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Dive into a oneAPI Spotlight with Leading Innovators

oneAPI Spotlight with Industry Pioneers

AI with oneAPI: A oneAPI Spotlight Discussion with AI Developers is the title of the podcast episode that is part of Intel’s “Code Together” series. In this attention is placed on the oneAPI Innovators who are taking part in a oneAPI AI Hackathon. Their insights on the use of artificial intelligence, the relevance of AI in the society we live in today, and the role that oneAPI Spotlight plays in bringing solutions that perform well to the AI landscape are the topics that are being discussed.

Participation in the Hackathon Based on the Motivation Behind It

The podcast includes the perspectives of three pioneers: Mohan, Sudarshan, and Yuvraj, each of whom brings a different point of view to the table. Mohan emphasizes the twin significance of committing to open technology in education and obtaining encouragement from top management at Intel as the driving forces for his contributions. In his presentation, Sudarshan explains how the hackathon is in line with their previously conceived concept of incorporating object detecting mechanisms into autonomous cars. Both Yuvraj’s professional aspirations and a pre-existing notion that focuses on improving online learning are the driving forces behind his decision to pursue this path.

Situational Statements and Possible Solutions

An assortment of issue statements are addressed by the inventors. As a means of addressing the difficulties associated with nighttime driving, Mohan’s team is working on the development of an immediate time adaptive autonomous driving system. An adaptive headlamp technique that reduces glare is being implemented by Sudarshan’s team as part of their work on object identification for autonomous cars for autonomous vehicles. In order to overcome the difficulties associated with driving vehicles across rugged and mountainous terrain, Yuvraj’s team is concentrating on the use of LED technology for identification of objects.

Incorporation of a single API

A further segment of the program digs into the manner in which the inventors use oneAPI Spotlight into their initiatives. Mohan draws attention to the first resistance, but he compliments the simplicity with which one may adjust to Intel’s expansions. In particular, he cites the use of oneAPI Spotlight toolkits like as the Intel Extend for PyTorch and the Intel Neurological Compressor for effective model quantization, which ultimately leads to a 4.4 times increase in the performance of inference.

Sudarshan places a strong emphasis on the seamless incorporation of oneAPI Spotlight , particularly with regard to the simplicity with which it may be adopted into preexisting code with very little modifications. The team is able to obtain a considerable speedup of 4.56 times for both the training phase and the intentions phase by using the libraries provided by oneAPI Spotlight.

In this section, Yuvraj describes how they make use of the features offered by oneAPI Spotlight to minimize their model, which ultimately results in a 35.5% reduction in the average execution time. In addition, he praises the fact that the integration of oneAPI Spotlight just requires a few lines of code to be modified.

An investigation of the Intel Developer Cloud

A discussion of the great experiences that the innovators have had with the recently released Intel Client Cloud is included in the podcast. In addition to giving access to cutting-edge Intel facilities for learning models and inference, they emphasize the smooth user experience that it offers. It has been noted that the cloud has contributed to better benchmark results, with considerable speedups occurring in both the training and intent implementation stages.

The Plans and Applications of the Future

After that, the innovators discuss their ambitions for the future as well as the possible commercial applications of their innovations. It is Sudarshan’s intention to develop a minimal viable product for the purpose of implementing their adaptive headlights via local implementation. During this time, Mohan highlights the potential market need for their autonomous driving technology, especially in places that are characterized by mountainous terrain. In an effort to determine whether or not their online learning method is applicable to business settings, Yuvraj describes their intentions to test it on busy traffic roadways.

The Focus of Research and Its Development in Artificial Intelligence

Additionally, the podcast throws light on the inventors’ ongoing research and learning in the field of artificial intelligence. Mohan explains his attention on subjects such as natural language processing, knowledge graphs, and causal analysis, with the intention of achieving continual development in the field throughout his presentation.

The innovation community as a whole encourages developers to investigate the oneAPI Spotlight community, highlighting the potential of the community to support a wide variety of applications. It is with thankfulness that they express their appreciation for the possibilities and connections that have been formed as a result of their engagement that they praise the support that the community provides for college students as well as business professionals. Developers who are just starting out in the rapidly developing area of artificial intelligence will find the examples of accomplishments and ideas offered here to be an encouraging tale.

They strongly recommend that you investigate Intel’s other artificial intelligence tools and framework optimizations, as well as educate yourself on the unified, open, anchored in standards oneAPI Spotlight programming paradigm that serves as the basis for Intel’s artificial intelligence software portfolio.

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