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Amazon Bedrock now offers AI21 Studio’s Jamba-Instruct

AI21 Studio’s Labs in Amazon Bedrock

Create dependable generative AI applications by utilising AI21 Labs foundation models.

AI21 Labs AWS Advantages

Designed with the enterprise in mind

Use specially designed models to power text generation, long document summarising, and question answering to solve essential business activities.

Selection of model dimensions

Choose between the Jurassic-2 Mid, Jurassic-2 Ultra, and Jamba-Instruct models according to the requirements for context length, complexity, and other factors.

Devoted assistance

With the professional advice of AI21 account executives and solution architects, move from prototype to production.

Become acquainted with AI21 Labs

AI21 Labs focuses on creating cutting-edge FMs and AI Systems that let businesses use generative AI in their operations. With the help of their models, AI21 Labs hopes to enable organisations to develop AI solutions that promote confident decision-making, unbridled creativity, and clear communication all of which are necessary for businesses to prosper in the artificial intelligence era.

Use cases

Banking operations

Produce term sheets that are already formatted and prepared for sharing with stakeholders, as well as summarise the most important information from lengthy and complex papers, such as market analyses and corporate reports.


Produce at scale product descriptions and marketing content that is optimised for conversions, all while adhering to the tone, length, and style of your brand.

Client assistance

Give clients prompt, intelligible answers to their questions based on information sheets, policies, and papers.

Information handling

Increase productivity by facilitating teams’ ability to quickly and easily extract well-reasoned replies using natural language from intricate documentation or policies.

Versions of the models


AI21’s Jamba model, a hybrid SSM-Transformer, has been fine-tuned for optimal performance and quality, making Jamba-Instruct a dependable commercial option.

Maximum tokens: 256K

Languages Spoken: English

Instruction following, text production, document summary, and question responding are supported use cases.

No fine-tuning is supported.

AI21 Jurassic-2 ultra

Jurassic-2 Ultra

The most potent model available for AI21 for difficult text production jobs requiring the best possible results.
Maximum number of tokens: 8,192

Languages spoken: Dutch, English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, and Italian

Supported use cases include: answering questions, summarising, creating drafts, extracting complex material, and coming up with ideas for jobs using deductive reasoning.

No fine-tuning is supported.

Jurassic-2 Mid

The mid-sized model from AI21 is used for sophisticated text creation tasks that demand both price and quality.
Maximum number of tokens: 8,192

Languages Spoken: English

Supported use cases include: answering questions, summarising, creating drafts, extracting complex material, and coming up with ideas for jobs using deductive reasoning.

No fine-tuning is supported.

Introducing Task-Specific and Jurassic-2 APIs

AI21 labs Jurassic

Announcing the release of Jurassic-2, the most recent iteration of AI21 Studio’s foundation models, which will revolutionise the area of artificial intelligence with its superior quality and additional features. Not only that, but AI21 Studio is also making available their task-specific APIs, which have superior plug-and-play reading and writing capabilities than those of AI21 Studio rivals.

The second generation of AI21 Studio foundation models, known as Jurassic-2 (or J2), has several new features and notable quality enhancements, such as zero-shot instruction-following, lower latency, and multi-language compatibility.

Developers may access industry-leading APIs for specialised reading and writing operations right out of the box with task-specific APIs.

For a closer look at each, continue reading.

AI21 Labs Jurassic 2


AI21 Studio is pleased to introduce their brand-new, cutting-edge Large Language Model family. Not only is J2 a complete upgrade over their previous generation models, Jurassic-1, but it also comes with additional features and capabilities that set it apart from the competition.

The Jurassic-2 family consists of instruction-tuned language models for Jumbo and Grande in addition to three different sized basic language models: Large, Grande, and Jumbo.

Jurassic-2 family
Image credit to AWS

On Stanford’s Holistic Evaluation of Language Models (HELM), the industry standard for language models, Jurassic is already causing a stir. AI21 Labs evaluated J2 Jumbo using HELM’s official repository, and it currently ranks second (and is still rising). Not to mention, their Grande mid-sized model outperforms versions up to 30 times larger in size, allowing users to maximise production costs and speed without compromising quality.

In contrast to Jurassic-1, what’s new?

Higher calibre

Utilising state-of-the-art pre-training techniques and the most recent data (as of mid-2022), J2’s Jumbo model has achieved an 86.8% win-rate on HELM according to their internal assessments, firmly establishing it as a premier choice in the LLM arena.

Assign capabilities

The zero-shot instruction features of J2’s best-in-class models enable them to be guided using natural language without the need for examples. These features have been added to J2’s Grande and Jumbo models. As an illustration, consider this:

Multilingual Assistance

J2 is compatible with a number of non-English languages, such as Dutch, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, and Italian.


J2’s models can outperform AI21 Studio earlier models by up to 30% in terms of latency.

You may now access every Jurassic-2 model on AI21 Studio playground and API. Here are some pointers and strategies for utilising the new Instruct models to get you going.

‍Task-Despecificated APIs

With the release of the Wordtune API set, AI21 Labs is also pleased to announce the debut of AI21 Studio’s new line of Task-Specific APIs, which will allow developers to access the language models behind AI21 Studio wildly successful consumer-facing reading and writing apps.

What makes task-specific APIs necessary?

AI21 Studio’s General Large Language Models are extremely strong and have been successfully customised by many of their clients to power their applications. But AI21 Studio have also seen that a lot of users have a lot of recurring use cases.

AI21 Studio’s ready-made, best-in-class language processing solutions enable developers to bypass many of the necessary model training and fine-tuning phases by giving them access to task-specific APIs.

Cutting-edge AI is used by Wordtune and Wordtune Read to help users with writing and reading chores, all while saving time and enhancing efficiency. AI21 Studio is making the AI engine underlying this range of award-winning apps available to developers with the introduction of Wordtune API, enabling them to fully utilise Wordtune’s features and incorporate them into their own apps:

  • Reword texts to suit any length, tone, or meaning by using paraphrasing.
  • Condense long texts into digestible, bite-sized chunks by summarising them.
  • Grammar and typo correction in real time is possible with Grammatical Error Correction (GEC).
  • Text Improvements: Learn how to make your writing more clear, more fluid, and more vocabulary-rich.
  • Text Segmentation: Divide lengthy texts into paragraphs that are each focused on a different subject.
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