPT displays Google Drive and OneDrive charts and tables

Microsoft OneDrive

What is OneDrive ?

Microsoft developed OneDrive. It enables you share, save, and browse files on any internet-connected device. This digital safe can hold all your important documents, photos, and videos.

OneDrive app Important characteristics:

  • File Storage and Backup: Use OneDrive to save up space on PCs, cellphones, and other devices. It’s a backup for lost, stolen, or broken devices.
  • Sharing files and folders is simple. Collaboration on OneDrive documents in real time. This is great for family and friend memories and workplace projects.
  • Access your files on the move with the OneDrive iOS, Android, and Windows Phone app. The software can automatically backup phone images and videos to OneDrive.
  • OneDrive lets you choose files and folders for offline access. You can access and manipulate them without an internet connection.
  • Security: Microsoft implements rigorous security mechanisms to protect OneDrive data.

OneDrive Storage

  • OneDrive provides a free plan that includes 5 GB of storage capacity. Depending on how much you use, this might be enough for basic needs, but it could soon fill up.
  • Paid Plans: Microsoft 365 offers OneDrive storage sizes of 100 GB to 1 TB, or 6 TB for family plans.
  • OneDrive’s primary feature is its seamless connection with Microsoft 365 products including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. This makes it simple for you to store and retrieve your papers from within these programmes.

Use OneDrive to safely store and share crucial files

OneDrive has you covered

To ensure that your vital information, pictures, programmes, and settings are always accessible, make a backup of your device’s contents. You can simply recover your files from errors or corrupted files, so you can rest easy.

Relive the moment by sharing your memories

Store and discreetly distribute images, movies, and albums with loved ones. OneDrive enables you to relive your most treasured memories with the people who mean most, whether they were from a year or a lifetime ago.

Safe, arranged, and up to date belongings no matter where you are

From any location and on any device, you can quickly access, modify, and arrange your files. Your files and folders are updated when you make changes to them, and you can even access them when not connected to a device.

Go wherever real life takes you with your digital life

You can store, edit, and share your images, videos, and files on the go with the OneDrive mobile app. To preserve them in the cloud, you can even scan priceless memories and crucial papers.

Features that improve connectivity, safety, and ease of living

Restore and safeguard

You shouldn’t be concerned about losing files if something were to happen to your device.

Accessible from anywhere

Everywhere you travel, you may access your files and pictures from any of your devices.

Exchange and establish connections

Share your files and images in private with loved ones, and use Office tools to collaborate in real time on projects.

All things considered, Microsoft OneDrive is a strong and adaptable cloud storage option that meets the demands of both individuals and businesses. To get you started, it offers a free tier. For those that need additional storage capacity, there are subscription options available.

ChatGPT’s data analysis is getting a lot better thanks to OpenAI, which will make the tool more reliable and easy to use for ChatGPT Plus, Team, and Enterprise users. With the flagship model GPT-4o, customers may now interact with tables and charts and add files straight from Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive.

Users can now upload files from Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive to ChatGPT without downloading them to their desktop. This lets ChatGPT quickly understand Google Sheets, Docs, Slides, Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files.

With the option to ask follow-up questions and receive suggested prompts to further their study, interactive tables let users expand and analyse data in real-time. Users can instruct ChatGPT, for instance, to merge spreadsheets containing monthly spending and produce a pivot table with categories for each type of expense.

Users can engage with a variety of chart formats, such as bar, line, pie, and scatter plots, by creating customisable charts. Before downloading the charts for use in presentations or documents, users can choose colours, hover over chart parts, and ask further questions.

For example, users can ask ChatGPT to generate a graphic that displays retention rates by cohort by selecting a Google Sheet containing the most recent user data from their company’s Google Drive account.

These enhancements expand on ChatGPT’s current capacity to comprehend and evaluate datasets using natural language. ChatGPT allows users to submit data files and use it to develop and execute Python code for activities including combining datasets, making charts, and finding patterns. This feature saves specialists time on repetitive activities and facilitates the conduct of in-depth analysis for novices.

The Carlyle Group vice president David Vaughn emphasises the usefulness of the application by saying, “ChatGPT is part of my toolkit for analysing customer data, which has grown too large and complex for Excel.” I can do more data exploration on my own and get useful insights faster thanks to its assistance in sorting through large datasets.

In these upgrades, OpenAI places a strong emphasis on complete security and privacy. Plus users have the option to opt out of training via Data Controls, and ChatGPT does not train on Team or Enterprise client data. For ChatGPT Enterprise, OpenAI’s privacy and security policies include data encryption, compliance, and SAML SSO.

The new capabilities have been commended by Lauren Nowak, Marketing Manager at Afterpay, who said, “ChatGPT walks me through data analysis and helps me better understand insights.” It helps me learn, makes my work more fulfilling, and frees up time for me to concentrate on the more important aspects of it.

In a similar vein, Google also revealed new Gemini features at Google I/O 2024. In addition to analysing the data from the sheet, Gemini also produces an attractive graphic that enables customers to view the entire breakdown by category. This covers a range of use cases in your email, including shopping, remodelling projects, and vacation bills.

You can make greater use of all that information in Gmail to work, plan, and play more effectively. This September, Labs users will be able to build a sheet, arrange your attachments in Drive, and perform data analysis using Q&A.

Thota nithya
Thota nithya
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