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Android 15 Beta 3 Arrives: A Step Towards Security

A major step towards the ultimate release of its most recent mobile operating system, Android 15 Beta 3, was presented by Google on June 19, 2024. This release marks the beginning of the crucial platform stability stage of development. In other words, all user-interactive capabilities and developer APIs have been completed and are ready for testing and integration. App developers may now get their apps ready for Google Play launch and optimise them for Android 15.

The improved passkey and credential manager user interface (UI) is the most notable addition to Beta 3, despite the release including several other enhancements. Google’s dedication to expediting the login procedure and giving user security on Android devices top priority is demonstrated by this upgrade.

Passkeys for Secure and Easy Logins

App logins used to require switching between usernames and passwords as well as browsing several login screens. This can be a laborious procedure that puts consumers at risk of compromised passwords or phishing attacks.

A new era of convenient and safe passkey logins is introduced with Android 15 Beta 3. Using public-key cryptography for increased security, passkeys are a more reliable option than passwords. They provide a more efficient login process and do away with the need to memorise complicated passwords.

This is how Android 15 Beta 3 passkeys enhance logins:

Single-Step Authentication

Beta 3 offers a more straightforward method of passkey authentication. Apps made for Android 15 can now be accessed by users using a passkey in just one step. This does away with the two-step process that most passwords need, wherein inputting a password is followed by a passcode or biometric verification. For a secure login, passkeys eliminate the requirement for fingerprint, facial recognition, or screen lock verification.

Enhanced Integration with Credential Manager

Users don’t have to worry if they unintentionally ignore the first passkey prompt. In Android 15 Beta 3, autofill interfaces are easily integrated with the Credential Manager. This implies that keyboard suggestions or dropdown menus containing passkey or other credential suggestions will resurface, making it simple for users to retrieve their login credentials.

User Experience is Priority

The improved passkey user interface puts the user experience first. Google is aware of how challenging it might be to use a new login process. Beta 3 guarantees an easy-to-use interface that walks customers through the passkey login procedure. This will facilitate the adoption of passkeys for both novice and seasoned Android users.

Passkeys’ advantages in Android 15 Beta 3

Compared to conventional passwords, passkeys are implemented in Android 15 Beta 3 and have the following benefits:

Enhanced Security

Passkeys are much less susceptible to hacking attempts because they are not kept on the user’s device. Hackers are unable to obtain passkeys for online accounts, even in cases where a device is compromised.

Enhanced Convenience

Logging in is quicker and easier with single-step authentication that uses biometrics. Users are no longer need to navigate numerous login windows or remember complicated passwords.

Decreased Phishing Risk

Phishing attacks work by deceiving victims into disclosing their passwords. Because passkeys don’t require conventional passwords, phishing schemes cannot exploit them.

Universal Standard

Supported by numerous tech behemoths including Google, Apple, and Microsoft, passkeys are a universal standard. Wider compatibility across many platforms and devices is ensured by doing this.

Additional Notable Features of Android 15 Beta 3

Android 15 Beta 3 offers more notable features in addition to the enhanced passkey UI, which is the main attraction.

Platform Stability

Beta 3 denotes a stable platform, as was previously indicated. When the final version of Android 15 is published, customers will have a simpler transition because developers can now securely include the newest APIs and functionalities into their apps.

Force-Close Modifications

Force-closed applications now operate differently as of beta 3. When an app is force-closed, it remains fully closed until the user gives it another go. Both system stability and resource management may be enhanced by this.

WebSQL Deprecation

WebSQL is deprecated in Android WebView in Android 15 Beta 3, despite not being a functionality that users will encounter. Web programmes employ an older database technology called WebSQL. Google is deprecating it in an attempt to simplify web development procedures and maybe enhance security.

Who Is Eligible for Android 15 Beta 3?

For Pixel devices that meet the requirements and are registered in the Android Beta programme, the Android 15 Beta 3 update is now accessible. To receive access to the upgrade, developers and enthusiasts who are itching to test the newest features can register for the programme. But it’s crucial to keep in mind that beta software is naturally unstable and may have errors or malfunctions. Using it on your main device on a daily basis is not advised.

How to Get an Android 15 Release

An important step towards the official release of the new operating system is the publication of Android 15 Beta 3. Though Google hasn’t disclosed an exact release date, there are rumours pointing to a possible October 2024 launch possibly in tandem with the Pixel 9 series debut.

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