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June 2024 Google Pixel Feature Drop Delivers New Tools

Google Has Announced A New Feature Drop For Pixel Phones

The most recent Google Pixel Feature Drop from Google improves call transcriptions on your phone even further. You’re going to love something about the most recent Pixel Feature Drop if you adore Pixel smartphones.

Google isn’t willing to give up easily, even if Apple just finished their WWDC keynote. Not only has the current news on the iPhone not stopped, but Google has already released a new Google Pixel Feature Drop that will no doubt satisfy owners. This Pixel Feature Drop will see the firm releasing updates for Pixel watches, Pixel phones, Pixel tablets, and other products in the Pixel ecosystem.

Google Pixel Feature Drop

Pixel phones the Pixel 8 and 8a will support Gemini Nano as part of the Google Pixel Feature Drop. Along with enabling you to show off your movies on a larger screen, the update will also make it simpler for users to check up phone numbers in the call log by using a USB-C adapter to connect your Pixel phone to another monitor.

The most recent version of the Recorder app adds a new function that allows you to export the log into a text file or Google Docs, along with recording the speaker’s name if you use it for call transcription. Finally, Find My Phone works with the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8a off.

The Pixel Watch 2’s Car Crash Detection feature alerts emergency personnel after a crash. Additionally, Fall Detection has undergone some updates to enable it to recognize falls from bicycles.

In addition to enhancing the Google Home app with features like adding favorite devices for quick access and controlling smart devices, PayPal has made its way onto the Pixel Watch to facilitate payments. In relation to smart homes, the Pixel Tablet will provide you with more information about doorbell notifications if you dock it in hub mode.

Pixel June Feature Drop

In June 2024, Google released the latest Google Pixel Feature Drop, which contained several intriguing Pixel phone, Pixel Watch, and other Google product updates. This list covers everything:

Google Assistant Improvements for Pixel Phones: Users may now use voice commands to schedule a safety check or begin emergency sharing. Saying “Hey Google, start a safety check for 30 minutes” is one way to go about it.

Car Crash Detection Improvements: In a serious crash, the feature now contacts emergency services and shares your location and call status with them.

Macro Focus for Video: The Pixel 7 Pro’s Macro Focus function can now shoot detailed, up-close videos.

Hands-Free Photography: The Pixel 6 and subsequent models let you to take hands-free pictures by raising your palm to initiate a self-timed shutter.

Cinematic and Emoji Wallpapers: For Pixel 6 and later models, new AI-driven cinematic wallpapers as well as customizable emoji wallpapers have been released.

Updates for the Recorder App: For Pixel 6 and later phones, the Recorder app now supports searching within recordings, creating speaker-labeled video clips, and exporting transcripts to Google Docs.

Smart Home Controls: When utilising the Google Home app, users can get enhanced smart home controls straight from the Pixel lock screen.

Pixel Feature Drop

According to Adaptive Charging now makes use of AI to anticipate lengthy charging sessions and charge the battery as efficiently as possible to increase its lifespan.

Google Assistant Voices: For English-speaking users in the United States, there are now 12 possibilities after the addition of two new voices.

Regarding Pixel Watch Health Monitoring: SpO2 monitoring for blood oxygen levels and functions like Heart Zone Training and Pace Training for optimising workouts are now included in the Pixel Watch.

Smart Home Integration: According to, new Google Home Favorites tiles and complexities make it simpler to handle smart home appliances directly from the watch.

Payment Options: Google Wallet for Wear OS now supports PayPal, making contactless purchases easy.

Additional Notable Updates

Edit Button for Messages: According to the update adds an edit button for Messages that lets users alter texts that have been sent.

Emoji Kitchen: Through GBoard, users can now combine two emojis to create original stickers using the Emoji Kitchen.

Instant Hotspot: An upcoming feature that will enable seamless video call transfers between devices and a speedy connection of Android tablets or Chromebooks to your phone’s hotspot.

Pixel Mobiles

  • Gemini Nano (Pixel 8 & 8a): This developer option lets users test out Google’s next-generation artificial intelligence processor.
  • Display Port Mirroring (Pixel 8 series): To view material or share presentations, connect your Pixel 8 to an external display that is compatible.
  • Better Call Transcripts: Record conversations with more precision and higher-quality transcription.
  • Using the “Find My Device Upgrade,” you can find your Pixel phone even when it is off.
  • Improved Camera Features: (Pixel 6 and later) Automatic best moment selection in HDR+ guarantees excellent shots every time.
  • Quick Phone Number Lookup: Use Assistant or the Google Search bar to find phone numbers immediately.

Additional Pixel Electronics

  • Pixel Watch: Better Fall Detection, simpler PayPal payments, easier car crash detection and greater Google Home integration are among the new improvements.
  • Pixel Tablet: Enjoy enhanced doorbell alerts with a picture of the person at the door, a newly designed Google Home Favorites widget for instantaneous management over your smart home, and simpler access to your smart gadgets.


Pixel cameras are designed to automatically identify the highlights of your images with HDR+, ensuring that you consistently capture the perfect shot. Additionally, users will be able to select the devices they control most easily and quickly at any time by using the Google Home Favorites widget, which will show up on phones and tablets. If you want to manage your smart home more effectively, make sure to check out the Google Home widget when it becomes available in Public Preview.


Starting on June 12, 2024, these functionalities will be made available for use over the coming weeks.

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Gowri Priya
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