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iOS 18 beta 2 will launch on Monday with two new features

The beta 2 release of iOS 18 has been slated for next Monday, according to a recent announcement from Apple. Following iOS 18’s initial release at WWDC 2024, comes this new beta version. What to anticipate is broken down as follows:

iOS 18 beta 2’s Verified New Features

iPhone Mirroring

With the use of the iPhone Mirroring feature, users can wirelessly project their iPhone’s screen onto other devices that are compatible with it, such as Macs and Apple TVs. For demos, presentations, or leisure, this feature might be quite helpful.

SharePlay Screen Sharing

iOS 18 beta 2 expands on the SharePlay feature by enabling you to immediately share your iPhone screen with other people when on a FaceTime chat. This makes it possible to work together in real time and co-view information or walkthroughs.

What’s to Come After Version 2

Apple has disclosed more features that are slated for the iOS 18, even though these two enhancements are confirmed for beta 2. Before the official public debut this autumn, these features will probably be added in a series of follow-up beta releases. Here’s a look at a few of the fascinating features that iOS 18 will include:

Apple Intelligence

Currently undergoing beta testing for iOS 18, Apple Intelligence is a ground-breaking technology that is only available on the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max. With the use of cutting-edge technology, you can now customise your iPhone experience in ways never possible with on-device machine learning. Let’s examine the claims made by Apple Intelligence in more detail:

Consider an iPhone that can adjust to your habits, settings, and environment with ease. To do this, Apple Intelligence examines your usage habits. It gains knowledge of your daily phone usage patterns, favourite apps, and often requested information.

Better Writing Tools

iOS 18 is anticipated to include enhanced text summary tools, translation capabilities, and grammar checking. This might greatly enhance content production and communication effectiveness.

Genmoji and Memory Movies

Take use of Genmoji and Memory Movies to express yourself in new ways. Genmoji are customised emoji-like images that are generated based on your facial emotions. You may also enjoyably recall special occasions with Memory Movies’ automatic creation of brief film compilations from your images and videos.

Siri Gets Smarter

With iOS 18 beta 2, the Siri is going to get a big makeover. Siri claims to be more intelligent and helpful than ever before since it has a better grasp of natural language and is more aware of your surroundings.

Tailoring Is Everything

User control and personalization are given priority in iOS 18. You can customise your iPhone experience in the following ways:

Apps and Widgets Can Be Arranged Anyway

The days of a constrictive grid structure are over. With iOS 18, you may arrange widgets and apps wherever you choose on your Home Screen. This enables you to have a layout that is genuinely unique to you and your process.

Redesigned App Icons

With the addition of a new Dark mode option, app icons and widgets get a visual makeover. You can even add more customisation to them by painting them any colour you choose or having iOS choose a colour that goes well with your wallpaper. You may also enlarge widgets and apps for improved accessibility by using the scaling settings.

Enhanced Security

New safeguards for private data and apps are included in iOS 18. It will be possible for you to lock down which apps can only be accessed with authentication. To ensure privacy when others use your device, hidden apps can also be fully hidden from your Home Screen.

The Path to Wide Publication

The beta programme enables developers and eager customers to test-drive the new features and submit feedback to Apple, even though the official release of iOS 18 beta 2 is scheduled for this fall. Prior to its official release, the programme is improved through this iterative process.

Based on previous release cycles, the following is a rough timeline:

iOS 18 Beta 2

Within a week following the announcement, iOS 18 Beta 2 is anticipated to be released on Monday.

More Beta Releases

Throughout the summer, more betas will probably be released with the goal of adding functionality and fixing bugs that have been brought to attention.

Public Release

It is expected that iOS 18 beta 2 will be made available to the general public officially this autumn, maybe in September or October.

Keep Up With It

Watch the official developer website and news channels of Apple for the most recent updates on features and beta releases for iOS 18. If you want in-depth commentary and conversations, you can also follow reliable tech news outlets.


With the release of iOS 18 beta 2, Apple has continued working on the next significant software upgrade for the iPhone. iOS 18 claims to improve functionality and user experience with features like iPhone Mirroring and SharePlay screen sharing. But keep in mind that using beta software carries some inherent dangers. Before installing iOS 18 beta 2, balance the advantages and disadvantages.

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Gowri Priya
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