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The CORSAIR 3500X Series: The Next Level of PC Performance

CORSAIR Introduces the 3500X Series Cases, Bringing Together Excellent Performance and Modern Design.

For those looking to combine affordability, compatibility, and cooling performance, CORSAIR has announced the instant availability of the CORSAIR 3500X Series Mid-Tower PC Case. With its wraparound tempered glass panels that offer breathtaking views of your PC’s inside, the 3500X is based on decades of expertise and experience brought to market by some of the most popular mid-tower cases.

With its builder-friendly features, magnificent wraparound glass look, and the cooling potential you require for an incredible personal computer, the CORSAIR 3500X Mid-Tower Glass PC Case is the perfect solution for your next adventure.

Versatility is the cornerstone of the 3500X’s design philosophy, with wide component compatibility to support high-performance PCs. With its compatibility for the latest reverse connection motherboards, such the ASUS BTF and MSI Project Zero, this innovative case allows users a pristine view devoid of ugly cables. It supports motherboard form-factors ranging from Mini-ITX to EATX. The 3500X has a roomy interior that can accommodate the majority of large graphics cards and air coolers, making it suitable to house your next powerful gaming setup.

The 3500X’s sleek, wraparound tempered glass design doesn’t have to come at the expense of cooling performance however because fan mounting points are thoughtfully positioned on the side, roof, and bottom of the case to give plenty of airflow. Furthermore, the 3500X may employ radiators up to 360mm in the side or roof, which allows for the use of powerful custom cooling solutions from the Hydro X Series or an excellent all-in-one liquid CPU cooler from CORSAIR.

CORSAIR 3500X Series


For a modern PC, robust cooling is essential, and the CORSAIR 3500X shines with side, roof, and PSU fan mounts to cover all the bases. Additionally, you’ll have plenty of opportunity for liquid cooling thanks to the 360mm radiator mounting points on the side and roof.


The 3500X takes a contemporary design approach to a standard PC architecture and offers convenient features that simplify your build.


The tempered glass panels on the front and sides of the CORSAIR 3500X, which give it its distinctive appearance, are quickly and simply replaceable.


Cable routing is pleasant and easy thanks to a large 38mm behind the motherboard and a big interior.


Up to two HDDs and two SSDs can be installed simultaneously on a detachable drive plate to meet all of your storage demands.


You can add as many as ten 120mm fans to your cooling system and choose from a variety of radiator mounting choices, up to 360mm on the roof and side.

More than enough room exists in the CORSAIR 3500X to support and cool even the largest construction. To keep your system operating at its best, surround it with a healthy amount of airflow on all sides. Thanks to several radiator mounting locations, take pleasure in the low noise and high temperatures that come with liquid cooling.

Present-day Front Panel I/O

Easily accessible ports for USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C, two USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A ports, and an audio/microphone jack combo are all included.

The CORSAIR 3500X Series, which comes in black or white, offers three different options to fit your build preferences: the iCUE LINK 3500X RGB, which is the ideal starting point for a cutting-edge iCUE LINK system and comes with an iCUE LINK System Hub and three RX120 RGB fans; the 3500X ARGB, which comes with three RS120 ARGB fans pre-installed for easy motherboard-controlled lighting; or the standard 3500X case for people who wish to use their own fans.

A favourite among PC enthusiasts and gamers, the CORSAIR 3500X Mid-Tower PC Case boasts an exceptional cooling performance, a builder-friendly design, and striking aesthetics.

Accessibility and Cost

Later in the third quarter, the 3500X, 3500X ARGB, and iCUE LINK 3500X RGB will be offered through the CORSAIR webstore and its global network of approved merchants and distributors.

In addition to the CORSAIR global network of customer care and technical support, the 3500X is supported by a two-year guarantee.

To obtain the most recent pricing information for the CORSAIR 3500X Series, visit the CORSAIR website or get in touch with a local sales or public relations person.

CORSAIR 3500X Series Specs

Case Height

Case Length
Case Width


Radiator Compatibility
120mm, 140mm, 240mm, 280mm, 360mm

Maximum GPU Length
Maximum CPU Cooler Height
Maximum PSU Length
Compatible Liquid Coolers
H60, H100, H115, H150 (All Series)

Case Size
Case Power Supply

Case Expansion Slots
7 Horizontal (or 4 Vertical)

Case Front IO
(1x) USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C, (2x) USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A, (1x) Audio in/out

Case Window
Tempered Glass

Case Warranty
2 Year

Internal 3.5″ Drive Bays
Internal 2.5″ Drive Bays
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