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Semiconductor Solutions With GAA Process & 2.5D Packaging

Samsung Electronics will partner with a top Japanese AI startup to develop cutting-edge AI accelerator chips. The company will provide turnkey semiconductor solutions with a 2nm GAA process and 2.5D packaging to preferred networks.

Leading global provider of advanced semiconductor technology, Samsung Electronics, today announced that it will supply Preferred Networks, a top Japanese artificial intelligence company, with turnkey semiconductor solutions utilising the 2-nanometer (nm) foundry process and the cutting-edge 2.5D packaging technology Interposer-Cube S (I-Cube S).

With the help of Samsung’s cutting-edge foundry and cutting-edge packaging goods, Preferred Networks hopes to create potent AI accelerators that will satisfy the constantly rising demand for processing capacity fueled by generative AI.

GAA Process

Samsung has successfully secured orders for the 2nm process with additional improvements in performance and power efficiency, solidifying its position as the industry leader in GAA technology since beginning mass production of the first 3nm process node using Gate-All-Around (GAA) transistor architecture.

With this partnership with Preferred Networks, Japanese firms have achieved a first in the realm of large-scale heterogeneous integrated package technologies, and Samsung intends to intensify its offensive to lead the worldwide advanced package market.

The turnkey solutions include the 2.5D packaging I-Cube S technology, a heterogeneous integration package technology that combines numerous chips into a single package to improve interconnection speed and minimize package space.

In order to achieve an ultra-fine redistribution layer (RDL) and stabilize power integrity for the best possible semiconductor performance, the silicon interposer, or Si-interposer, is essential. The chip was designed by GAONCHIPS, a specialized system semiconductor development business.

According to Junichiro Makino, vice president and chief technology officer (CTO) of computing architecture at Preferred Networks, “This solution will significantly support Preferred Networks’ ongoing efforts to build highly energy-efficient, high-performance computer gear to address generative AI’s expanding computational needs, especially for big language models.”

“This order is crucial because it demonstrates that Samsung’s 2.5D packaging technology and 2nm GAA process technology are the best options for next-generation AI accelerators,” stated Taejon Song, Corporate VP and Head of Samsung Electronics’ Foundry Business Development Team. “It’s are dedicated to working closely with our customers to ensure that our products’ high performance and low power characteristics are fully realized.”

Tokyo-based Preferred Networks vertically integrates the AI value chain from chips to supercomputers and generative AI foundation models to build cutting-edge hardware and software. It supplies industrial, transportation, healthcare, entertainment, and education products. The company is a global AI leader after topping the Green500 supercomputer list three times in five years.

As a result of their partnership, Samsung and Preferred Networks want to present ground-breaking AI chiplet solutions for the market for generative AI computing and next-generation data centers.


With its groundbreaking discoveries, Samsung Electronics leads semiconductor technology’s rapid change. Combining 2.5D packaging technology with Samsung’s latest invention, the 2nm GAA (Gate-All-Around) process, will alter the semiconductor industry by offering Preferred Networks complete semiconductor solutions. This strategic cooperation aims to push semiconductor application performance, efficiency, and scalability.

The Development of Electronic Technology

2nm GAA Process

In the semiconductor industry, the 2nm GAA process represents a major turning point. The limitations of conventional FinFET (Fin Field-Effect Transistor) technology call for a more sophisticated strategy. Better channel management, lower leakage current, and enhanced performance are all made possible by the Gate-All-Around architecture. Samsung plans to use 2nm nodes to reach hitherto unheard-of levels of processing speed, power efficiency, and integration density.

Benefits of the Two-Nm GAA Process

Improved Efficiency: When compared to the earlier 3nm technology, the 2nm GAA process offers up to a 30% performance boost.

Energy Efficiency: It is perfect for applications requiring a longer battery life because it can reduce power usage by up to 50%.

Improved Capabilities: Integrated circuits can now have more transistors per unit area thanks to the 2nm technology.

Inventive 2.5D Packaging Methods

2.5D packaging: what is it?

2.5D packaging technique bridges 2D and 3D packaging. It entails arranging several dies side by side on an interposer, which serves as a high-bandwidth communication channel. Without the complications of complete 3D stacking, this technique lowers latency and improves performance.

Advantages of Two-Sided Packaging

  • Enhanced Connectivity: Data transfer between chips is made quicker and more effective by the interposer.
  • Better heat dissipation than 3D packaging in terms of thermal management lowers the possibility of overheating.
  • Scalability: Promotes the integration of many chip types such as logic and memory on a single package, hence improving functionality.

Semiconductor Solutions

Complete Integration of Samsung’s Turnkey Semiconductor Solutions

The complete semiconductor development process, from design and manufacture to packaging and testing, is covered by Samsung’s turnkey solutions. With a comprehensive package, Samsung guarantees optimal performance and a smooth integration of the finished product.

Customized for favored networks

Samsung’s cutting-edge semiconductor technologies will be extremely beneficial to Preferred Networks, a pioneer in AI and machine learning. High performance and energy efficiency are guaranteed by the partnership’s delivery of specially designed chips that cater to the unique requirements of AI applications.

Principal Elements of Samsung’s Custom Design Services: optimized for a given application by being specifically designed to match its needs.

More Complex Manufacturing Methods: achieving the highest standards of accuracy and productivity by applying cutting-edge procedures.

Thick Validation and Testing: Thorough testing guarantees dependability and functionality in practical uses.

Influence on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Enhanced Efficiency for Artificial Intelligence Uses

AI and ML application performance is greatly improved by the combination of 2.5D packaging and the 2nm GAA technology. Deep learning models and real-time data analysis depend on quicker processing rates and higher data throughput, which these technologies make possible.

Energy-Secure Edge Computing

Samsung’s solutions offer a substantial advantage in the field of edge computing, where power economy is crucial. The 2nm process’s lower power consumption guarantees longer battery life for edge devices, allowing for more prolonged and demanding computational operations without the need for frequent recharging.

Future Innovations’ Scalability

Scalable and versatile semiconductor solutions are becoming increasingly important as AI and ML applications develop. Samsung’s strategy facilitates the seamless assimilation of novel technology and caters to the increasing needs of forthcoming advancements.

Strategic Alliance with Selected Networks

Combination of Leaders

An innovative and experienced partnership between Preferred Networks and Samsung Electronics is strategic. The alliance uses Preferred Networks’ AI experience and Samsung’s cutting-edge semiconductor technology to provide highly effective, scalable, and reliable AI solutions.

Collaborative Development Programmes

Co-development of application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) designed specifically for AI workloads is known as custom AI chips.

Improved Software Integration: Making the most of software frameworks to take full advantage of hardware capabilities.

Future Plan: Joint research and development endeavors to maintain a lead in technological breakthroughs.

In conclusion

Samsung Electronics’ 2nm GAA process and 2.5D packaging technology advanced the semiconductor industry. Samsung’s turnkey Preferred Networks solutions will revolutionize AI and ML applications with unprecedented performance, efficiency, and scalability. This strategic collaboration highlights how cutting-edge hardware and creative AI solutions may propel the next wave of technological breakthroughs.


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