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Asus ExpertCenter PN43 Mini Computer Is Powerful

With its Intel CPU N100, N200, and N97 together with Intel UHD Graphics, the incredibly small ASUS ExpertCenter PN43 Mini PC can easily perform a wide range of home and business applications. For effective multitasking, the PN43 supports up to three monitors, or two 4K displays, at once. It also provides broad connection with up to seven USB ports and an additional configurable port for DisplayPort 1.4, VGA, COM, HDMI, or USB Type-C with DP1.4 choices. It can be configured with up to two 2.5 Gb Ethernet ports. ExpertCenter PN43’s modest size makes it ideal for places where standard PCs won’t fit, such as tiny home offices or digital signs.

Adaptable Cooling Solutions

The ASUS ExpertCenter PN43 is offered in fanless and fan-powered models to accommodate a range of demands and tastes. With its improved performance capabilities, the PN43 with fan provides the best processing power for demanding workloads. On the other hand, the fanless version offers a silent computing environment, making it perfect for environments with low noise levels or circumstances where quiet is crucial. The PN43 series effectively and versatilely meets your needs, regardless of your preference for quiet or performance. With there PN43, you can feel the ideal harmony of power and tranquilly.

Robustness and Compact Size

The ASUS ExpertCenter PN43 is more compact than a typical desktop, with a front half that resembles half of a phone.

The PN43’s modest size saves workspace, which is especially helpful in cramped situations or smaller workspaces.

WiFi 6E, or ultrafast WiFi 6

ExpertCenter PN43’s WiFi 6 module supports numerous connections, constant HD video streaming, and fewer failed connections without slowing network rates. WiFi 6E supports the 6 GHz band, allowing more devices to connect without interference. WiFi 6E also protects against viruses and unwanted access.

  • 3 TIMES FASTER than the typical 80 MHz channel AC 2×2
  • 4 times the capacity enhancement for additional devices in a densely populated area
  • 75% REDUCE IN LATANCY smooth and dependable video conferencing or display

Crystal-Clear Interaction

Utilising artificial intelligence, the AI noise-cancelation technology reduces background noise for both input and output audio, enabling crystal-clear conversation even in loud settings. Popular collaboration platforms like a Microsoft Teams, Skype, Slack, and Zoom are supported by ASUS ExpertCenter PN43.

Entire Connectivity

The PN43 supports dual 2.5G LAN to differentiate between two internal networks and features seven USB Type-A ports for connecting a variety of devices. In addition to the programmable port, it has Type-C with DP, COM, DP, HDMI, and VGA for older devices such as receipt printers and barcode scanners. Numerous applications, such as signage, point-of-sale systems, KIOSKs, and intelligent vending machines, are suitable for the PN43 Series.


With the ASUS ExpertCenter PN43’s one-way HDMI CEC (HDMI Consumer Electronics Control) capabilities, you may increase efficiency and convenience. Using a single power button to operate two devices can simplify your business setup. Say goodbye to the mess of different processes and experience a smooth integration that obeys your orders with ease. PN43’s synchronised power on/off features ensure a more pleasurable business experience by saving you significant time and effort.

New Design of Lockable VESA Mount

When using the lockable VESA mount device with the ASUS ExpertCenter PN43 in public areas, security is enhanced.

DC-in Holder

The DC-in holder is a new accessory for the PN43 that is intended to secure the power wire and guard against unintentional disconnection. This add-on helps to guarantee that the Mini PC stays powered on without interruption, which is especially helpful in situations where the device may be moved or jostled regularly. The DC-in holder provides an additional layer of stability and durability by securely holding the DC connector in place, which is essential for sustaining continuous operation in both office and business situations.

Control Centre for ASUS

With its user-friendly interface, ASUS Control Centre is a centralised suite for IT management that improves company efficiency by offering full control. High visibility and the best IT-management experiences are offered by ASUS Control Centre for both commercial and enterprise ASUS devices.

  • Monitoring of Hardware and Software
  • Track the hardware status, voltage, fan speed, and system temperature.
  • Remote Management BIOS updates, power control, and remote desktop
  • Asset Management Device and Software Dispatching-administration of metadata
  • Mobile Control Use a smart smartphone to stay in charge.

Corporate Stable Model of ASUS

The goal of the ASUS Corporate Stable Model (CSM) programme is to provide Mini PCs with the newest features, services, and management software to your company. The ASUS CSM partner network has thousands of consumers and suppliers who have participated since its inception more than 20 years ago, making it one of the most well-established commercial programmes worldwide. We’re happy to assist your company in anticipating and preparing for product changes, in addition to providing first-rate post-purchase service and support.

Constant Dependability

Mini PC is built for modern office and corporate use, lowering maintenance costs and improving cost effectiveness. It has extensive 24/7 testing and stable supply.

  • Ageing time: 168 hours
  • Humidity relative to outside: 80%
  • Temperature in the chamber: 50°C

Basic Choice

For PN43, there is a basic option that is simple to enhance. There is no Wi-Fi card, RAM, or storage included with this edition. The top chassis and bottom cover are not connected by any connections, making it simple to separate the chassis. They also include a handbook that describes how to upgrade it on your own.


The ASUS PC software service site, MyASUS, gives you instant access to all ASUS software features, such as system maintenance and updates, performance optimisation, and easy communication with ASUS after-sale customer support.

  • Intel Processors
    • Intel processors N97, N200, and N100 are the foundation of Intel processors.
  • Improved Sturdiness with Thermal Design
    • Depending on your demands, select a fan design that boosts performance or a fanless design that is silent.
  • Broad-Spectrum Connectivity
    • Support DP1.4, VGA, COM, HDMI, USB Type-C, and seven USB ports. An additional 2.5G LAN port is optional.
  • Compact Design
    • Dimensions of 166.2 x 119.7 x 33.9 mm and a volume of slightly less than 0.67 litre.
  • Support for Multiple Displays
    • Support dual 4K displays with integrated graphics, or up to three displays at once.
  • Extremely rapid network performance
    • Integrated Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth for simple cordless connections – 2.5G LAN for quicker Ethernet connectivity
  • Safe Power Supply
    • DC-in holder added to stop power cord from being unintentionally disconnected

Certification for the Environment

To fulfil the exacting standards of the most prestigious sustainability certifications in the world, the ASUS ExpertCenter PN43 is put through a rigorous testing process. These exams include an organised method for ongoing improvement, a vast database of current criteria, and independent verification.

With an average efficiency of 43.1%, the PN Series’ energy efficiency ranges from 15.1% to 65.7%, exceeding Energy Star requirements by a significant margin.



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