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Exciting Meta Quest 3 and Xbox Cloud Gaming Bundle

During the Meta Connect 2023 event, it was disclosed that Meta Quest 3 will be available in stores beginning on October 10. As was said earlier, the price for the standard version with 128GB of storage is $499.99, while the price for the edition with 512GB of storage is $649.99.

Both of the different versions of Meta Quest 3 will be included in the next AAA action RPG sequel Asgard’s Wrath 2, which is currently being developed by Sanzaru and is scheduled to be released on December 15th. In addition to this, the 512GB edition will come with a free trial of the subscription service Meta Quest + for a period of six months.

The engineers at Meta have dubbed this their most advanced and capable headgear to date. It will be powered by a next-generation Snapdragon processor that was developed in conjunction with Qualcomm. This chipset is expected to give performance that is nearly twice as good as the GPU found in the Quest 2.

Meta Quest 3
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Additionally, the Meta Quest 3 has been modified to be more comfortable and much slimmer, thanks to a 40% decreased optic profile (without the foam facial interface). This change was made possible by the removal of the foam facial interface.

In addition, the Touch Plus controllers now offer a more comfortable and natural feel in the hand. Because the new headset features more sophisticated tracking technology, the outer tracking rings have been eliminated. This change has the effect of enhancing the sense that the controllers are extensions of your hands when you are in the virtual realm.

The TruTouch Haptics technology, which made its debut for the first time in the Touch Pro controllers, is now also available in the Touch Plus controllers for Meta Quest 3. There is a greater feeling of interaction with the virtual worlds because to the triggers and thumb haptics feedback. Hand tracking is also natively supported, making it possible for users to explore even without the need of controllers. This is made possible through Direct Touch technology.

In addition, the Meta Quest 3 has two 4MP RGB color cameras, a depth sensor for a more accurate representation of the mixed reality play space, and 10 times more pixels in Passthrough than the Quest 2 did. These features should allow it to deliver a mixed reality experience that is significantly more immersive than its predecessor.

Meta Quest 3 Features

The Meta Quest 3 is being marketed as the “first mass-market mixed reality headset.” It enables users to convert between virtual reality and actual reality in a smooth manner while also providing them with the benefit of a full-color passthrough view of the area around them.

Because it is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2, it is believed to have a graphics performance that is twice as good as its predecessor. Additionally, load times will be significantly reduced, as was proved through a head-to-head comparison.

The display of the Meta Quest 3 has a resolution that is over thirty percent greater than that of the Meta Quest 2, which is 25 pixels per degree and 1,218 pixels per inch. Additionally, it is reported that the display’s sharpness has grown by approximately twenty-five percent, with the added bonus of fewer artifacts. Users will be able to appreciate a Field of View that is nearly 15 percent larger when watching television programmes or movies.

Xbox Cloud Gaming Features

The audio range has been made forty percent louder, and there has been an improvement made to both the clarity and the bass performance of the sound system. In comparison to the Meta Quest 2, a significant amount of effort was put into enhancing the level of comfort and ergonomics offered by both the headset and the controllers.

Last but not least, it was revealed that Xbox Cloud Gaming will indeed be arriving at Meta Quest in the month of December, around a year after the initial announcement. Users of Meta Quest will be able to enjoy Xbox’s triple-A games as if they were playing them on a gigantic 2D screen thanks to this feature. However, in order to take advantage of this feature, users will need to subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and own a controller that is compatible with the feature. Both of these items are sold separately.


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