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Dell PowerProtect Data Manager for VMware Telco Cloud Server

Dell PowerProtect Data Manager

Data security is critical in the ever changing telecommunications industry, as 5G networks are being developed quickly. Communications service providers (CSPs) require strong solutions to protect their vital workloads and components when they adopt cloud-native platforms such as VMware Telco Cloud Platform. For VMware Telco Cloud Platform users, Dell PowerProtect Data Manager is a comprehensive data protection solution.

PowerProtect Data Manager Administration and user Guide

CSPs can now install and manage containerised network functions (CNFs) and virtual network functions (VNFs) across dispersed 5G networks thanks to VMware Telco Cloud Platform. CSPs can efficiently modernise their infrastructure thanks to the VMware Telco Cloud Platform’s orchestration features, operational consistency, and holistic visibility. However, to avoid downtime and data loss and to guarantee quick recovery in the event of a disaster, any modernised environment needs a strong data protection plan.

New Dell PowerProtect Data Manager

Dell Technologies is aware of how important data security is in the current telecom environment. The Dell PowerProtect Data Manager was developed specifically to handle the special difficulties that CSPs using the VMware Telco Cloud Platform encounter. Let’s examine its main attributes:

Data protection specified by software

Dell PowerProtect Data Manager provides adaptable compliance and data protection for cloud-native IT infrastructures and apps. Because of its software-defined methodology, it can adapt to changing applications and workloads.

Specialised defence for telecom cloud platform elements

For mission-critical operations, CSPs depend on the components of VMware’s Telco Cloud Platform. These components are guaranteed to be available without interfering with business operations by Dell PowerProtect Data Manager. Your vital workloads are safeguarded, whether they are application instances or management/workload clusters.

Independent functioning

In Dell PowerProtect Data Manager, automated discovery and protection are fundamental functions. Databases, virtual computers, file systems, and Kubernetes containers are all expertly protected. This leads to automated, dependable, and professional data protection.

Effective safeguarding of data

Dell PowerProtect Data Manager and Dell PowerProtect DD series appliances have a smooth integration. Data can be immediately protected by these appliances, and optional replication to safe Cyber Recovery vaults is also available. Data protection that is scalable, dependable, and efficient is now achievable.

Self-service restoration and backup

Give data owners the ability to self-serve. Through native interfaces from Dell Technologies, CSPs may easily start backups and restores. Eliminate reliance on dedicated IT teams for standard data protection duties.


Designed with a purpose

Data Domain appliances offer performance, efficiency, and security benefits that streamline operations, lessen risk, and save costs. They are specifically developed and optimised for data protection. Furthermore, it may be easily integrated into already-existing on-premises setups thanks to a wide backup software ecosystem.

Integrated cyber resilience features

Data Domain offers several tiers of Zero Trust security to support the integrity and immutability of data.

For mental tranquilly

Have faith in your ability to bounce back from unforeseen circumstances. You can guarantee complete cyber resilience no matter where your data resides by using software-defined Dell APEX Protection Storage in multicloud environments or Data Domain for on-premises data protection.

Cyber-resistant data security

With simple-to-use management and automation tools, you can detect suspicious behaviour, protect sensitive data against ransomware and the cyberattacks, and recover lost data.

Protection of data across many clouds

Safeguard any task in any cloud setting. Multicloud data security solutions from Dell Technologies offer a wide range of workloads, from cloud-native apps to legacy data.

There is more to this solution than just technology. Complete development and verification took place in Dell’s Open Telco Ecosystem Lab (OTEL), confirming Dell PowerProtect Data Manager for VMware Telco Cloud Platform’s efficacy. To develop this solution, access to the newest, most advanced tools and technologies was made possible via Dell’s OTEL facilities. A worldwide, electronically accessible lab made possible by Dell Technologies’ hybrid networking strategy allowed for smooth collaboration between VMware and Dell. By using this method, Dell Technology were able to successfully validate the system and increase its usability for mobile carriers. You can be sure that the solution you are implementing complies with best practices and industry standards.

PowerProtect Data Manager

With strong data protection solutions, Dell Technologies supports CSPs as they adopt VMware Telco Cloud Platform. PowerProtect Data Manager makes ensuring that the workloads and components of your Telco Cloud Platform are secure and resilient. Upgrade with assurance, knowing that Dell Technologies is protecting your important information.

The complexity of data protection is rising

Organizations must improve time-to-value, lower overall cost and complexity, plan for expansion, and safeguard an ever-increasing volume of data in a distributed ecosystem of applications and workloads that is expanding. Additionally, cloud computing must be easily integrated into data security plans by organizations. This is difficult to achieve with many of the data protection solutions available today, which either require multiple products and vendors or compromise performance for simplicity, making deployment time-consuming and labor-intensive while offering complex and costly management of fragmented data protection environments.

Data protection that’s easy, effective, and flexible with the PowerProtect DP series appliance. An all-in-one backup appliance, the DP series lessens the strain of juggling several data silos, point solutions, and vendor relationships. For small, mid-size, and business organizations, the DP series offers robust, enterprise-grade data protection features at a low cost of protection, while also streamlining deployment and management.

Complete backup, replication, recovery, deduplication, fast access and restoration, search and analytics, smooth VMware integration, cloud readiness with disaster recovery (DR), and long-term retention (LTR) to the cloud are all included in this integrated solution, which is provided in a single appliance. Customers can become more agile and minimize their time-to-protect with the DP series, which offers a rapid, dependable, efficient, and recoverable solution.



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