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DC1500M U.2 Enterprise SSD: Gen 3.0 x4 PCIe NVME storage

High storage capacity and improved enterprise performance are two of the hallmarks of the Kingston DC1500M U.2 NVMe SSD’s attributes. It provides a latency and IOPS consistency with a high-performance Gen 3.0 x4 PCIe NVMe design that is offered by it. The DC1500M is supported by stringent QoS requirements, which ensure reliable random IO performance and latencies across a wide variety of applications.

The design of the U.2 form factor, which measures 2.5 inches and 15 millimeters, is compatible with the newest generation of servers and storage arrays that use PCIe and U.2 backplanes. The DC1500M supports hot plugging, which removes the obstacles associated with useable PCIe storage.

  • SSD storage device with U.2 PCIe NVMe Gen 3.0 x4 interface, enterprise-grade
  • Unparalleled transfer rates of up to 3 GB/s
  • Consistent input and output with a low latency that can be predicted.
  • Protection against on-board power loss (also known as PLP)

It offers enterprise-class capabilities for greater data center reliability, such as end-to-end data route protection, namespace management, power loss protection (PLP), and telemetry monitoring. Featuring Kingston’s renowned customer service both before and after the sale, as well as a limited warranty that lasts for five years. The capacities range anywhere from 960 gigabytes to 7.6 terabytes.

Multiple Applications

Because it is designed to handle “mixed-use” workloads, it is suited for running a wide variety of customer applications, including the following:

  • The use of virtualization.
  • Service in the cloud that excels in performance.
  • Caching for web hosting services.
  • Media capturing and transporting capabilities at a high quality.
  • Workloads for ERP, CRM, GL, OLAP, OLTP, ERM, BI, and EDW systems.

Key Components

It’s a data center, the performance of NVMe

Unparalleled I/O reliability, with sustained transfer rates of up to 3 GB/s and 510K IOPS.

Enterprise-grade storage for a variety of uses

A remarkable combination of constant I/O delivery and strong read and write IOPS performance, which enables the management of a wide variety of transactional workloads.

Reduce the delays caused by application use

Quality of Service (QoS) ensures an extremely low transactional latency for massive data volumes as well as many different web-based applications.

On-board Power Loss Protection (PLP)

PLP provides enterprise-level protection to lessen the likelihood that data will be lost or corrupted in the event that an unexpected power failure occurs.

DC1500M U.2 Enterprise SSD Specifications

Form factorU.2, 2.5” x 15mm
InterfacePCIe NVMe Gen3 x4
Capacities960GB, 1.92TB, 3.84TB, 7.68TB
Sequential read/write960GB – 3,100 / 1,700MB/s
1.92TB – 3,300/2,700MB/s
3.84TB – 3,100/2,700MB/s
7.68TB – 3,100/2,700MB/s
Steady-state 4k read/write960GB – 440,000/150,000 IOPS
1.92TB – 510,000/220,000 IOPS
3.84TB – 480,000/210,000 IOPS
7.68TB – 420,000/200,000 IOPS
Latency Quality of Service (QoS)99.9 – read/write: <110 µs / <206 µs
Static and dynamic wear levellingYes
Power loss protection (power caps)Yes
Namespace management supportYes – 64 namespaces supported
Enterprise diagnosticsTelemetry, media wear, temperature, health and error logs, etc.
Endurance960GB – 1681 TBW (1 DWPD/5yrs) (1.6 DWPD/3yrs)
1.92TB – 3362 TBW (1 DWPD/5yrs) (1.6 DWPD/3yrs)
3.84TB – 6725 TBW (1 DWPD/5yrs) (1.6 DWPD/3yrs)
7.68TB – 13450 TBW (1 DWPD/5yrs) (1.6 DWPD/3yrs)
Power consumption960GB – Idle: 6.30W Average read: 6.21W Average write: 11.40W Max read: 6.60W Max write: 12.24W
1.92TB – Idle: 6.60W Average read: 6.30W Average write: 13.7W Max read: 6.63W Max write: 15.36W
3.84TB – Idle: 6.8W Average read: 6.40W Average write: 14.20W Max read: 7W Max write: 16W
7.68TB – Idle: 7W Average read: 7.30W Average write: 17.14W Max read: 8.16W Max write: 20.88W
Operating temperature0°C ~ 70°C
Dimensions100.09mm x 69.84mm x 14.75mm
Weight960GB – 145g
1.92TB – 150g
3.84TB – 155g
7.68TB – 160g
Vibration operating2.17G peak (7–800Hz)
Vibration non-operating20G peak (10–2000Hz)
MTBF2 million hours
Warranty/supportLimited 5-year warranty with free technical support

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