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Get the Gigabyte Z890 Xtreme AI Motherboard Today!

Gigabyte merely displayed the motherboards that were made available in various years. But for 2024, all that’s visible is a shadow bearing the words “Cooming Soon.” If you follow the order logically, though, you can infer that it will be Gigabyte Z890 Xtreme AI TOP motherboard. However, it is unknown to us further. This statement is less shocking, though, because the motherboard’s initial leaks have already surfaced.

Users should anticipate this year’s Computex as Gigabyte has unveiled a teaser for their new, upcoming Gigabyte Z890 Xtreme AI TOP motherboard.

Most likely, you can anticipate the newest Intel socket. More specifically, Computex will witness the introduction of the LGA 1851. Gigabyte, the first company to sell a motherboard with the new Intel socket, will display it at the event. Computex begins June 4, so soon. What Gigabyte has in store for us and whether the newest Intel socket will be available are intriguing.

Gigabyte presented the Z890 Xtreme AI motherboard

Although Gigabyte hasn’t yet disclosed an official release date, the following information can be inferred from announcements and news:

  • Teased at Computex 2024: From June 4–8, Gigabyte presented the Z890 Xtreme AI motherboard at the tech conference.
  • Anticipated Release: Considering the usual motherboard release schedule following such declarations, users can anticipate the Z890 Xtreme AI to go live in late Q3 or early Q4 of 2.
  • Platform: Made to work with Intel’s next Arrow Lake CPUs, which are anticipated in Q4 2024.
  • Most likely the LGA-1851 socket, which will work with future Arrow Lake CPUs
  • Chipset: Z890 chipset; predicted to enable PCIe 5.0 and DDR5 memory

AI TOP Designation: Based on leaks, it’s unclear exactly why Gigabyte as designated itself as a “AI TOP” designation. It might point to some performance-enhancing or overclocking AI elements, although this is yet conjecture.

Presumed High-End Features: Considering that this is the “Xtreme” model with “AI TOP,” premium features could be expected, such as:

  • Sturdy voltage regulator modules (VRMs) for overclocking and supplying CPU power
  • Numerous fast PCIe 5.0 slots for additional devices, such as graphics cards
  • Multiple DDR5 memory slots with fast speeds and large capacity
  • Numerous 2.5GbE or 10GbE Ethernet ports, USB ports, and Wi-Fi 6E are just a few of the many connectivity options available
  • Improved cooling options for prolonged performance and overclocking
  • Date of Release: Although it hasn’t been officially confirmed, leaks and market patterns indicate that it will likely occur in late Q3 or early Q4 of 2024.

Information on the Gigabyte Z890 Xtreme AI TOP

  • It’s crucial to remember that rumours and leaks are the sources of information on the Z890 Xtreme AI TOP.
  • Cost: Because this is a high-end model, the price should be expensive.
  • Availability: There may occasionally be a shortage of new motherboards, thus it may be necessary to keep a watch on merchant listings.
  • In general, the Gigabyte Z890 Xtreme AI TOP seems to be a strong motherboard designed for hobbyists assembling high-end computers using Intel’s soon-to-be-released Arrow Lake CPUs. Keep an eye out for Gigabyte’s official announcements regarding the release date and confirmed specifications.

High-quality voltage regulator modules (VRMs) have a strong architecture that supplies power and supports CPU overclocking. Modern graphics cards and other fast devices have several PCIe 5.0 x16 slots.

Support for DDR5 Memory: To ensure future-proofing, multiple DDR5 memory slots are supported, offering huge capacities (up to 128GB) and high speeds (over 6000MHz).

Options for Storage: PCIe 5.0 x4 connectivity and many M.2 slots allow for high-performance NVMe solid-state SSDs. SATA III ports to accommodate conventional storage units.

Interaction: Numerous fast USB ports (USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 Type-C anticipated). Newest wireless networking technology, Wi-Fi 6E. For wired networking, several 2.5GbE or even 10GbE Ethernet ports.

Cooling Solution: A well-thought-out design that supports liquid cooling, multiple fans, and big heatsinks for overclocking and long-term operation under high loads.

RGB lights: Probably with RGB LED lights that can be aesthetically adjusted via software.

Features of the Gigabyte Z890 Xtreme AI motherboard

Unfortunately, there aren’t much specifics available as of today, May 28, 2024, regarding the features of the Gigabyte Z890 Xtreme AI motherboard. Although leaks point to a “AI TOP” label, it’s still unclear what that means in terms of functionality.

But given that the motherboard is positioned as the “Xtreme” variant and the capabilities of the Z890 chipset, the following deep features are reasonable to anticipate:

Power Delivery and Overclocking:

  • Sturdy VRMs: The motherboard probably has a strong voltage regulator module (VRM) design made of premium parts. This translates to overclocking headroom to extract more performance from your Intel Arrow Lake CPU and steady power supply for demanding tasks.
  • Overclocking Tools: Gigabyte’s premium motherboards usually come with overclocking tools installed. Anticipate comparable features in the Z890 Xtreme AI, which will let you to adjust fan curves, frequencies, and voltages for peak performance.

Storage and Memory

  • Support for DDR5: It is anticipated that the Z890 chipset will enable DDR5 memory. It is likely that the Z890 Xtreme AI will include numerous DDR5 RAM slots that support high speeds and capacities. Faster system performance results from this, which is especially advantageous for jobs requiring a lot of memory.
  • Advanced Storage: Several motherboard M.2 slots may support PCIe 5.0. Data transmission speeds are blazing fast with NVMe SSDs. Traditional hard drives and SSDs should have SATA connections.


  • High-bandwidth networking options, such as Wi-Fi 6E and numerous 2.5GbE or possibly 10GbE Ethernet ports, are anticipated to be included in the Z890 Xtreme AI’s configuration. This serves customers who need fast wired and wireless connectivity for lag-free online gaming and data transfers.
  • Numerous USB Ports: Fast USB Type-A and Type-C connections allow you to connect a variety of accessories and gadgets.


  • Improved VRM Heatsinks: Overclocking or severe workloads may require powerful VRM heatsinks.
  • Optional Fan Headers: The motherboard probably has a number of fan headers that may be used to connect extra CPU coolers and case fans, enabling customised cooling setups for ideal heat management.

Potential AI Features

  • AI Overclocking: The label “AI TOP” may allude to features that enable overclocking using AI power. Software that evaluates your system and recommends the best overclocking settings for stability and performance may be used in this.
  • AI Performance Enhancement: Based on user preferences or workload, Gigabyte may apply AI features that allow system settings to be dynamically adjusted to optimise performance.


  • AI TOP Functionality: It’s not quite apparent what the “AI TOP” label is meant to do. Though this is just conjecture, it might point to features for AI-powered overclocking or performance optimization.
  • Additional Features: Details about the BIOS, bundled software, overclocking controls, and aesthetics are still to come.


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