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Dell AI Factory: Accelerating Your AI Innovation Today

Dell AI Factory

AI is revolutionizing organisations by delivering unprecedented efficiency and competitive advantage. Data sovereignty, skills shortages, and the cost of deploying and growing AI in a corporation make navigating the AI opportunity tough.

This week at Dell Technologies World, They’re talking about how the Dell AI Factory tackles these most important issues by providing a range of AI technologies, an accessible partner ecosystem, integrated, validated solutions, and knowledgeable services to help you get AI results more quickly. Dell is pleased to announce a number of new infrastructure, ecosystem partnerships, and services that will further enhance the capabilities of the Dell AI Factory and contribute to the world’s largest range of AI solutions. Their objective is to assist you in reducing risk associated with your priceless data and intellectual property, increasing control over your budget and resources, and speeding up the time to business outcomes.

Dell AI Factory is Dell’s approach to help accelerate AI innovation with organizations of all sizes.
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AI Infrastructure Provides an Adaptable IT Base

Businesses are realising that the data centres of today were not designed to fully utilise artificial intelligence. The new paradigm is the AI factory, and the infrastructure that supports AI is what makes it feasible. In order to provide you with even more alternatives for the computing power, scalability, data accessibility, and dependability you need for AI success, Dell are expanding dell’s range of AI infrastructure across data centre components and client devices.

Dell’s array of AI infrastructure additions gives you better options for data storage, data security and speedy access. Dell’s largest capacity all-flash NAS system, the Dell PowerScale F910, is the newest model in dell’s next-generation file storage lineup and was designed with artificial intelligence in mind. With this most recent system, it offers up to 127% better performance to deliver AI insights faster, speeding up every stage of the AI pipeline. In addition to PowerScale, they’re excited to introduce Project Lightning, which will enable you to meet the demands of AI factories by providing a scale-out NAS and parallel file system. Dell PowerScale performance will soar up to 20 times faster than competitors using only flash for scale-out files.

The Dell Solution for AI Data Protection provides a structure for enterprises to follow when incorporating strong data security measures into their AI frameworks. Along with new features for Dell’s Enterprise SONiC distribution, Dell is also expanding dell’s networking offerings with the introduction of Dell SmartFabric Manager for SONiC, a new management tool that streamlines deployment, orchestration, and lifecycle management with a single view of SONiC fabrics. These tools combined will enable secure, feature-rich, scalable fabrics with optimised traffic flows for demanding workloads like GenAI. Additionally, AI applications benefit from the new Dell PowerSwitch Z9864F-ON, which can handle large volumes of data and provides two times the switching capacity and bandwidth with state-of-the-art Ethernet technology.

Leveraging AI’s potential goes beyond the data centre; it might also mean arming your team with strong instruments and apparatus to spur innovation and expediency. They’re excited to present Dell’s inaugural fleet of Copilot+ PCs, which are powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite and X Plus. These devices support critical AI use cases, such as running Windows 11 AI experiences locally. The performance and efficiency of new on-device AI capabilities are revolutionary, enabling previously unheard-of levels of worker productivity. With lightning-fast speeds and all-day battery life, these PCs come equipped with a specialised AI engine that can run generative AI (GenAI) large language models (LLMs) with over 13 billion parameters on-device.

Partnerships in the AI Ecosystem Facilitate the Adoption of Reliable, Integrated Solutions

Advanced technologies from numerous technology sources are advantageous to AI factories. Dell’s extensive AI ecosystem, which has a track record of fostering industry collaborations, is intended to provide you with increased access to innovation and choice. Dell’s industry-leading AI ecosystem partners work with them to offer seamless compatibility and integration throughout the stack of AI infrastructure. For instance, our pre-validated and pre-tested AI solutions eliminate uncertainty and dramatically reduce deployment time with reliable, full-stack configurations tailored for certain GenAI applications and use cases.

Dell AI Factory with Nvidia

Expanding upon dell’s March launch of the Dell AI Factory in partnership with NVIDIA, a number of new developments leverage the most recent NVIDIA and Dell products and services to boost AI innovation and adoption. Personalised retail experiences, industrial automation, digital assistants, and other use cases are all supported by portfolio expansions. View the significant changes to Dell AI Factory with NVIDIA that are the outcome of dell’s close partnership with NVIDIA.

Data scientists and the developer community benefit from dell’s collaboration with Hugging Face, and dell understand the value of fostering an open ecosystem of AI technology partners. Dell becomes the first infrastructure provider to collaborate with Hugging Face to offer optimised on-premises deployment of generative AI models with the launch of the Dell Enterprise Hub on the Hugging Face platform. In the end, this new portal provides a simplified method for popular LLMs to be deployed and customised on Dell infrastructure for Dell clients.

Furthermore, the open-source AI foundation model space has advanced significantly with the publication of Meta Llama 3 models. Together, Meta and Dell will continue to present benchmarking results, performance information, and deployment recipes that show off how simple it is to set up Meta Llama 3 models on Dell’s reliable infrastructure. With the use of specially made containers and scripts, these LLMs are also accessible on the Dell Enterprise Hub.

To ensure seamless integration and compatibility across various components of the AI infrastructure stack, Dell is expanding dell’s pre-tested and proven Dell Generative AI Solutions in collaboration with other ecosystem partners. For instance, to streamline the delivery of AI services like voice transcription and translation, a new Dell AI Solution for Microsoft Azure AI Services combines Microsoft Azure AI with Dell APEX Cloud Platform for Microsoft Azure. One potential use case where the system can facilitate easier and more effective communication between doctors and patients who speak different languages is the healthcare industry.

AI Services Provide Professional Advice and Direct Assistance to Quicken IT Results

While GenAI is predicted to be the most popular sector for technology investment in 2024, CEOs see talent and AI capabilities as the biggest obstacles to enterprise adoption. Here, Dell’s entire package of professional services for AI fills the gap by helping establish strategies and accelerating the implementation of GenAI.

Dell have added a number of additional services to dell’s portfolio, such as Implementation Services for Microsoft Copilot Solutions, which include GitHub Copilot, Microsoft Copilot for Security, Microsoft Copilot for Sales, and Microsoft Copilot in Windows. To optimise the return on your investments and boost productivity and efficiency throughout the company, these services assist you in planning, implementing, and promoting the adoption of new GenAI copilots. Dell’s extensive service offering now includes new Accelerator Services for RAG on Precision AI workstations and Dell Enterprise Hub on Hugging Face, enhancing the developer experience for quick GenAI development.

Find Out More About The AI Factory at Dell

As a result of dell’s ongoing innovation, Dell is prepared to assist you in deploying AI strategically and swiftly with a wide range of market-leading solutions and alliances, giving you the ability to obtain favourable results and a competitive edge as you apply various AI models to your data across PCs, on-premises IT, multiple clouds, and edge locations.

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