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Google Play Store adds ‘Auto Open App’ For Download

Auto Open Apps

There may be a change coming to the way we use downloaded apps on Android handsets. A new feature named “Auto Open App” that will open apps immediately after installation is being tested by Google for the Play Store. Talks concerning the possible advantages and disadvantages of this feature have begun.

Apps that Launch Automatically: Why?

Traditionally, Play Store app downloads include “Open” and “Uninstall.” The “Open” button launches the app, while “Uninstall” uninstalls it. To further expedite this process, the “Auto Open App” feature has been added.

A closer look at the possible benefits is provided below:


Users who download apps intending to use them immediately can save a few taps by having them launch automatically. It gets rid of the necessity to go through your app drawer or home screen by hand to discover the app. For people who download and experiment with new apps on a regular basis, this can be quite useful.

Enhanced User Engagement

Some contend that the automatic installation of new apps may increase user engagement. You may increase the likelihood that the user will investigate the features and functionalities of the app by putting them right in front of them. App developers that wish to leave a lasting impression might find this useful.

Decreased Friction

Launching automatically might lessen user friction. Imagine being able to download a ride-hailing app, having it launch automatically, and being able to request a ride right away. In cases where quick action is needed, this could be a great time-saver.

Possible Issues and Points to Remember

Although the “Auto Open App” feature is undoubtedly convenient, there are certain issues with it as well:

Privacy Invasion

Some consumers may believe that having an app open inevitably violates their privacy. Auto-launching apps may give the impression that users are granting access without giving them much thought, as permissions are frequently requested during installation.

Accidental Installs

It is possible for someone to download an app by accident and, if auto-launching is turned on, it may open instantly, exposing them to unwelcome content or features.

Workflow Disrupted

An app that opens in the forefront on its own could cause a disruption to users who are concentrating on a specific job. This could be annoying, particularly if the programme needs more configuration or a login before it can be used.

Resolving the Issues

Thankfully, it appears that Google is taking precautions to mitigate these possible issues:

Optional function

Auto Open App” is anticipated to be a function that users can choose to enable or disable according to their preferences. This guarantees that users maintain authority over their app experience.

Notifications and Transparency

Users may receive a notification alerting them to the impending launch of the downloaded app if “Auto Open App” is activated. This alert can provide consumers the choice to allow the app to run automatically or to open it manually at a later time.

Auto-Launching Apps: A Bright Future

The Play Store’s “Auto Open App” feature was introduced by Google as a means of enhancing the user experience. The function is still in development, but it offers a compelling idea for the future.

As this feature develops, keep the following factors in mind as well:

User Control Granularity

It would be advantageous if Google let users customise “Auto Open App” for individual apps. Even more control over which apps launch automatically and which ones need to be opened manually would be possible thanks to this.

Possibility of Developer Customisation

It’s possible that in the future, developers will be able to modify how their apps automatically launch. To provide users a more controlled experience, they might be able to set up a welcome screen or a limited-functionality mode that opens automatically.

The Detailed Feature

APK teardowns, which extract code from apps, revealed information regarding Auto Open App for Google Play Store version 41.4.19. Code that suggested the features’ capabilities was found during this teardown. So far, here is all we know:

Optional Feature

Auto Open App is an optional feature; it’s not required. In accordance with their preferences, users will be able to toggle the feature on or off. This guarantees the user has command over their app experience.

Default Setting

Although the feature is not required, there are indications that it may be turned on by default. Through this, people could be introduced to the ease of auto-launching and given the option to determine whether they like it or not.

Notification Banner

For a brief while (maybe five seconds), a notification banner will be displayed at the top of the screen when Auto Open App is enabled. It is likely that this banner will notify the user when the downloaded app launches.

Vibration and Sound

Depending on your device’s settings, the notification may contain a vibration or sound alert. Users will be able to completely turn it off, though.

In conclusion

Auto Open App Android

One possible change to the way we use downloaded apps is the “Auto Open App” feature. Although the convenience component cannot be disputed, users’ concerns regarding control and privacy must be taken into consideration. “Auto Open App” has the potential to be a useful addition to the Play Store, optimising the app download process without sacrificing user experience, thanks to its configurable settings, lucid notifications, and more precise controls. It will be interesting to observe how this feature changes how we interact with apps on our Android devices as Google continues to develop and test it.

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Gowri Priya
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