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ASUS VivoWatch 6: Advanced Health Monitoring on Your Wrist

ASUS VivoWatch 6

Keep tabs on your health with the first smart watch in history that can sense your blood pressure and ECG with just a touch of your finger.

  • Full health data tracking around-the-clock: With its unique one-touch measuring design and dual, exclusive sensors on both sides, this device is meant to give you continuous, all-around access to detailed health status information.
  • The new health trends indicator, Body Composition Analysis, and daily stress management tools like Sleep Tracking, Relaxation Index, and Body Harmony Analysis can help you stay healthy.
  • Its 1.39″ AMOLED touchscreen, dual-frequency GPS, and 9-day battery life make it stylish, functional, and durable. It offers the perfect balance of fashion and use.
  • The brand-new ASUS Health Connect App was created especially for you, with your needs in mind when it comes to well-being. See how you’re doing in terms of your health performance and quickly review your statistics.

1.39-inch AMOLED Screen

Gorilla Glass 3 Touchscreen

The ASUS VivoWatch 6 AMOLED display provides crisper, more contrasted images. The touchscreen’s Gorilla Glass 3 material offers remarkable scratch and smudge resistance in addition to outstanding durability.

  • 1.39-inch AMOLED Screen
  • 454 by 454 pixels in size
  • 350 nits of light

VivoWatch 6

Amazing Energy Savings

With the exceptional efficiency of the AMOLED display, the VivoWatch 6 may be used for up to 14 days when fully charged.

  • Nine days of consistent daily use
  • In Power Saving Mode, for up to 14 days

The following are the battery life circumstances for the VivoWatch 6 in standard mode testing: Fully charged, with the default brightness of the watch face set to 5, the blood oxygen background measurement turned off, the pulse wave index background measurement turned on and measured once every 60 minutes, the ability to receive up to 100 messages, two alarms set, three medication reminders set, a manual blood pressure measurement twice a day, and the device not worn while sleeping.

The following battery life requirements apply when testing the VivoWatch 6 in Power-Saving mode: Fully charged, with the default brightness of the watch face set to 3, the blood oxygen background measurement turned off, the pulse wave index background measurement turned on and measured once every 120 minutes, the receipt of 100 messages, two alarms set, three medication reminders set, a manual blood pressure measurement twice a day, and the device not worn while sleeping.

Measurement of One Touch on Demand, Anytime, Anywhere

Single-Touch Measuring

To receive health-related insights, all you need to do is lightly touch the sensors with your hands. Your fingertips have a higher microvascular density than other parts of your body, which makes it possible to measure them more precisely and decrease outside interference to obtain data that accurately represents your body’s actual condition.

Internal testing has shown that the VivoWatch 6’s dual sensors are at least 10% more accurate than single optical sensor measures. More accurate results are also obtained because the fingertips have a higher density of blood vessels than the wrist.
Two smart watches: one displays a sensor on the front, while the other displays a sensor on the back.

Multiple Sensor Architecture

Side Sensor

You may view real-time measurements of your blood pressure, heart rate, body composition, ECG, and SpO₂ by placing your fingertips on the left and front sensor modules of the VivoWatch 6. The features that allow for measuring blood pressure and ECG may differ depending on the location.

Rear Sensor

The rear sensor tracks your vitals automatically when it’s worn, even when you’re sleeping. There are multiple periods for setting up data recording, ranging from every 5 minutes to every 2 hours.

Throughout the day, keep an eye on your health with the most recent

Algorithm of ASUS Health AI 5.0

The most recent ASUS Health care AI 5.0 algorithm was created by a group of experts in medical algorithms and biosensing technology. It gathers and analyses data in real-time to deliver health insights all day long.

ASUS Healthconnect app

Blood pressure monitoring with the ASUS VivoWatch 6

International healthcare regulators have recognised the Software as a Medical Device standard, and ASUS VivoWatch 6 supports it. VivoWatch 6 assists you in tracking your cardiovascular health by monitoring your blood pressure and heart rate in conjunction with the ASUS HealthConnect app.

Using the ASUS VivoWatch 6 to take an ECG

For 30 seconds, place your thumb and fingers on the dual sensors on the VivoWatch watch face to record in-depth information using the electrocardiogram (ECG) app. Your healthcare provider can then access the ECG results via the ASUS HealthConnect app.

  • Physical Make-Up
  • Handling Stress and Emotions
  • Monitoring Sleep
  • Additional Health Functions

Body Composition Monitoring Your Development

Physical Make-Up

Water content, fat percentage, skeletal muscle mass, and basal metabolic rate are all measured by VivoWatch 6 using built-in electrical sensors and Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology.

How to calculate your body’s composition:

  • Once you have chosen the Body Composition option, enter your weight.
  • Grasp your index finger on the metal ring surrounding the watch face and gently press your thumb against the left sensor.
  • Your body composition data will show on the screen after a brief wait.


Keep track while working out

You may track a variety of exercise activities, such as cycling, yoga, walking, and jogging, using our many workout modes. Water-resistance ensures that ASUS VivoWatch 6 is equipped for water-based sports as well.


5 ATM Water Resistance

Rain or shine, the VivoWatch 6 is prepared for use. It can endure pressures down to 50 metres with 5 ATM water resistance, so it’s more than ready for a swim, shower, or unexpected deluge.

Fulfils the ISO 22810:2010 standard 5 ATM water-resistance rating criteria, making it appropriate for daily use and shallow-water activities like swimming in beaches or pools. Because of normal wear and perspiration, the water resistance may diminish over time and is not always effective.


GPS with two frequencies

VivoWatch 6’s integrated dual-frequency L1 and L5 GPS allows for quicker satellite acquisition and more precise location tracking. Take pleasure in outdoor pursuits and gather the necessary data without needing to bring your phone.

  • Five-star positioning system GNSS includes GPS, QZSS, Galileo, GLONASS, and BeiDou.

The weather

VivoWatch 6 makes it easy to monitor weather predictions, including temperature, rain chance, air quality index, and UV strength, anytime, anywhere.

Residing Helper

  • Conveniences of every day, all at your wrist
  • Notification of Messages and Incoming Calls
  • Control a camera remotely
  • Locate My Phone
  • Music Control
  • Alarm Clock
  • Stopwatch
  • Set the timer.
  • The Pomodoro Clock
  • Global Timepiece
  • Reminder for Medication
  • Reminder for Sedentary Behaviour

The ASUS HealthConnect Application

Your medical journey in a summary

This ASUS VivoWatch 6 only app compiles gathered data and displays it in graphs and charts that are simple to read. This makes it simple for you to monitor your health progress by simply looking at VivoWatch 6.

ASUS Health Group

Taking care of the household

If you have senior family members, this cloud-based sharing tool is really helpful as it lets you monitor their health data weekly.

  • You must be logged into your ASUS Cloud member account in order to utilise this function.
  • The Caring Mode function of the app allows users to keep an eye on family members’ health data even in the absence of a smartwatch.

Maintain contact with your family

Track of Care

Family members can see your location and current health information in real-time using this tool.

Select your look

You may mix and match the several watch faces on the ASUS VivoWatch 6 to fit any mood or style of clothing. You may even add a personal touch by changing the watch face to one of your own images.


silicone wristband

Complying with multiple allergy prevention (ISO 10993 biocompatibility), optical safety (IEC/EN 62471 photobiological safety testing), and burn prevention (IEC 60601-1 3rd medical electrical equipment safety standards) specifications, the soft and hypoallergenic silicone watch strap is appropriate for prolonged use without causing skin irritation.

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