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Planning And Administering Microsoft Azure For SAP Workloads

What is SAP Workloads?

An SAP workload is a group of SAP resources that perform a business function. These resources may include:

  • Software from SAP: This might be a web store or inventory management software.
  • Its computing system: Servers, storage, and networking devices operate SAP software.
  • An SAP workload includes everything you need to manage a business unit with SAP software.

Workload management tools for SAP HANA systems are also available. This optimizes resource allocation and ensures key processes get the resources they require.

Azure For SAP Workloads

Businesses moving to Azure must give careful thought to SAP, a top supplier of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. SAP and Microsoft have a close relationship that is focused on assisting clients in moving their SAP workloads to Azure and providing solutions that can be easily integrated with Azure’s cloud infrastructure:

  • Save money on the cloud more quickly by letting Azure handle your infrastructure as you cut back on your cloud usage. Azure is the top supplier for SAP workloads.
  • Built-in artificial intelligence: Make data-driven decisions that propel your company forward by utilising the insights provided by AI.
  • Streamline team operations and automate tedious corporate tasks with integrated tools to increase efficiency and creativity.
  • Strengthened defence: With the support of integrated Azure recovery services, Azure’s multi-layered cloud security guarantees the seamless operation of your SAP workloads.

Your SAP workloads will operate without hiccups thanks to Azure’s multi-layered cloud security and integrated Azure recovery services. When SAP and Microsoft work together, they’re not simply offering services and tools; they’re also building ecosystems that encourage innovation and change, helping companies to remain competitive in the quickly changing digital market. Azure have developed an assortment of learning resources and interactive events that enhance your cloud skills, ranging from conferences to Virtual Training Days, certifications to self-guided courses, to assist you and your team better take advantage of these advantages.

Personalized Learning Paths can help you navigate your way to expertise

With the purpose of assisting you in developing particular abilities or gaining information in a particular technology or topic area, Azure’s Microsoft Learn Learning Paths are carefully chosen sets of free online courses and resources. When it comes to moving SAP workloads, Azure provide a wide choice of options, such as:

Take a look at Azure for SAP Workloads: With Azure’s in-depth Azure training, you can streamline your SAP operations and increase ROI. Using Azure’s strong infrastructure and specialized tools, enable your team to migrate, manage, and optimize SAP workloads with ease. This thorough training will boost productivity, stimulate innovation, and improve SAP performance in your current setting.

Boost SAP Efficiency and Reliability: Your team will become experts in deploying SAP solutions on Azure, such as high availability setups for SAP NetWeaver and single-instance SAP HANA. With this knowledge, migrations will be streamlined, performance will be optimized, and operations will run smoothly, saving you money and increasing the return on your SAP investment.

Learn about SAP’s IaaS pillars on Azure: For your SAP workloads, discover Azure’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) capabilities. With the help of Azure thorough training, your team will have the knowledge and skills necessary to develop and implement scalable, effective SAP solutions on Azure. You may optimize your infrastructure for efficiency and reliability, which will ultimately lead to business growth, by becoming proficient with fundamental Azure resources like virtual machines, virtual networks, storage accounts, and Microsoft Entra ID.

Investigate Azure (Large Instances) SAP HANA: Maximize your SAP HANA investment by giving your team the skills they need to successfully design, implement, and oversee SAP HANA on Azure (Large Instances). A robust, safe, and economical SAP HANA environment in the cloud may be guaranteed for your company by grasping essential concepts such as high availability, disaster recovery, security, and cost optimization.
Arrange to implement SAP’s Microsoft Sentinel solution: The extensive security solution for SAP settings offered by Microsoft Sentinel is summarized in this stand-alone instructional module. It describes the duties and responsibilities of the team members who worked on this solution’s conception, implementation, and deployment.

Using Power Platform and Microsoft Teams to increase SAP seller productivity: With Azure training on SAP and Microsoft 365 connection, you can streamline your sales and service procedures. Your team will become experts at integrating SAP Sales and Service Core with Teams, allowing for smooth teamwork. They will also learn how to use Power Automate for task automation, which will increase your SAP sellers’ efficiency and productivity.

SAP deployment and planning on Azure: Harness Azure’s capabilities to enhance SAP operations. You will learn how to deploy, configure, and manage SAP workloads on the cloud with efficiency by taking Azure’s in-depth course. Become proficient with the migration and management of SAP solutions and learn how to use Azure’s key resources-VMs, storage, and networking. Improve security, performance, and scalability while cutting expenses.

SAP Modernization and Migration in the Microsoft Cloud: Enable your SAP deployment on Azure more quickly by enrolling in Azure one-day course designed for seasoned SAP professionals. Learn how to configure virtual machines, networking, storage, and identity management on Azure with a focus on SAP particularly. To guarantee your SAP environment in the cloud operates at peak efficiency and dependability, learn best practices for monitoring, backup, and disaster recovery.

Virtual Training Days are a live, interactive way to learn from experts

Virtual Training Days are instructor-led workshops that give teams and individuals the in-demand skills they need to tackle cutting-edge technologies like AI, cloud migration, and other emerging fields. In order to optimize your performance, reliability, and scalability while lowering costs, Azure provide Virtual Training Days to assist with your SAP to Azure migration. SAP workload security and monitoring on Azure are covered in this session, “Migrate and Modernize SAP on the Microsoft Cloud.” Come see how this change promotes safe cooperation, increases productivity, and provides you with AI-powered insights for increased efficiency.

Azure SAP Workloads Certification

Use certifications to highlight your achievements

Whether it’s Azure, Microsoft 365, or other technologies, Microsoft Certifications are the definitive marks of proficiency. A certification is more than a pat on the back; it’s a pass to recognition in the business and job chances. You also stay up to date with the newest technological developments. Thus, obtaining Microsoft Certifications is the best option if you want to up your IT game.

SAP Workloads: Organising and Managing Microsoft Azure: In-depth familiarity with SAP systems and industry standards for migration, integration, and long-term Azure operation are prerequisites for this certification. Experts in this field work in tandem with database administrators, cloud administrators, and clients to put solutions into practice. They suggest services and modify resources to ensure maximum uptime and dependability.

At the SAP Sapphire conference, make connections and learn by getting to know business executives

The goal of SAP Sapphire 2024 was to investigate the newest business technology breakthroughs and strategies by bringing together SAP experts, partners, and customers through a series of international events. SAP Sapphire combined real-world and virtual experiences, sharing insightful knowledge, useful insights, and networking opportunities to help you drive digital transformation and accomplish your business objectives. The event’s focus was on enabling businesses to realize their aspirations.

Cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) advances were discussed and Azure specialists shared their knowledge. You may watch both of these sessions on demand:

Open up new possibilities with AI on the Microsoft Cloud: Azure covered how your company may gain insightful knowledge, streamline workflows, and increase productivity for your most important business operations by combining AI with SAP and Azure technologies. This conference taught attendees how to integrate AI in their businesses to boost productivity and expand company.

Microsoft and generative AI help Accenture rise with SAP: Accenture, a multinational IT services and consulting organization, successfully migrated to the RISE with SAP solution on Microsoft Cloud, using Microsoft AI tools to boost productivity and innovation. Accenture, Microsoft, and SAP worked together to create an enterprise system that was changed and offered improved insights, agility, and operational effectiveness.

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