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Samsung Introduces SmartThings Pro For Next-Level SmartTech

Innovative display technologies and SmartThings Pro were unveiled by Samsung Electronics today for their array of digital signage products that has won numerous awards. Participating in the largest professional audio-visual industry trade event in North America, InfoComm will take place in Las Vegas from June 12 to 14, and the announcement is a part of that participation.


Samsung will display its latest products at Booth W1225, including the Business TV BED series, a UHD TV with versatile features for businesses in a variety of industries; the Interactive Whiteboard (WAD series) with exclusive new generative AI functions; and the ultra-low power, lightweight, and slim Samsung Colour E-Paper. With Samsung offering demos and instructional sessions to showcase the products’ numerous advantages, these solutions will be on exhibit during InfoComm.

Executive Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics Hoon Chung stated, “We are happy to introduce a variety of new solutions, services, and products at this year’s InfoComm.” “Building on our history of leading the signage sales market for 15 years running, we are showcasing our newest solutions at this event to meet a variety of business needs.”

SmartThings Pro Gives Businesses New Intelligence

By automating tasks, boosting sustainability, and enhancing the general business experience, Samsung’s hyper-connected smart home technology is brought to commercial settings with SmartThings Pro. Customisable Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for smooth integration are provided by SmartThings Pro to better assist business-to-business (B2B) customers. AI Energy Mode is another feature that lowers energy usage depending on ambient brightness, content analysis, and motion detection. It is an intelligent power saving technique. For Samsung devices linked to the SmartThings Pro network, there is an energy-saving algorithm available.

SmartThings Pro also offers an intuitive dashboard that lets customers see the connection status of multiple IoT devices. Utilising artificial intelligence (AI), this dashboard analyses linked devices to assist customers maximise device usage and implement energy-saving habits.

The general performance of linked devices in business settings, such as SMART Signage, hospitality displays, air conditioning systems, digital appliances, and much more, will be enhanced by SmartThings Pro in addition to individual users. Additionally, by integrating different IoT devices, it enables corporate clients to more efficiently regulate environmental parameters like temperature, humidity, and lighting. For improved monitoring and control, it also incorporates sensors such as webcams. By automating regular configurations and setups, these functionalities enable customers to save overall business expenses and produce more sustainable and efficient operations.

The accessible APIs will already be utilised by a large number of Samsung partners. A few of these associates consist include:

  • The Cisco will present at InfoComm how to combine its video devices with the Webex Control Hub for scalable deployments, as well as how to integrate these devices with APIs.
  • Through collaborative experiences, Aqara will improve the Smart Hotel experience.
  • By utilising its new collaboration with Samsung, Quividi will develop a retail analytics solution through VidiCenter, its online data centre.

Samsung Electronics Executive Vice President Chanwoo Park stated, “We will further enhance Samsung’s IoT solutions for the B2B market through SmartThings Pro.” Samsung specialised solutions improve display performance in residential and commercial settings, including retail stores, hotels, offices, and public institutions like schools. These operators’ performance will be enhanced by SmartThings, and costs will be decreased.

Business Uses of Colour E-Paper

Samsung Colour E-Paper (EMDX model), the company’s ultra low power display, will make its debut at InfoComm. This groundbreaking full-color e-paper signage seamlessly combines digital ink with cutting-edge technology, making it a viable alternative to analogue or paper promotional materials.

With its high visibility signs, the innovative solution provides businesses with an eco-friendly substitute for conventional promotional methods. Compared to standard digital signs, the Samsung Colour E-Paper uses substantially less electricity when changing images, operating at 0.00W when showing a static image. The Colour E-Paper may also be remotely controlled by managers, who can create schedules with automated wake-up and sleep hours to save energy.

Red, yellow, green, blue, white, and black are the six colours per pixel on the 32-inch screen, which has a 60,000-color gamut and QHD (2,560 x 1,440) resolution. Due to its small weight of 2.9kg and wide 17.9mm, it may be put without the need for additional mounts in a variety of places, including tables, ceilings, and walls. Due of its versatility, the Colour E-Paper can be used by companies and marketers to lower operating expenses by engaging consumers in numerous locations.

Customers may simply generate or edit material with the Samsung Colour E-Paper thanks to a dedicated mobile app. It also works with Samsung’s VXT technology, which allows for remote integrated management of numerous screens at once as well as real-time monitoring. In order to facilitate the creation of content for various verticals, the VXT CMS Canvas also provides a range of templates that are tailored for E-paper displays.

Two USB-C type connectors, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support, and data transfer are all supported by the Colour E-Paper. Together with 8GB of flash memory, a VESA standard wall mount compatibility, and a replaceable bezel that lets users customise the frame’s colour, these features provide consumers improved connectivity, a wider range of customisation choices, and versatile mounting possibilities.

In-store advertising, indoor signage, and the replacement of paper posters are among the applications for which the Colour E-Paper panel makes use of the cutting-edge E Ink Spectra 6 technology. Improved marketing and advertising performance is achieved through the use of an upgraded colour imaging algorithm and an increased colour spectrum.

According to Dr. FY Gan, President of E Ink Holdings, “We’re excited to announce our partnership with Samsung to unveil the innovative 32-inch E Ink Spectra 6 for the signage market.” Samsung dedication to a better future with display solutions is demonstrated by our collaboration. Through the integration of Samsung’s signage knowledge with E Ink’s state-of-the-art colour e-Paper technology, Samsung can create low-power colour displays that transform digital promotion and communication while strengthening sustainability initiatives.

Interactive Whiteboard

Interactive Whiteboard
Image Credit to Samsung

With generative AI capabilities among its many new features, the Interactive Whiteboard (WAD series), which was first unveiled at ISE, is set to make a splash at InfoComm.

Upcoming AI-powered functions include the capacity to create thorough class summaries that emphasise important ideas and themes, as well as automatically transcribing of spoken classes. It is also capable of producing quizzes for students based on analysis of the teacher’s voice transcription, the textual content on the display, and the given educational materials. Machine learning is also used to filter out unwanted content and enhance content accuracy.

Additionally, voice recognition technology tailored for educational settings will be included in the display thanks to a partnership with educational technology startup Merlyn Mind. In addition to helping to customise its features to fit with curriculum unique to each school, this will make controlling the Interactive Display easier.

According to Dr Satya Nitta, CEO of Merlyn Mind, “We are thrilled to collaborate with Samsung Electronics, a global leader in educational technology and innovation.” Beginning more than ten years ago with the Chromebooks, Samsung has a long history of introducing cutting-edge technology into classrooms. To build more engaging and productive learning environments, Samsung will keep integrating Samsung’s solutions with our specially designed artificial intelligence for education.

Later in the year, these features which offer more convenient use and a more contextual learning environment will be available for all three of the models’ various sizes.

Samsung Business TV BED

Featuring UHD picture quality and versatile flexibility, Samsung will display the Samsung Business TV BED series at InfoComm. The TV, available in 43, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, or 85 inches, may fit into practically any area and improve the appearance and functionality of varied situations. This solution serves restaurants, education, small/home offices, and other small companies.

Starting in Q3, companies can simply schedule, manage, and show personalised content remotely using the Samsung Business TV App, which is already available for Android and iOS devices. Along with supporting Samsung VXT and SmartThings Pro, it fulfils a multitude of business requirements while delivering lifelike clarity with 4K visual quality and seamless device administration.


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