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Aible Rises GenAI Workloads with Intel Xeon Processors

To operate advanced GenAI and retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) use cases on various generations of Intel Xeon CPUs, Intel and Aible, an end-to-end serverless generative AI (GenAI) and augmented analytics business solution, are now offering solutions to shared clients. The partnership helps developers incorporate AI intelligence into apps and improves it’s capacity to provide GenAI outcomes for enterprise clients at a reasonable cost. It also includes technical optimisations and a benchmarking programme. Together, the businesses provide scalable and effective AI solutions that leverage powerful hardware to assist clients in overcoming AI-related problems.

Preliminary findings from the Benchmark Study

Newer Intel technology can be utilised by companies such as Aible to enhance workload performance and further enhance their serverless applications. In Aible’s instance, in particular when utilising Intel’s most recent computing architectures Aible’s autoML platform can make use of the many Intel oneAPI frameworks, including Tensorflow, Numpy, Scipy, and Scikit-learn optimisations, on third-generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors.
Up to 70% of server-oriented systems’ time and expenses are devoted to infrastructure overhead, which isn’t enhanced by processor performance.

These include the overheads related to controlling the operation and expenses of server infrastructure, such as cluster scale-out, virtual machine launch, network connection establishment, data copying, and other latencies. Cost, TCO, and elapsed time performance are more directly impacted by processor performance increases on serverless systems, which largely eliminate these unrelated tasks and expenditures. To fully utilise AI, customers are searching for effective, enterprise-level solutions. The partnership between Intel and Aible demonstrates how Aible collaborates closely with the industry to offer AI innovation and decrease entry barriers for many clients to run the newest GenAI workloads on Intel Xeon processors.

The quickest and safest route to enterprise generative AI is provided by Aible. With safe access to both structured and unstructured data, the AI for enterprise solution can be implemented in the customer’s private Cloud instance in a matter of minutes.

At the 2023 Gartner Data and Analytics Summit, notable clients including UnitedHealthcare, Cisco, and NYC Health+Hospitals discuss how they have already profited from AI for enterprise utilising it. Guaranteed to be implemented in your cloud in less than a day. In just a few minutes or hours, new use cases utilising your organised and unstructured data will be operational.

Automatically verifies that no hallucinations are present. tracking, keeping an eye on, and finding anomalies in models, use cases, and users. Aible automatically enhances current use cases to take use of the newest technology as new models, vector databases, and other technologies develop. With each user engagement, the results get better.

Regarding Xeon’s GenAI Performance

Aible’s solutions show how CPUs may greatly improve performance in a variety of the newest AI workloads, such as RAG and language model execution. It’s technology, which is tailored for Intel processors, uses an effective serverless end-to-end method for artificial intelligence, using resources only when there are active user demands. To get information pertinent to a user inquiry, for instance, the vector database quickly activates, and in a similar manner, the language model briefly powers up to process and reply to the request. The total cost of ownership is lowered by this on-demand operation (TCO).

While GPUs and accelerators are frequently used in RAG implementations to take advantage of their parallel processing capabilities, Aible’s serverless methodology, when paired with Intel Xeon Scalable processors, enables RAG use cases to be driven solely by CPUs. The performance data demonstrates the efficient execution of RAG tasks on many generations of Intel Xeon processors.

Why It Matters

By using CPUs exclusively in serverless form to more securely share the same underlying compute resources across several clients, Aible helps companies to reduce the operating costs of GenAI projects. The reduced operating costs can be likened to purchasing electricity on demand as opposed to leasing an electricity generator. Furthermore, it is becoming increasingly important to optimise both performance and energy usage as the demand for generative AI increases. The CPU-based services provided by it give users an economical and energy-efficient option.

How Customers Can Cut Costs with Aible Solutions

Running RAG models on CPU-based serverless systems can result in up to a 55x cost savings for consumers, according to Aible’s benchmark analysis. The success of it’s CPU-exclusive strategy, which avoids the need for more costly GPU-based infrastructures with shared services or dedicated servers, is demonstrated by this cost decrease.

How Intel Works with Aible

To optimise AI workloads on Xeon processors, Intel, including Intel Labs, has collaborated with Aible. Notably, Aible saw notable performance benefits and increased throughput on Xeon processors by optimising its code for AVX-512, demonstrating the influence of deliberate software optimisations on overall efficiency.

Applications like these can be made possible by the pairing of RAG models with Intel Xeon CPUs, made possible by platforms like Aible.

  • Natural language processing (NLP)
  • Recommendation systems
  • Decision support systems
  • Content generation

After the introduction of 4th Gen Xeon processors, Intel and Aible started working together. Since then, the two businesses have improved AI workloads, libraries, and code for Xeon processors to boost efficiency for Aible’s product line.

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