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Exclusive Preview: Galaxy Fold 6 and S24 Ultra

Galaxy Fold 6 and S24 Ultra:

The world was given its first look at Samsung’s foldable Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5 headphones for the first time at a recent event dubbed Unpacked. The Galaxy Fold 5 did not launch with substantial design modifications, but the Galaxy Flip 5 now has a bigger folder display on the exterior, which lets it to show more information at once.

However, the Galaxy Fold 5 did not debut with significant design upgrades. The company plans to introduce the Galaxy Z Fold 6 within the next year, which will include a number of very major upgrades to the handset’s design as well as its form factor. These upgrades will be made. Now, a prototype of the Galaxy Z Fold 6 has been uncovered online, revealing what you may be able to expect from the Galaxy S24 Ultra in the early part of next year.

Galaxy S24 Ultra:

Galaxy Fold 6 and S24 Ultra
Image Credit to wccftech

The design of the prototype for the Galaxy Z Fold 6 has been made public, revealing the possible design alterations that Samsung may introduce with the Galaxy S24 Ultra in the beginning of next year.

It is typical for Samsung to make announcements on its Galaxy S-series of handsets during the first quarter of the year. This time around, we predict that there will be some big adjustments made to the portfolio. According to recent reports, the bezels on both sides of the Galaxy S24 Ultra will be reduced in size, and the device will apparently feature a new frame, as had been revealed before. These particulars may be visible in the design of the Galaxy Z Fold 6 prototype, according to the information that was leaked by Ice Universe on X.

The Galaxy Z Fold 6 will feature a really interesting design that will be very different from the design of the version that is already available, as can be seen in the video. The design of the variation that is currently available will be pretty similar to the design of the Galaxy Z Fold 5. When we examined it more closely, we found that the aspect ratio of the external display had been changed in some way.

This indicates that it no longer has a screen that is either tall or thin, both of which make it more difficult to use. It’s possible that the company picked up some useful information by seeing how well the Google Pixel Fold was received in the technological community and how its form factor was received. The bezels around the screen are very tiny and resemble those that will be seen on the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

The individual who is responsible for leaking the information has in the past supplied specifications on the bezels, including how they would compare to Apple’s various models of the iPhone 15 Pro. In addition to this, he displayed the gadget’s frame, which, according to the rumours, has a finish made of titanium. He did this while speaking about the device.

The design, in general, is relatively straightforward and has a remarkable similarity to that of the Galaxy S23 Ultra. It would seem that the hinge of the Galaxy Fold 6 has been improved, given that the screen can be folded all the way down when the device is closed. When the smartphone is closed, the metal frame of the gadget melds into each other, giving the appearance that one is using a standard Galaxy phone. This might lead others to mistakenly believe that they are using the device.

There is a potential that Samsung may launch the Galaxy S24 Ultra in the first few months of the next year with upgraded internals, a new appearance, and advanced camera technology. If this happens, it will be equipped with all of these features. The images and videos that were meant to be of the Galaxy Fold 6, but instead were leaked, indicated the design direction that Samsung intends to go with the Galaxy S24 Ultra.


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