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The First Descendant Launched with DLSS 3.5 and Ray Tracing

The ultimate PC experience for GeForce RTX gamers is provided by the more than 500 games and apps that use RTX technologies. New games that incorporate NVIDIA DLSS, NVIDIA Reflex, and sophisticated ray-traced effects are published or announced every week.

NVIDIA have even more DLSS news to offer this week, including PAYDAY 3 and TRIBES 3, after yet another fantastic week of DLSS game launches and announcements. Rivals now play DLSS 3 instead of DLSS 2, and the Riven remake is now playable on DLSS 2! Additionally, The First Descendant will launch the following week with support for DLSS 3.5 on day one, including DLAA, Ray Tracing, Ray Reconstruction, and Reflex.

Find out more about each of NVIDIA’s technology integrations that improve user experience below.

The First Descendant Game

A free third-person cooperative action-RPG shooter with Unreal Engine 5 is called The First Descendant. Four players can cooperatively enjoy strategic boss encounters with a variety of characters, intense gunplay, and looting. In The First Descendant, battle through the captivating plot and take on World Missions against formidable adversaries.

The First Descendant will guarantee GeForce RTX gamers the ultimate experience when it launches on July 2nd with out-of-the-box support for NVIDIA DLSS 3.5 with Ray Reconstruction, NVIDIA DLAA, NVIDIA Reflex, and several ray traced effects.

While DLSS Frame Generation provides GeForce RTX 40 Series customers with the ability to multiply their frame rate for even quicker performance, DLSS Super Resolution allows all GeForce RTX users to enjoy faster frame rates. A new AI model called DLSS Ray Reconstruction is included in NVIDIA’s most recent release, DLSS 3.5, to provide better ray-traced images for demanding ray-traced games and applications.

With the help of an NVIDIA supercomputer-trained AI network that creates higher-quality pixels in between sampled rays, this improved AI-powered neural renderer raises the quality of ray-traced images on all GeForce RTX GPUs.

DLSS 3.5 recognises various ray-traced effects to make better decisions about using temporal and spatial data, and to retain high frequency information for superior-quality upscaling. It was trained with 5X more data than DLSS 3 using offline-rendered images, which require far more computational power than can be delivered during a real-time game. Higher fidelity ray-traced effects are produced, and the results outperform utilising hand-tuned denoisers.

Ray Reconstruction optimises speed and image quality on all GeForce RTX GPUs, providing the best ray-traced gaming with DLSS Super Resolution and Frame Generation.

The First Descendant Platforms

The First Descendant enhances exploration and combat with ray-traced reflections, ambient occlusion, and shadows. The game’s ambient occlusion shading has been much enhanced, and shadows have more authenticity and complexity throughout. Shiny surfaces, character armour, glass, and bodies of water all have realistic reflections. Your performance when enhancing image quality will be at the peak because to the specialised Ray Tracing Cores that are exclusive to GeForce RTX GPUs.

The First Descendant Gameplay

In The First Descendant, GeForce users can also lower PC latency using NVIDIA Reflex, which improves responsiveness.

NVIDIA Reflex has lowered system latency in more than 100 games since its launch in September 2020, and more than 90% of GeForce users have activated Reflex. Reflex offers support for nine out of the ten best competitive shooters, in addition to critically acclaimed single-player and cooperative games. GeForce gamers played over 10 billion hours of their favourite games with improved responsiveness in 2023 alone because of Reflex’s ground-breaking system latency reducing technology.

Download and install the most recent GeForce Game Ready Driver from, GeForce Experience, or the NVIDIA app beta to make sure your system is ready to play The First Descendant smoothly and efficiently.

The First Descendant Release Date

The First Descendant Launches July 2 featuring DLSS 3.5, Ray Reconstruction, Reflex, and Ray Tracing

Payday 3 DLSS 3 & Reflex Upgrade Released Today

Reenter the world of crime as the Payday Gang, the bane of every law enforcement officer they encounter, by leaving retirement behind. In PAYDAY 3, from Deep Silver and Starbreeze Studios, the team reunites to confront the threat that has forced them to come out of early retirement after their terrorising of Washington, DC, ended a few years earlier.

With their latest Boys in Blue update, PAYDAY 3 adds support for Reflex and DLSS 3, joining their previous support for DLSS 2 and DLAA.

Tribes 3: Rivals

Reflex Upgrade & Rivals DLSS 3 in TRIBES 3 Fly Into Your System | Prophecy Games With jetpacks, skis, and class-based warfare, TRIBES 3: Rivals is a cooperative first-person shooter that reinvents the genre. Along with fiercely guarding their own flag, players ski, jetpack, fight, and sprint to seize the opposing team’s. As they traverse vast landscapes like eerie deserts and snow-capped summits, players can select from a variety of distinct classes to personalise their skills, advantages, and weapon loadouts. In this reincarnation of the fastest shooter in the world, teamwork, strategy, speed, and fierce fighting are paramount.

TRIBES 3: Rivals has improved its RTX technology after launching with support for DLSS 2 and DLAA. The fast-paced gameplay of TRIBES 3: Rivals can now be experienced with even more responsiveness owing to Reflex and DLSS 3, which allow GeForce RTX 40 Series gamers to achieve even higher frame rates.

Tribes 3: Rivals DLSS 3 & Reflex Upgrade Fly In

Developer Cyan Worlds has remade one of the best-selling video games ever, Myst, in 1997. The successor, Riven, is now out, including DLSS 2! As you work through challenging puzzles to uncover the mysteries of the new Riven, which was created from the ground up from the critically acclaimed original game and expanded with new material, you’ll discover a tale of intrigue, treachery, and a society on the verge of collapse.

Experience Riven like never before with new, compelling graphics, a richer plot, unrestricted mobility in a fully 3D real-time world, and much more. You can explore the game’s extended environment at the highest quality levels and frame rates by turning on DLSS 2 on GeForce RTX PCs and laptops to boost performance.

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