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Castle Crumble & 3 More New Games To Apple Arcade In August

Apple Arcade gets three new games in August, including Temple Run: Legends, Castle Crumble and Vampire Survivors+.

Next month, Apple Arcade will welcome three thrilling new titles: Castle Crumble, an Apple Vision Pro spatial game, Vampire Survivors+, and Temple Run: Legends.

The first level-based runner in the popular series, Temple Run: Legends, will bring players back to Aperion on August 1 and is only accessible on Apple Arcade. The service now includes the BAFTA-winning Vampire Survivors+, which allows for up to four players to play on the same device.

On August 29, the highly acclaimed physics-based puzzle game Castle Crumble will launch a spatial edition that allows users to destroy fanciful castles with every swipe and flick of their fingertips in whatever physical place they choose. The game joins Vision Pro’s growing library of fun spatial games that blend digital material with the real world for immersive gaming.

Apple Arcade features over 200 free games for any Apple device. Every month, there are upgrades to popular games and new ones added. With an Apple Arcade subscription, players can also share these fantastic games with their loved ones, providing a family of up to six with limitless access to all the games in the service’s library. Apple Arcade game

Temple Run: Legends

In Temple Run: Legends, you can leap, swim, run, and join a legion of heroes. Players can explore ancient Aperion with new gaming options, unique challenges and rewards, and over 500 levels in story mode in addition to the traditional unlimited run mode. As they accomplish their upcoming journey, players should get ready to travel across thrilling climates, engage with intriguing locals and wildlife, and meet a distinctive, all-new cast of characters.

Temple Run: Legends

Vampire Survivors + by Poncle

A whole new universe of horror is unlocked as players battle for their life in the poisonous, demonic atmosphere of Vampire Survivors+. Night monsters will cross their pathways from dusk to morning, and their only chance of survival will be to rely on the kindness of their fellow survivors.

Vampire Survivors + by Poncle
Image credit to Apple

Garlic, a cross, and a magic wand are helpful weapons against their foes, but in the end, it is up to their competent hands to prove their mettle as they take on these lethal beasts via touchscreen combat. There are many different options in this multi-stage game, one of which is a multiplayer mode that allows four players to play together and slaughter zombies on the same device by connecting game controllers.

The BAFTA-winning roguelike survival role-playing game Vampire Survivors+ will debut on Apple Arcade on August 1, 2024. This upgraded, ad-free iOS version of the game may include some DLCs. It will notably also have a special feature: four players can play local cooperative games on the same device.

Orbital Knight’s Castle Crumble

In this physics-based puzzle game, players will go on a journey over a range of kingdoms and distinct biomes in order to destroy the enemy’s castles. With the help of special controllers, players may precisely target the weak spots of the castles with their hands by employing strong explosives, ethereal spells, and mystery unlocked enhancements. Then, they can watch as the castles blow apart across their living rooms.

Castle Crumble (Apple Vision Pro version): Only owners of Apple Vision Pro devices will be able to access this spatial version of the physics-based puzzle game. Beginning on August 29, 2024, players will be able to use hand gestures in real-world settings to bring down fanciful castles.

In addition, players can anticipate entertaining updates for popular games available on iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, and Apple Vision Pro throughout July. These updates include the Friendship Festival, a one-year anniversary celebration for Hello Kitty Island Adventure, a new character and game mode in Sonic Racing, and tonnes of other exciting new content for games like Tamagotchi Adventure Kingdom, WHAT THE CAR?, SpongeBob: Patty Pursuit,, and many more.

Sonic Racing by SEGA: Rockstar Rouge, a new character in Sonic Racing by SEGA, will be unlocked on July 18 for players that beat the time trial mode’s base time. As players advance in the game, they will be able to access increasingly potent karts thanks to the addition of new kart power levels in this update.

The island adventure Hello Kitty by Sunblink and Sanrio: The Friendship Festival kicks off on July 25 and honours both the International Day of Friendship and Hello Kitty Island Adventure’s one-year anniversary on the Apple Arcade. There are tonnes of new group animations, adorable outfits, and memories galore from this festival. The epic finale to the Friendship Island story arc and an amazing musical collaboration are included in this release.

Pricing and availability

  • Apple Arcade offers a one-month free trial and monthly fees of $6.99. Customers that purchase a new iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple TV can get three months of Apple Arcade for free.
  • With a one-month free trial, Apple Arcade is accessible with Apple One’s Individual ($19.95), Family ($25.95), and Premier ($37.95) monthly plans.
  • Arcade Originals work on iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, and Vision Pro. App Store Greats are on iPhone, iPad, and Vision Pro.
  • One Apple Arcade subscription allows a family of six unrestricted access to all its games.
  • The 200+ titles’ device availability depends on hardware and software compatibility. Content may not be available everywhere.
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