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Galaxy Z Flip6 Olympic Edition for Paris 2024 Athletes

For athletes competing in Paris 2024, Samsung Unveils the Exclusive Galaxy Z Flip6 Olympic Edition, Powered by Galaxy AI. Nearly 17,000 Paris 2024 athletes will receive the specially built Galaxy Z Flip6 smartphone, improving their Games experience.

Galaxy Z Flip6 smartphone

A Global Partner for the Olympics and Paralympics, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., revealed its Olympic Edition today. It is designed for all 2024 Olympic and Paralympic competitors in Paris. Samsung has supported the Games with cutting-edge technology and mobile innovations for over three decades, and the Galaxy Z Flip6 Olympic Edition is no exception.

For the first time ever, Galaxy AI is included in the new Olympic Edition for Paris 2024. It is the first to arrive pre-loaded with an extensive array of premium services and practical apps, with the goal of enhancing the athletes’ experience during the Games from the minute they arrive in Paris.

Galaxy Z Flip6 Olympic Edition
Image Credit To Samsung

Furthermore, this is the first time that sportsmen have had access to Samsung’s newest device prior to its official market introduction. As the first Olympic Edition to have a key position on the podium, the Galaxy Z Flip6 will also be a focal point of the Olympic Games.

Improve the Athletes’ Experience in Paris 2024

It showcases the slim and adaptable form of the new Galaxy Z Flip6, in a vibrant yellow hue embellished with gold Paralympic agitos and Olympic rings. Samsung and Berluti, the Parisian men’s luxury brand that created Team France’s official uniforms for the Paris 2024 Opening Ceremony, collaborated to build an original Flipsuit Case for each phone.

Each Flipsuit Case, inspired by the Olympic rings and commemorating the Olympic spirit and principles of excellence and unity, is made from Venezia leather and has a distinctive patina.

“For almost thirty years, Samsung has been pushing the limits of mobile technology to support the Olympic and Paralympic Games, as well as its athletes,” stated Stephanie Choi, Executive Vice President and Marketing Head for Samsung Mobile experience. “They are proud to present our newest Galaxy invention to the motivational athletes of Paris 2024, allowing them to get a first-hand look at the potent and smart Galaxy Z Flip6 even before its official release on the market.

They can’t wait to watch how technology transforms athletes’ Olympic experience in ways never seen before, from forging deep bonds to exchanging and preserving cherished moments in Paris and beyond.

Using Devices to Improve the Athletes’ Experience in Paris 2024 With the help of Galaxy AI
Samsung made the choice to provide athletes competing in Paris 2024 access to its newest Galaxy device prior to its official release on the market because of the significant impact that Galaxy AI technology is having on the advancement of a new era of smartphone productivity, creativity, and communication.

Galaxy Z Flip6 Olympic Edition

The following Galaxy AI communication features, which will make it easier for athletes from all over the world to interact while in Paris, are among the many helpful advancements included in the Galaxy Z Flip6 Olympic Edition to assist athletes in opening up new experiences throughout the Games.

Athletes can easily contact local contacts and Olympic hotlines in their original language by using Samsung native and a few third-party apps that provide live translation of calls, which converts phone calls in real-time into 16 different languages.

Thanks to the phone’s innovative dual screen, Interpreter2 instantaneously translates live conversations, enabling athletes to communicate with volunteers and other athletes and get a live translation of what they’re saying on screen while still speaking face-to-face.
Composer3 uses basic keywords to assist with email and social media post drafting in apps.

Athletes may now more easily convey their joy at some of the most exciting or moving moments of the sport since the social media app carefully analyses the tone of previous content. With features like the following, athletes may utilize Galaxy AI on the Olympic Edition phone to improve their creativity, get ready for competition, and make lasting memories in Paris 2024.

Galaxy AI on the Olympic Edition phone
Image Credit To Samsung

Athletes can more easily hone their technique by recording, sharing, and analyzing their performances in slow motion with Instant Slow-mo4. With Photo Assist5, athletes can crop, resize, and even remove undesired elements from images to always achieve the ideal shot.

Integrated Apps and Services Creating an Enjoyable and Simple Olympic and Paralympic Experience

Each Galaxy Z Flip6 Olympic Edition will come with an eSIM with 100GB of 5G data in collaboration with Orange, as well as two years of Samsung’s international warranty, to make it easier for athletes to utilize the phone while in Paris and beyond. Athlete 365, 6 Olympic Shop, Paris 2024, Transport Accred App, and the IOC hotline are just a few of the official International Olympic Committee (IOC) apps that will be pre-loaded to help you navigate the Olympic venues and stay up to date on the most recent schedules for the Games.

Through Samsung Wallet7, it will also be pre-loaded with an in-app pass that allows users to visit free beverage vending machines located throughout the Olympic and Paralympic Village, in collaboration with The Coca-Cola Company, another worldwide partner, and an unlimited free public transport access card, in collaboration with Île-de-France Mobilités (IDFM), allowing users to enjoy touring Paris and the surrounding area.

A collection of interactive apps with a Paris 2024 theme will be included with every Galaxy Z Flip6 Olympic Edition to add some fun and customization to the athlete experience. These comprise Olympic Go!, the official Olympic game, PinQuest and Galaxy Experience for gathering and trading physical and digital pins throughout the Games, and Galaxy Skateboard, a brand-new game with the Phryges, the Paris 2024 mascots.

Experiencing Firsthand Victorious Moments from the Podium

Standing on the Olympic and Paralympic podium at the medal ceremony and fulfilling a longtime desire is a moving and unique event. Since athletes aren’t allowed to bring personal goods to the ceremony, including cell phones, the view has always been taken from afar by approved media.

For the first time in the history of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, Samsung will make the Galaxy Z Flip6 Olympic Edition available to competitors on the podium in Paris 2024, allowing them to capture their own feelings and memories with a winning selfie. Athletes will be able to save and share their memorable experiences with family and friends thanks to Samsung’s specialized technology, which will map and sort their selfies by sport and upload them to Athlete365 in real-time.

Galaxy Z Flip6 Olympic Edition Release date

Starting on July 12, the Samsung exhibits in Olympic rendezvous, such as Champs-Elysees 125, will feature the Galaxy Z Flip6 Olympic Edition. Beginning on July 18, competitors will receive their Galaxy Z Flip6 Olympic Edition from Samsung in association with the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) and the IOC.

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