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Samsung Galaxy Book4 Edge Introduces a new era of AI PCs

Samsung Galaxy Book4 Edge

Samsung Electronics announced that the new Samsung Galaxy Book4 Edge is now available in a few markets. With its cutting-edge AI processing capabilities and clever hybrid AI integrations, the Galaxy Book4 Edge propels AI forward and opens up new possibilities for people to create, play, and work seamlessly on PCs.

TM Roh, President and Head of Samsung Electronics’ Mobile eXperience Business, said, “The Samsung Galaxy Book4 Edge marks the beginning of a whole new category of PCs, and for Samsung, a continued commitment to expand the power of Galaxy AI and offer the most hyperconnected mobile AI ecosystem yet.” “We think this next-generation AI PC, developed in close partnership with our industry partners, will redefine the market and, more importantly, give people cutting-edge ways to be more creative and productive in their everyday lives.”

What is possible with a PC is radically reimagined with the Samsung Galaxy Book4 Edge a Copilot+ PC. Equipped with an astounding 45 TOPS Neural Processing Unit (NPU) for unparalleled AI processing performance, the Snapdragon X Elite CPU powers it. With its new Link to Windows functionality, the Samsung Galaxy Book4 Edge blurs the line between PC and mobile by providing users with access to well-liked Galaxy AI capabilities on a larger screen. With the help of Copilot voice prompts, users may also effortlessly carry out routine tasks like getting contacts or sending messages on a phone using natural language.

The Galaxy Book 4 Edge’s features, which unleash unprecedented levels of creativity and productivity, considerably expand on what users can achieve in a typical day. The Samsung Galaxy Book4 Edge offers the assurance that data is safe while enabling access to numerous AI functions even when offline. This is made possible by both on-device and cloud-based AI. Cocreator creates artwork in almost real-time in response to text instructions; Live Captions, which will be available soon, translates words during video chats; and Recall, which enables you to swiftly and securely locate previously seen information.

The Samsung Galaxy Book4 Edge is ideal for working on projects while on the road, featuring a best-in-class viewing experience with Vision Booster and two display size options: 14-inch and 16-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X. All of this is housed in a very light and small form factor with Super-Fast Charging and up to 22 hours of battery life for watching videos.

The new Sapphire Blue colour of the Samsung Galaxy Book4 Edge will be accessible starting on June 18 in a few territories, including France, Germany, Italy, Korea, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Copilot for Windows is available in a few international countries and has particular system requirements. There can be restricted functionality. TOPS measures neuronal processing unit performance.

Samsung Galaxy Phones

Samsung takes no responsibility for AI feature output accuracy, completeness, or dependability. For Galaxy AI functions on PC, a Samsung Galaxy phone (One UI 6.1 or later) and a Link to Windows/Phone Link connection are needed. Certain Samsung AI services on PC may need logging into a Samsung or Microsoft account. Features may differ depending on the model and application. For third-party AI functionality, different terminology might apply.

Galaxy Book4 Edge

Users must complete the setup instructions, which include logging into the same Microsoft account, in order to link their Samsung Galaxy mobile (One UI 6.1 or later) to their Windows PC using Link to Windows on their phone and the Microsoft Phone Link app on PC. Preloaded on some Samsung Galaxy handsets is the link to Windows. Microsoft Phone Link programme requires Windows 10 or higher to run on a PC.

It is advised by Microsoft Phone Link that the Samsung Galaxy mobile and the PC be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Certain mobile applications could limit the sharing of material on different screens. The model may differ in certain connected elements. At the moment, it can translate audio and video subtitles from more than 40 languages into English.

The availability of Recall is contingent upon Microsoft’s release timetable. The timing of availability varies per market. optimised for a few languages, namely English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese. Storage and content-based restrictions are in effect.

Samsung Galaxy

SGS awarded the “Cinematic Experience” accreditation to the Dynamic AMOLED 2X display included in the Galaxy Book 4 Edge due to its wide colour volume (120% of DCI-P3) and low-luminance expression capability of less than 0.0005 nits. With a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio, the display can reach a peak brightness of 500 nits while displaying solely HDR material. Its maximum brightness is 400 nits. The Galaxy Book 4 Edge’s Dynamic AMOLED 2X display has been certified by SGS as “Eye Care” because to its remarkable capacity to significantly mitigate the adverse effects of blue light.

By default, it is turned off. requires the user to activate Vision Booster by adjusting the brightness of the display via System -> Display -> Brightness to suit the lighting and content. The 16-inch device’s actual battery life may differ based on several aspects like as usage patterns, network environment, model, and others. The device charges up to 40% for the 16-inch model in 30 minutes. Regional differences will exist in availability and timeliness.

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Cheekuru Bhargav
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