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Google Pixel Watch 3: Release Date, Specs, Rumors, and Leaks

Pixel Watch 3 Review

Pixel Watches have led the fast-growing wearable tech sector. Latest Google Pixel Watch, Pixel Watch 3, has cutting-edge capabilities, beautiful style, and Android ecosystem connectivity. The Pixel Watch 3’s design, features, performance, and usability are reviewed here.

Quality design and construction

A sleek, utilitarian design defines the Google Pixel Watch 3. Depending on the model, the watch’s circular face is made of stainless steel or aluminium. Corning Gorilla Glass offers scratch and impact resistance to the display.


Pixel 3’s 1.4-inch AMOLED display produces bright colours and deep blacks. Clear text and photos make notifications and app interactions easy with the 450 x 450 pixel resolution. The ever-on display is a great addition, letting users view the clock and other important information without waking the device.

Fit and Comfort

Wearing a smartphone all day requires comfort, and the Pixel Watch 3 delivers. The watch has silicone, leather, and metal straps for different occasions. The watch is lightweight and pleasant to use during exercises, sleep, and daily activities.

Functionality and Features

Features make this adaptable for tech and fitness enthusiasts.

Tracking fitness and health

Google improved the Pixel Watch 3’s health and fitness features. The watch has ECG, SpO2, and heart rate sensors. Real-time heart rate, blood oxygen, and arrhythmia data from these sensors gives a holistic perspective of the user’s health.

Modes of Fitness

It supports running, cycling, swimming, and yoga. Water resistance up to 50 metres permits swimming and water sports tracking, and the built-in GPS tracks outdoor activities accurately. The watch works with Google Fit to establish goals, track progress, and remain inspired.

Smart Options

A smartwatch, the Pixel Watch 3 has many capabilities to improve daily living.

Connectivity, Notifications

Android devices automatically sync with the watch, displaying notifications, calls, and messages on the wrist. Google Assistant integration lets you operate smart home devices, view information, and send messages or set reminders with voice commands.

Ecosystem and Apps

Google’s wearable OS, Wear OS, powers the Pixel Watch 3. This platform allows both productivity and leisure apps from third parties. The watch can be customized and used to download programmes from the Google Play Store, making it highly customizable.

Energy Lasting

Wearable device battery life is crucial. The Pixel Watch 3’s 400mAh battery lasts 36 hours. This lifetime is accomplished by optimized power management and the Snapdragon Wear 4100+ CPU. The watch offers rapid charging for quick battery replacement.


Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Wear 4100+ CPU, 1GB RAM, and 8GB storage power the Pixel Watch 3. Navigation, app use, and workout monitoring are smooth with this combination.


The Pixel Watch 3’s Wear OS UI is simple. Touch screen is snappy, and rotating crown and side button add navigation choices. Google’s software includes smooth transitions and simple access to crucial functionality.


Connectivity choices include Bluetooth 5.0, Wi-Fi, and NFC for the Pixel Watch 3. Users can make contactless payments from their watch with Google Pay and NFC. The watch also has Wi-Fi and LTE models, with the LTE model providing cellular access for calls and data without a smartphone.

Google Ecosystem Integration

Deep integration with Google’s ecosystem is it’s advantage. This synergy makes the user experience seamless and an extension of their digital life.

Google Assistant

It’s Google Assistant goes beyond voice commands. As a personal concierge, it provides reminders, directions, weather updates, and more. Integration with Google services lets the assistant manage your calendar, emails, and other Google apps, simplifying daily duties.

Fit and HealthGoogle

All Pixel Watch 3 health and fitness data is stored in Google Fit. Users may check their steps, calories burnt, and workout details in the app. Users can connect Strava and MyFitnessPal data with the watch.

Control Home Smartly

Pixel Watch 3 integrates Google Home for smart home control. Control smart home devices including lights, thermostats, and security systems from your wrist. This feature helps smart home automation users control gadgets without using their phones.

Personalisation and customisation

Pixel Watch 3 offers several customisation options, which is important for wearable devices.


Classic analogue and modern digital watch faces are pre-installed on the watch. Add weather, calendar, and fitness widgets to these faces to customise them. In addition, the Google Play Store has many third-party watch faces for further customisation.

Accessories, straps

Sport bands, leather straps, and metal bracelets are available from Google for the Pixel Watch 3. These easy-to-change attachments let users customise their watch for different clothes or hobbies.

Pixel Watch 3 release date

The Pixel Watch 3 has no release date as today. Using prior release trends and rumours, we can speculate:

  • An October 2024 release alongside the Pixel 9 series looks likely after the Pixel Watch and Pixel Watch 2 releases in October 2022 and 2023, respectively.
  • Google announces Pixel phones and wearables at their fall hardware presentation. That could be when we hear about the Pixel Watch 3.
  • Accordingly, October 2024 is a likely Pixel Watch 3 release date. Get ready for Google announcements in the coming months.


Wearable technologies advanced with the Google Pixel Watch 3. Its elegant appearance, strong feature set, and deep Google ecosystem integration make it a great choice for digital life improvement. The Pixel Watch 3 is a fashionable and practical wristwatch for fitness enthusiasts, tech-savvy professionals, and others.


  • Elegant and sturdy.
  • Fitness and health monitoring
  • Google integration without issues
  • Quick charging, long battery life
  • Lots of customisation options


  • Poor non-Android device compatibility
  • More expensive than competitors

The Pixel Watch 3 is one of the greatest smartwatches because of its appearance, functionality, and performance. It’s a top wearable due to its superior health tracking, smart features, and Google ecosystem integration.

Gowri Priya
Gowri Priya
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