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Utilize Azure AI Studio To Create Your Own Copilot

Microsoft Azure AI Studio

With Microsoft Azure AI Studio now broadly available, organisations may now construct their own AI copilots in the fast evolving field of AI technology. Organisations can design and create their own copilot using AI Studio to suit their specific requirements.

AI Studio speeds up the generative AI development process for all use cases, enabling businesses to leverage AI to create and influence the future.

An essential part of Microsoft’s copilot platform is Azure AI Studio. With Azure-grade security, privacy, and compliance, it is a pro-code platform that allows generative AI applications to be fully customised and configured. Utilising Azure AI services and tools, copilot creation is streamlined and accelerated with full control over infrastructure thanks to flexible and integrated visual and code-first tooling and pre-built quick-start templates.

With its simple setup, management, and API support, it eases the idea-to-production process and assists developers in addressing safety and quality concerns. The platform contains well-known Azure Machine Learning technology, such as prompt flow for guided experiences for speedy prototyping, and Azure AI services, such as Azure OpenAI Service and Azure AI Search. It is compatible with code-first SDKs and CLIs, and when demand increases, it can be scaled with the help of the AI Toolkit for Visual Studio Code and the Azure Developer (AZD) CLI.

AI Studios

Model Selection and API

Find the most appropriate AI models and services for your use case.

Developers can create intelligent multimodal, multilingual copilots with customisable models and APIs that include language, voice, content safety, and more, regardless of the use case.

More than 1600 models from vendors such as Meta, Mistral, Microsoft, and OpenAI are available with the model catalogue. These models include GPT 4 Turbo with Vision, Microsoft’s short language model (SLM) Phi3, and new models from Core42 and Nixtla. Soon to be released are models from NTT DATA, Bria AI, Gretel, Cohere Rerank, AI21, and Stability AI. The most popular models that have been packed and optimised for use on the Azure AI platform are those that Azure AI has curated. In addition, the Hugging Face collection offers a wide range of hundreds of models, enabling users to select the precise model that best suits their needs. And there are a tonne more options available!

With the model benchmark dashboard in Azure AI Studio, developers can assess how well different models perform on different industry-standard datasets and determine which ones work best. Using measures like accuracy, coherence, fluency, and GPT similarity, benchmarks evaluate models. Users are able to compare models side by side by seeing benchmark results in list and dashboard graph forms.

Models as a Platform (MaaP) and Models as a Service (MaaS) are the two model deployment options provided by the model catalogue. Whereas MaaP offers models deployed on dedicated virtual machines (VMs) and paid as VMs per-hour, MaaS offers pay-as-you-go per-token pricing.

Before integrating open models into the Azure AI collection, Azure AI Studio additionally checks them for security flaws and vulnerabilities. This ensures that model cards have validations, allowing developers to confidently deploy models.

Create a copilot to expedite the operations of call centers

With the help of AI Studio, Vodafone was able to update their customer care chatbot TOBi and create SuperAgent, a new copilot with a conversational AI search interface that would assist human agents in handling intricate customer queries.

In order to assist consumers, TOBi responds to frequently asked queries about account status and basic technical troubleshooting. Call centre transcripts are summarised by SuperAgent, which reduces long calls into succinct summaries that are kept in the customer relationship management system (CRM). This speeds up response times and raises customer satisfaction by enabling agents to rapidly identify new problems and determine the cause of a client’s previous call. All calls are automatically transcribed and summarised by Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service in Azure AI Studio, giving agents relevant and useful information.

When combined, Vodafone’s call centre is managing about 45 million customer calls monthly, fully resolving 70% of them. The results are outstanding. Customer call times have decreased by at least one minute on average, saving both customers’ and agents’ crucial time.

Create a copilot to enhance client interactions

With the help of AI Studio, H&R Block created AI Tax Assist, “a generative AI experience that streamlines online tax filing by enabling clients to ask questions during the workflow.”

In addition to assisting people with tax preparation and filing, AI Tax Assist may also provide tax theory clarification and guidance when necessary. To assist consumers in maximising their possible refunds and lowering their tax obligations, it might offer information on tax forms, deductions, and credits. Additionally, AI Tax Assist responds dynamically to consumer inquiries and provides answers to free-form tax-related queries.

Construct a copilot to increase worker output

Leading European architecture and engineering firm Sweco realised that employees needed a customised copilot solution to support them in their work flow. They used AI Studio to create SwecoGPT, their own copilot that offers advanced search, language translation, and automates document generation and analysis.

The “one-click deployment of the models in Azure AI Studio and that it makes Microsoft Azure AI offerings transparent and available to the user,” according to Shah Muhammad, Head of AI Innovation at Sweco, is greatly appreciated. Since SwecoGPT was implemented, almost 50% of the company’s staff members have reported greater productivity, which frees up more time for them to concentrate on their creative work and customer service.

Since June 2023, Drakshi has been writing articles of Artificial Intelligence for govindhtech. She was a postgraduate in business administration. She was an enthusiast of Artificial Intelligence.


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