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Breaking News: 5G Patents Partnership Nokia and Vivo’s Epic

Nokia and Vivo’s Epic 5G Patents

The groundbreaking multi-year 5G patents agreement for the network has been forged between Nokia and Vivo

In a move that will go down in history, the global technological giant vivo has formally signed a worldwide patent cross-license deal with Nokia. This arrangement will forever change the game. The cooperation agreement covers an extensive number about topics, which is not limited to standard-essential 5G Patents as well as several kinds of various additional wireless communications technologies.

An important turning point in the history of the technology sector was reached on February 5th, 2024, when the announcement was made. This announcement demonstrated a dedication to innovation and intellectual property.

Accord on a Global Scale

Xianwen Xu, who is the General Manager of the Legal Affairs Department at vivo, underscored the importance of this agreement by highlighting the enormous investment that the firm has made in Research and Development (R&D) linked to 5G technology.

Vivo has an impressive portfolio of intellectual property (IP), which includes more than 6,000 families of patents that are fundamental to the evolution of 5G Patents. This agreement not only serves as a symbol of mutual acknowledgment and respect for the patent value of each other, but it also helps to contribute to the establishment of a constructive atmosphere within the industry.

Dominance of Vivo in the Intellectual Property Market

In the cellular communication market, which is constantly expanding, vivo has solidified its place as a prominent participant by filing patent applications in more than seventy nations and territories as of the 31st of December, 2023. The patent portfolio of the corporation includes an astounding 25,000 families, with a special emphasis on inventions that are fundamental to the 5G standard.

IP Lytics, a well-known worldwide patent data source, has published a research titled “Who Is Leading the 5G Patents Race?” in which they assert that vivo is now in the top position in terms of patents that are fundamental to the 5G standard.

From Nokia’s Point of View

When asked about the partnership with vivo, Jenni Lukander, President of Nokia Technologies, stated her complete satisfaction. In a statement that highlighted the agreement’s reflection of mutual respect for intellectual property rights, Lukander added that Nokia, which has made significant technical contributions to the smartphone sector, is looking forward to delivering further innovation to vivo’s worldwide user base via this partnership.

Influence on the Industry

The intellectual property settlement between Nokia and vivo, particularly covers over the course of several decades, not simply strengthens the company’s standing in the electronics sector but it also paves the way for revolutionary and unprecedented technologies. Because of Vivo’s aggressive commitment to regulatory bodies as well as Nokia’s long-standing reputation as an electronics pioneer, is a the two companies have the possibility for a synergies that might have a significant impact on the development of cellular communication technologies in the future.

Finding Solutions to Legal Issues

The deal is more than just a simple patent cross-license, it represents the conclusion of all litigations that have been ongoing between Nokia and vivo in a number of different countries. This not only provides a framework for a future that is collaborative and mutually beneficial, but it also eliminates any legal issues that may have existed.

Repercussions on the finances

According to Nokia’s projections, the company will begin to recognize net revenues from this deal around the first quarter of 2024. Despite the fact that the contents of the arrangement are classified, they illustrate Nokia’s strategic approach to the process of continuously renewing its smartphone licenses. Through this transaction, Nokia has secured its position as a prominent participant in licensing arrangements with major smartphone manufacturers throughout the world. This is the sixth major smartphone licensing agreement that Nokia has entered into in the previous thirteen months.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the multi-year patent agreement for 5G Patents that was reached between Nokia and vivo is a demonstration of how the landscape of the cellular communication business is constantly shifting. Through this partnership, not only are the technical capabilities of both firms brought to light, but also the significance of intellectual property in the process of promoting innovation is brought to light.

Vivo and Nokia are now at the forefront of 5G technology thanks to this agreement, which promises a future that will be distinguished by ground-breaking innovations. This agreement comes at a time when the industry is continuing to experience dramatic transitions.


What are 5G patents?

The patent and licensing process supports 5G standardization, which improves performance across networks, devices, and operators and opens up new income opportunities with innovative new use cases and business models.

What patents do?

An innovation is entitled to a patent, which is an exclusive privilege. Put another way, a patent is the exclusive right to a product or service that, in most cases, offers a novel approach to a problem or a fresh technological solution.

How many patents does Nokia hold?

The Nokia corporation Patents:  Nokia has 56947 patents worldwide, of which 26281 have been approved. Over 59% of these 56947 patents are still in active use. China, the US, and Europe (EPO) are the regions in which Nokia has filed the greatest number of patents.



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