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GDDR6-AiM Amplifier Card boosts Gen AI

GDDR6-AiM Accelerator Card

A prototype of SK hynix’s AiMX, a generative AI accelerator card based on GDDR6-AiM, was shown and unveiled by the company at the AI Hardware & Edge AI Summit 2023, which took place in September.

1.Accelerator-in-Memory based Accelerator (AiMX): This is SK Hynix’s accelerator card product. It makes use of GDDR6-AiM chips and performs very well in huge language models (artificial intelligence that learns with enormous amounts of text input such as ChatGPT). The term “Accelerator-in-Memory based Accelerator” is referred to by its abbreviation, “AiMX.”

2.An accelerator is a specialized piece of hardware that makes use of a chip that was designed specifically for the purpose of information processing and computing. This chip was produced specifically for the goal of accelerating the processing of data.

The AI Hardware & Edge AI Summit is an event that takes place once a year in the United Kingdom and is sponsored by the marketing firm Kisaco Research. The summit is focused on artificial intelligence hardware and edge computing. This conference welcomes some of the most well-known startups in the world together with some of the most well-known organizations in the information technology industry to discuss current developments in the disciplines of artificial intelligence and machine learning. In all, this will be the third time that the business SK hynix has participated in the summit.

During the course of the presentation, the company showed off a prototype of their AiMX accelerator card, which is a piece of hardware that combines numerous GDDR6-AiMs in order to increase speed even more. In addition to this, the company showcased the GDDR6-AIM itself with the slogan “Boost Your AI: Discover the Power of PIM3 with SK hynix’s AiM.”

3.Processing-In-Memory, often known by its abbreviation PIM, is a technology of the future generation that adds computational capabilities to semiconductor memory in order to solve the problem of data flow congestion in artificial intelligence and huge data processing.

4.The phrase “Accelerator in Memory,” or “AiM,” is used to refer to SK Hynix’s PIM semiconductor product. This word may also be used to refer to GDDR6-AiM.

Due to its low power consumption, high speed memory solution, and its ability to handle massive quantities of data, AiMX is positioned to play a vital role in the development of data-intensive generative AI5 systems. This is because of its capability to manage vast amounts of data. Because the performance of generative artificial intelligence systems improves as they are trained on more data, there is an urgent need for high-performance solutions that can be used by a range of generative AI systems. This demand is being driven by the fact that the performance of generative AI systems improves as they are taught on more data.

5.Generative AI is a kind of artificial intelligence that actively develops results based on the specific needs of a user by learning from very large amounts of data.

AiMX’s role in generative AI

GDDR6-AiM Amplifier Card for Gen AI is AiMX
Image Credit to SK Hynix

A demonstration of Meta’s generative AI Open Pretrained Transformer (OPT) 13B model was also given by SK hynix. This presentation took place on a server system that was already equipped with the AiMX prototype. When compared to systems that make use of GPUs.

The amount of time necessary to process data on an AiMX system that is outfitted with GDDR6-AiM chips is reduced by more than 10 times, while the amount of power used by the system is reduced to one-fifth of what it would be on a GPU-based system. The presentation that the company gave indicated that it is capable of giving more performance than the most contemporary accelerators, which piqued the interest of global corporations that provide services related to artificial intelligence.

6.The performance estimations are based on the premise that an application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) was used in the process of developing the AiM Control Hub, which is located on the AiMX card.

Furthermore, the company held a presentation in which they outlined the benefits of using AiMX for their business. In a presentation titled “Cost-Effective Generative AI Inference Acceleration using AiM,” Eui-cheol Lim, vice president of the Solution Development division, emphasized the potential of next-generation intelligent semiconductor memory and compared the performance of GPUs to that of AiMX. As a further point of interest, Eui-cheol Lim delivered the presentation.

“SK hynix’s AiMX is a solution that delivers higher performance while consuming less power, and costing less than conventional GPUs,” noted Lim. “SK hynix’s AiMX is a solution that delivers higher performance.”


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