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Congratulations 2023 Google Cloud Customer Awards winners

Once again, we announce Google Cloud Customer Awards winners. These awards honour global organisations that excite inspiring ideas. Social enterprise leaders like Singapore’s FairPrice Group, transformational talent backers like Ford Motor Company, environmental leaders like SAP, and diversity, equity, and inclusion game-changers like COTA are cloud innovators using AI, data, infrastructure, collaboration, and security.

AI has shown promise for company innovation and efficiency this year. This year’s industry winner, Carrefour Belgium, is using Google Cloud AI to accelerate insights from operational data. In South Korea, Kakao Brain uses Google Cloud’s AI/ML infrastructure for its generative AI services.

Innovative thinking honour

Like last year, a panel of senior Google Cloud employees independently reviewed many awards entries based on selected criteria. Real-world metrics, innovative thinking, and great business transformation results were judged. Whatever the winner, all entrants should be proud of their cloud technology achievements.

Google Cloud Customer Awards are given to companies worldwide that use Google Cloud technologies to improve operations and ESG indicators, including healthcare, life sciences, financial services, and government.

Many thanks to winners!

Technology for Good Awards


The environment matters to our global customers. The momentum for sustainability-focused solutions, which we launched at our Technology for Good Awards last year, is encouraging.

customer award winners
image credit to google cloud

Our Sustainability Customer Awards honour customers who have innovated to promote sustainability and meaningful climate action in their organisations. The winning New York State Department of Environmental Conservation team developed mobile air quality and greenhouse gas emission monitoring using Google Cloud BigQuery.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

Technology and data are changing the world, but our DEI Customer Awards winners used cloud tools to improve economic mobility and representation for historically underrepresented communities. The organisations and partners below use data and AI to improve underserved population representation, progression, retention, and inclusion. Improving their communities inspires other organisations to promote equality.

image credit to google cloud

Social Impact

Technology projects from Social Impact Customer Award winners promoted inclusivity, openness, and community support. Customers used Google Cloud technologies to make positive change at the scale the world needs during economic and climatic uncertainty. From government agencies encouraging public input on transport planning to retailers working with food banks, we appreciate their community improvement efforts.

social impact
image credit to google cloud

Transformation of Talent Global brands are promoting digital skills for all employees. Our Talent Transformation Customer Award winners General Motors, DataLab, and EFX provide hands-on technological training. As the nation faces a technical divide, this labour is essential to long-term economic performance and employee well-being.

Communication and Service Provider Industry Customer Awards

We proudly present our CSP Customer Awards to leading telecommunications companies that innovate customer experience. These winners are creatively using Google Cloud services like Dataflow to handle millions of real-time records per hour and BigQuery to monitor performance and optimise data to grow and meet client needs.


Customers innovated across verticals. Google Cloud powered Palo Alto Networks’ cloud-first security product, ADEM (Autonomous Digital Experience Management), a winner. Palo Alto customers can monitor and fix infrastructure, system, and application issues with ADEM. ADEM improves security visibility across networks, apps, and devices, reducing ticket escalations by 46%.


Our Education Customer Awards winners are using cloud technologies to make education more accessible as schools adopt new learning methods. FMU in Brazil is using Google Cloud to exponentially increase student enrollment, while the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in San Diego opened new research fields by mining its data more efficiently. Both institutions showed how cloud computing can change learning.

Financial Services

The Financial Services Award received hundreds of international entries, demonstrating the industry’s high corporate standards. Award-winning financial services companies launched new apps and features to improve consumer experiences, led complex migrations and business transformations, and automated security.

Government agencies commonly ask: How can we better serve our citizens? A people-centric mindset, data-driven solutions, and secure cloud platforms helped these Government Award winners succeed this year. Cloud technologies are increasingly used by governments to collaborate internally and with citizens to better serve them.

Health & Life Sciences

Healthcare innovates a lot, and our Healthcare & Live Sciences Customer Award winner advanced science. COTA and Google Cloud are transforming unstructured electronic health record data into digestible format for data-driven cancer care. Google Cloud proudly partners with COTA, which accelerates medical breakthroughs to save lives.

Manufacturing, especially in the auto industry, is moving towards green solutions. Our Manufacturing Customer Award winner, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), is digitising by investing in vehicle electrification and autonomous driving. To keep delivering electric vehicles to a growing customer base, JLR uses Google Cloud tools to understand and manage supply chain constraints in critical EV components like semiconductor chips.

Media & Entertainment

Using cloud technologies like AI/ML, data analytics, and more, our Media & Entertainment Award winners are reinventing content production and audience experiences with engaging and personalised insights. AI infrastructure like TPUs helps Kakao Mobility accelerate ML insights at lower costs. This industry wants to connect viewers more deeply, and these customers.


Our Retail Customer Award winners’ pandemic-era ecommerce has evolved into omnichannel buying. With cloud AI, Carrefour Belgium, FairPrice Group, and Schnucks Markets are delighting customers with personalised online and in-person shopping.

Logistics and supply chain innovation are essential. Google Cloud’s serverless nature automates payments for Finnish accounting software Snowfox, our Customer Award winner. Snowfox’s Carbonfox uses AI to calculate customers’ carbon footprint, proving supply chain and sustainability can coexist.

What links these Google Cloud users? All use the cloud to improve education, personalise customer experiences, or save lives. We proudly serve customers in over 200 countries and territories and will innovate with cutting-edge technology, industry expertise, and unwavering optimism.




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