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What’s New in The Android 14 QPR3 Beta Release?

The Android OS evolves with each version, including Android 14 QPR3. This current update has several improvements, enhancements, and effects on the user experience. Extensive study of Android 14 QPR3 will keep you informed about this major update.

Introducing Android 14 QPR3

Android 14 QPR3 (Quarterly Platform Release) was the result of months of testing for Pixel users who were part of the programme, and it was released in June 2024. Although hardly a ground-breaking upgrade, it provided a pleasant assortment of enhancements and bug patches for those choosing to continue with Android 14 instead of downloading the Android 15 beta.

Improved GUI

The improved user interface in this is notable. The updated design is more intuitive and attractive, with improvements to:

Design Refined Material

The Material You design language from Android 12 is refined in Android 14 QPR3. Users may now customise their devices more easily with the upgrade. Smoother animations, dynamic theming, and improved colour palettes improve the experience.

Better Notifications

It enhances notification management. Now, users can customise notification presentation and management. Grouped notifications, priority settings, and more granular control choices let users customise their notification experience.

Device-Adaptive Layouts

The user interface in Android 14 QPR3 adapts to numerous screen sizes and orientations on smartphones, tablets, and foldables. Having a consistent experience across devices promotes usability and accessibility.

Performance Improvements

Android 14 QPR3 improves performance, which is crucial for any OS upgrade. The update optimises system performance for faster, more responsive use.

Quicker app launches

Many under-the-hood optimisations in Android 14 QPR3 minimise app launch times. These changes streamline programme switching, improving productivity and user pleasure.

Extended Battery Life

Smartphone consumers worry about battery life, but Android 14 QPR3 improves it. Adaptive battery and background app optimisation improve battery life without sacrificing speed in the update.

Memory Management Improvement

A seamless and responsive user experience requires good memory management. Android 14 QPR3 improves memory allocation and optimisation, decreasing slowdowns and crashes. The operating system becomes more stable and trustworthy.

Security and Privacy Enhancements

Today’s digital world requires security and privacy, and Android 14 QPR3 makes several significant improvements to protect user data and offer a secure experience.

Advanced Privacy Controls

Users have additional data control with Android 14 QPR3’s improved privacy features. Features of the upgrade include:

Improved Permission Management

Users can now give or remove app rights depending on use cases.

Privacy Dashboard

The Privacy Dashboard helps users make educated privacy choices by providing a detailed picture of how apps access sensitive data.

Strong Security Features

Android 14 QPR3 has several strong security features:


Better encryption algorithms protect user data at rest and in transit.

Automatic Security upgrades

Android 14 QPR3 speeds up security upgrades to safeguard devices from the latest threats.

Biometric Authentication Improvements

Android 14 QPR3 improves fingerprint and facial recognition. The upgrade increases biometric recognition accuracy and speed, making authentication more safe and convenient.

New features and innovations

Android 14 QPR3 adds various user-experience-enhancing additions to the above enhancements.

Better multitasking

Android 14 QPR3 improves multitasking to make it easier. Update includes:

  • Improvements to split-screen let users to operate two apps side by side more successfully.
  • Picture-in-picture mode improvements make watching films with other apps smoother.

Advanced Accessibility

Android 14 QPR3 adds accessibility features to make the OS more accessible to disabled users. Features include:

Voice Access

Better voice detection and execution make voice-controlled device control easier.

Accessibility Settings:

Users can now customise accessibility settings to fit their needs, making the experience more personalised.

Creative Camera Improvements

Android 14 QPR3 adds camera improvements to improve photography and filming. This includes:

Improved Low-Light Performance

New algorithms and processing methods let users to take crisper, more detailed photos in low light.

Advanced Video Recording Features

Stabilisation and audio capture improve video quality and professionalism.

Google’s on going Android experience improvement continues with Android 14 QPR3. This version follows quarterly releases that add features, enhance performance, and address security issues. Android 14 QPR3, like its predecessors, improves user experience and polish.

Below is a summary of the main attributes of Android 14 QPR3:

Stability and Security as Top Priorities: QPR3’s top priorities were improving user experience overall by integrating the June 2024 security patch and improving system stability. By fixing a number of vulnerabilities, this patch made sure Pixel devices were safe from ever-changing threats.

Subtle Improvements: A number of minor adjustments were made. For example, users might adjust as keyboard haptics worldwide using a new “keyboard vibration” setting. On devices that support it, adjusting brightness using Quick Settings has a modest haptic effect that makes the device feel more responsive.

Enhancements to the Camera and Display: QPR3 introduced several enhancements to the camera experience, while news reports still don’t go into great detail on the intricacies. The update also fixed a bug on Pixel Fold smartphones that occasionally resulted in information only showing on half of the inner screen when unfurled.

Goodbye Passwords & Accounts: “Passwords & accounts” was the name of the top-level Settings page; it has been renamed to “passwords, passkeys, & autofill.” This is in line with Google’s push for passkeys, which are a more secure option than standard passwords.

upgrade for Pixel VPN (Independent of QPR3): It’s crucial to remember that Google released an independent upgrade for Pixel VPN at the same time as QPR3. With the release of this upgrade, Google One VPN users especially those using the Pixel 7 series knew they would always have access to a VPN service even after it was discontinued.


New features, performance, and security are in the huge Android 14 QPR3 update. Android is constantly improved by Google in terms of user interface, system speed, and usefulness. Android 14 QPR3 is a must-have update for Android smartphones since it caters to techies and casual consumers.

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Gowri Priya
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