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Streaming Data With Analytics Hub Google Cloud Pub Sub Topic

The Analytics Hub google allows you to share your streaming data using Pub/Sub subtopics.

BigQuery Analytics Hub

BigQuery Analytics Hub facilitates the secure and efficient sharing of data assets between enterprises. Real-time streaming data must be shared, nevertheless, with partners and clients across numerous industries. These companies wish to provide internal teams and external clients with real-time access to their streaming data. A banking institution, for instance, wishes to make money by sharing and monetizing its exclusive real-time market data with its enterprise clients, who would use the streaming data to make choices about their finances in real time.

To assist businesses in curating, sharing, and profiting from their streaming data assets via Analytics Hub Google, Google Cloud is pleased to present the public preview of Pub/Sub topics sharing today. Customers all around the world use Google Cloud‘s straightforward, incredibly scalable, and dependable global messaging service, Pub/Sub, to consistently post and subscribe to streaming data at scale. Thousands of businesses utilise Analytics Hub, the BigQuery based data exchange platform, to safely and rapidly transfer hundreds of petabytes across organisational borders with zero copying.

Advantages of sharing Pub/Sub topics via Analytics Hub

The following are some advantages of sharing Pub/Sub topics via Analytics Hub:

  • Having the capacity to choose and distribute important streaming data to other departments inside your organisation or to your clients externally for data monetization
  • A comprehensive approach to centrally controlling who can access the streaming data in your company
  • Finding and subscribing to worthwhile Pub/Sub subjects that other organisations share

A proven pattern with numerous applications in a variety of industries is streaming data sharing:

  • In order to give consumers of packaged goods (CPG) companies real-time fulfilment visibility, retailers can disclose inventory levels in real-time.
  • With a flexible pay-as-you-go approach for market data distribution and consumption, financial services firms can exchange and monetize financial data (such as instruments pricing) with their clients.
  • Advertising businesses can supply real-time data insights to help advertisers evaluate their campaigns.
  • Healthcare providers can use predictive algorithms to monitor patients and determine risk in real time.

What is the mechanism of operation?

Curating and distributing a library of streaming data across various internal and external organisational boundaries is made possible by sharing Pub/Sub topics via Analytics Hub Google. By using Analytics Hub Google Exchanges and Listings to communicate real-time streaming data, you may give access at scale and logically classify and arrange groups of Pub/Sub topics.

Pub/Sub topics in Analytics Hub
Image credit to Google Cloud

Create or utilise an existing exchange before distributing Pub/Sub topics in Analytics Hub Google. You may group listings that mention common subjects with this exchange. You can establish a new Pub Sub topic or use an existing one in Analytics Hub Google to share message data with your subscribers. The fundamental component of sharing a Pub/Sub subject is a shared topic. No duplicate of the original Pub/Sub topic exists in Analytics Hub.

One creates a linked Pub/Sub subscription in the subscriber project when they subscribe to a listing with a shared topic. Message data can be instantly consumed in your own controlled project as soon as it is supplied using your preferred mechanism. Using Analytics Hub Google or directly in Pub/Sub, you may manage your subscriptions.

Starting the Pub Sub topic sharing process

Just follow these easy steps to get started sharing Pub/Sub topics.

Establish a listing

A listing for a BigQuery dataset appears a lot like a listing created with a common Pub/Sub topic.

As the resource type, select Pub/Sub Topic first.

In order to create the shared subject, either choose an already-existing Pub/Sub topic or start from scratch.

Add the necessary roles for viewing and subscribing, then complete filling out the fields needed to publish the listing. Your subscribers can form connected Pub/Sub subscriptions to your shared topic after it is published, as mentioned in the listing.

Look up and follow

The Analytics Hub Google catalogue allows you to look for listings of common themes. The filter criteria can also be used to further refine the parameters of your searches, based on how the listing was originally tagged.

Once you’ve located the shared subject, all you need to do is click Subscribe to attach a Pub/Sub subscription (if you have that permission). The properties of your subscription, including the distribution method, can then be configured.

Go on to the next action

Many use cases for streaming data sharing and monetization are supported by the ease with which Pub/Sub topics may be shared with Analytics Hub Google. The use of Analytics Hub Google and Pub/Sub topics can now streamline your streaming data sharing process. Google Cloud plan to roll out more features as a take into account preview user comments and go towards wide release. A project can be spun up using the BigQuery sandbox and Pub Sub’s free tier if you’re new to BigQuery. In the interim, consider discussing subjects in your own projects. Analytics Hub Google journey towards multi-asset data sharing is just getting started. Study up on the integrated data sharing features of Analytics Hub Google.

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