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GIGABYTE AORUS C400 GLASS: Quiet and Cool Gaming PC


World-leading gaming gear manufacturer GIGABYTE unveiled the 2024 Red Dot Design Award-winning AORUS C400 GLASS mid-tower gaming case. The vertical airflow cooling architecture of the AORUS C400 GLASS ensures maximum stability and improved heat dissipation effectiveness within the case. Even with its small capacity of about 40 litres, it nevertheless offers exceptional compatibility, thus size is not a barrier to performance. Tool-less design makes assembly more convenient for players and makes the building process more effective and user-friendly. Furthermore, the RGB FUSION lighting effects that the case enables let gamers easily customise the look of their systems.

Enhanced Design of Vertical Airflow

One of the elements that influences the interior heat performance is the case’s airflow architecture. Motivated by the stack effect, the AORUS C400 GLASS amplifies air convection speed, enabling fast vertical air circulation inside the case. As a result, interior temperatures are effectively lowered through more effective heat dissipation. Large-area vent designs on the front, top, and bottom panels reduce airflow obstacles and enable high input and exhaust airflow volumes. Furthermore, the case has four 120mm ARGB and PWM fans pre-installed, which are positioned at the case’s back and bottom to provide good airflow channels. By achieving high-efficiency heat dissipation, this configuration guarantees stable computer system performance and ideal ventilation.

Magical Compatibility Is Provided by 40L Compact Size

The AORUS C400 GLASS is a desirable solution for people who have limited space or who desire a compact system due to its small size of around 40 litres. High-end graphics cards, ATX motherboards, and high-wattage power supplies can all fit inside the case. It can accommodate a 360mm radiator at the top and bottom as well as a 120mm radiator at the back for cooling, and it can handle up to seven fans for optimal performance.

The casing supports up to three 2.5″ SSDs or five 3.5″ HDDs in terms of drive capacity. Its totally modular installation design makes it simple for gamers to assemble. Furthermore, the AORUS C400 GLASS allows for both horizontal and vertical GPU setups, giving players the freedom to select the optimal viewing angle for their graphics card.

Simple Installation, Increased Productivity

With their tool-less design, customers may effortlessly remove any panel with only one hand, doing away with the need for any equipment. This improves flexibility and convenience by streamlining the assembly process. Moreover, a detachable bracket on the top panel makes it simple to install radiators or top fans. Users can save time and effort by preassembling the bracket with fans or radiators and then quickly reinstalling the entire assembly into the top panel.

In addition, the front, top, and bottom of the chassis have dust filters installed to prevent long-term dust accumulation and to maximise cooling efficiency. Cleaning is made easier and faster by the detachable bottom design and the magnetic dust filters on the front and top panels. Additionally, five 5v 3pin ARGB connectors and five PWM connectors are provided by the integrated ARGB and PWM hub controller, enabling users to connect additional RGB strips and cooling fans. Construct the gaming PC of your desires!

RGB FUSION Enhances Your Style of Gaming

The case’s front panel RGB lighting arrangement contributes to its understated, minimalistic aesthetic. Light guides can be placed beneath the front panel to illuminate the desk and improve the aesthetics and gaming atmosphere.

Users can combine the pre-installed ARGB fans with other AORUS RGB devices and simply customise their chosen RGB effects using the lighting software GIGABYTE CONTROL CENTRE. The tempered glass side panel on the entire case not only displays the internal configuration but also serves as the ideal platform for showcasing all gaming accessories, giving consumers a top-notch gaming experience.

With the AORUS C400 GLASS Gaming Case, GIGABYTE has elevated the bar again. A serious gamer or PC enthusiast requires this cutting-edge case for its style and functionality. This entire review will detail the AORUS C400 GLASS’s unique features and benefits, which set it apart from other gaming cases.

Elegant Design with Premium Glass Panels

The AORUS C400 GLASS Gaming Case impresses. This case lets gamers show off their high-performance hardware with tempered glass panels on the front and sides. Your gaming system will look great for years thanks to the glass panels’ durability and scratch resistance.

Excellent Cooling

Cooling is a highlight of the AORUS C400 GLASS. The chassis supports three 120mm or 140mm front fans, two on top, and a 120mm rear fan. It accommodates 280mm front and top radiators, perfect for gamers building custom liquid cooling systems.

Cable Management Advanced

The AORUS C400 GLASS excels at cable management, which is essential for a clean and efficient gaming PC. The case’s large interior allows for organised cable routing beneath the motherboard tray. This improves case airflow and simplifies maintenance and updates. Rubber grommets and strategically positioned cable tie points improve cable management.

Expanding Options Improved

The expansion-friendly AORUS C400 GLASS has enough of room for high-end components. It supports ATX, Micro-ATX, and Mini-ITX motherboards for construction versatility. The case has seven expansion slots for graphics cards, storage discs, and other accessories. With GPUs up to 400mm long and CPU coolers up to 170mm tall, the AORUS C400 GLASS can handle the most demanding hardware.

Easy Access and Tool-Free Installation

Building and upgrading your gaming PC is easy with the AORUS C400 GLASS. The case’s tool-free drive bays and expansion slots make component installation easy. Thumb screws secure the tempered glass side panels, allowing quick inside access without tools. This easy-to-assemble design makes system assembly easy for beginners and experts.

RGB lighting integrated

RGB lighting on the AORUS C400 GLASS enables gamers create configurations. Software can control multiple RGB lighting zones in the casing to sync lighting effects with other RGB-enabled components. This improves construction aesthetics and produces a unified and engaging gaming environment.

Solid Construction

GIGABYTE made the AORUS C400 GLASS durable. Heavy-duty steel and strengthened glass panels make up the casing. This sturdy structure protects internal components while looking sleek and attractive. Durability makes the case suitable for transportation and long-term use.

Large Storage Options

Storage flexibility is another AORUS C400 GLASS strength. Multiple drive bays allow for various storage configurations in the enclosure. It can hold two 3.5-inch HDDs and three 2.5-inch SSDs for games, apps, and media. Easy drive installation and removal in tool-free drive cages lets users expand capacity as needed.

Complete I/O Ports

Any gaming setup needs accessibility and connectivity, and the AORUS C400 GLASS delivers. A USB 3.1 Type-C port, two USB 3.0 ports, and HD audio jacks make critical accessories and devices easy to access on the front I/O panel. This extensive I/O port variety makes connecting game accessories and external storage devices easy.

Optimisation of Airflow

The AORUS C400 GLASS has wide front air intakes and a ventilated top panel for maximum ventilation. These design characteristics efficiently draw cool air into the casing and evacuate hot air, keeping high-performance components at optimal temperatures. The case’s front, top, and bottom dust filters keep the interior clean.

One last thought

Overall, the GIGABYTE AORUS C400 GLASS Gaming Case is a great PC gaming upgrade. Gamer and PC enthusiast alike will love its gorgeous look, outstanding cooling performance, advanced cable management, and sturdy build quality.

This case has enough expansion options, tool-free installation, RGB lighting, and I/O connections to build a powerful, stylish gaming machine. For builders and PC gamers alike, the AORUS C400 GLASS is the right combination of design and function.


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