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SK hynix AI Memory Solutions at HPE Discover 2024

HPE Discover Las Vegas 2024

At Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s (HPE) annual technology conference, HPE Discover 2024, SK Hynix is back in Las Vegas to present its cutting-edge AI memory solutions. HPE Discover 2024, which takes place on June 17–20, has a jam-packed itinerary that includes technical workshops, exhibitors, and more than 150 live demonstrations. Three newly selected programmes on AI, hybrid cloud technologies, and edge computing and networking are also available to delegates this year.

At the event, SK Hynix is showcasing its most recent memory solutions, including those provided to HPE Discover 2024, under the banner “Memory, The Power of AI.” In order to improve relationships with the host company and its other partners, the company is also making the most of the many networking opportunities.

The Top Memory Solutions in the World Powered by AI

Three product areas and a demonstration area make up SK Hynix’s exhibit at HPE Discover 2024, showcasing the remarkable potential of its AI memory solutions.

Innovative memory solution AI
Image credit to SK hynix

The company’s ground-breaking AI memory solutions, including HBM1 solutions, are presented in the first section. Specifically, the industry-leading HBM3E, with its remarkable processing speed, capacity, and heat dissipation, has become a key product to fulfil the increasing demands of AI systems. This section includes features CXL Memory Module-DDR5 (CMM-DDR5), a crucial product from the company’s CXL portfolio. CMM-DDR5 has drawn attention for its capacity and bandwidth expansion capabilities, which can increase system bandwidth by up to 50% and capacity by up to 100% when compared to systems that are solely equipped with DDR5 DRAM in the AI age.

  • High Bandwidth Memory (HBM): A high-performance, high-value solution that revolutionises data processing by connecting many DRAM chips over TSV.
  • Compute Express Link (CXL): High-performance computing systems are built using this PCIe-based next-generation interconnect standard.
  • Double Data Rate 5 (DDR5): A server DRAM that provides improved bandwidth and power efficiency over the previous generation, DDR4, to successfully manage the growing needs of larger and more complex data workloads.
DRAM products for server
Image credit to SK hynix

Leading server DRAM solutions from SK Hynix are on display in the second portion of the booth. The highlighted DDR5 RDIMM and MCR DIMM from the company are fast and power-efficient, demonstrating their capabilities to enable AI computation in high-performance servers. Using 1bnm, the fifth iteration of the 10 nm manufacturing technology, DDR5 RDIMMs can achieve up to 6,400 megabits per second (Mbps), whereas 8,800 Mbps is the maximum speed that MCR DIMMs can achieve. Furthermore, SK Hynix is showcasing their LPCAMM2 module solution, which is being used in AI PCs more and more because of its high-performance and low-power characteristics.

  • A high-density memory module called a Registered Dual In-line Memory Module (RDIMM) is used in servers and other applications to vertically connect DRAM dies.
  • The Multiplexer Combined Ranks Dual In-line Memory Module (MCR DIMM) is a motherboard-bonded module device that combines two ranks of fundamental information processing units to function at the same time, improving speed.
  • Sixth-Low Power Compression The LPDDR5X-based Attached Memory Module 2 (LPCAMM2) module solution provides great performance, power efficiency, and space reductions. With performance levels comparable to two DDR5 SODIMMs, it is optimised for on-device artificial intelligence.

In the third area of the booth, guests could also view some of SK Hynix’s most recent enterprise to SSDs (eSSD). These include the PCle Gen5-based PS1010 and PS1030, whose quick sequential read speeds are said to make them perfect for AI, big data, and machine learning applications. Solidigm, the U.S. subsidiary of SK Hynix, is showcasing its QLC-based eSSDs, D5-P5430, D5-P5316, and D5-P5336, in the same section. These items, which have enormous capacities and industry-leading performance, will be the best options for a variety of clients who need a lot of storage space.

Quadruple Level Cell (QLC): NAND flash memory type with a maximum data storage capacity of 4 bits per memory cell.

data storage capacity of 4 bits per memory cell.

SK Hynix gave presentations during the conference that centred on how the company’s memory products are fostering AI innovation. On June 18, SK Hynix America’s Technical Leader Brian Yoon of DRAM Technology Planning gave a summary of CXL and talked about how CMM-DDR5 can enable memory expansion. Yoon also discussed the capabilities of the CMM-DDR5-supporting programme HMSDK.

A few hours later, SSD technology trends and how SK Hynix and Solidigm can satisfy future SSD demands were discussed by Director Santosh Kumar of NAND Technology Planning at Seonjae Kim, the Technical Leader for SSD Enablement at SK Hynix, and SK Hynix America. The two discussed how their companies’ SSD devices are tailored for AI storage and contemporary data centre workloads throughout the discussion.

The software development kit known as 8Heterogeneous Memory Software Development Kit (HMSDK) is specifically made to handle CXL memory, a next-generation memory system that is built on the CXL open industry standard.

HPE Discover 2024

Using the Memory Community to Drive AI’s Future

SK Hynix highlighted at HPE Discover 2024 how it is leading the way in AI memory innovation. In addition to showcasing its cutting-edge technologies, the event is an opportunity for the company to fortify its alliance with HPE and other key competitors in the market.

Vice President Myoungsoo Park, head of SK Hynix’s US/EU sales, stated, “SK Hynix is maintaining a close partnership with HPE based on its industry-leading memory technology, including securing contracts to supply high-capacity DDR5 and 16-channel Gen5 eSSD products.” “SK hynix’s will keep bolstering SK hynix’s collaboration with international partners to further establish SK hynix’s technological leadership as the leading supplier of AI memory globally.”

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